Friday, June 18, 2004

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Roger Kwok's new series "To Get Unstuck In Time" also starring Flora Chan and Hui Siu Hung will begin airing next week. The story tells of police officer Roger who contacts his dead father through a time warp cellphone and they work together to solve a crime.

As Roger and Hui do not actually have any scenes together, their scenes are done purely as them talking to each other on the phone and this is a great challenge for Roger. He says: "Because his lines are recorded in advance, I have to adapt my scenes to his lines before the two scenes are brought together on a split screen and so we cannot NG for this. However when the time came to film, I would always fluff up at the end and it was very frustrating, on a couple of occasions, I lost my temper and threw the phone on the floor."

Flora plays a novelist who has been paralysed in a road accident and she helps Roger to solve the mystery behind the crime.

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An old phone suddenly rings and connects to a dead person, changing everything...

CID officer Ho Tin Kwong (Roger Kwok) is investigating a serial murder case and the perpetrator happens to be a criminal who escaped from the hands of Kwong's father Ho Tai Ho (Hui Siu Hung) twenty years ago!

Kwong and crime novelist Ko Shan (Flora Chan) decide to compete over finding the murderer and just as Kwong is lost for ideas, Ho's old cellphone suddenly rings and it is Ho on the other end! Ho died in disgrace, so Kwong has never accepted him, but he uses the assistance from Ho in 1984 to help him solve a number of cases.

Kwong suspects that Shan's superior Hor Ching Nam (Shek Sau) is the serial murderer and Shan risks danger to lure him to reveal his identity. After the case is solved, Shan and Kwong become lovers and with Shan's help, Kwong also repairs his relationship with his father.

Shan was paralysed when she was young in a traffic accident, but Kwong uses Ho's position to help Shan avoid the accident in the past, but he can never imagine how this would change history and their destiny. Kwong also finds out the truth about Ho's death...

Cast: Roger Kwok, Flora Chan, Patrick Tang, Cherrie Kong, Hui Siu Hung, Shek Sau, Kiki Sheung, Cheung Chi Kwong


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