Sunday, May 23, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun]

TVB's new series "To Love with No Regrets" will begin airing tonight and in order to promote the show, a group of cast members including Amy Kwok, Bosco Wong, Evergreen Mak, Sherming Yiu, Annie Man and Ha Ping took part in an event yesterday at a hotel. The cast split into three groups in contest to pick out the best selection from melons, meat, fruit and beans and the game was won by Amy, Bosco and Ha Ping's group.

Bosco arrived late at yesterday's event and he explained that this was due to a rehearsal for the Olympic Special running til 2am, so he couldn't wake up the following morning. He also says that the continuous rehearsals have left his legs in a lot of pain. Talking of the show having a half hour overlap with ATV's "Love in a Miracle" he laughs and says: "I have faith in the company, the most important thing is we have Amy presiding."

Earlier, Bosco's ex-girlfriend revealed some personal text messages that he had sent her and now even Jackie Chan is teaching his son to be careful when he sends out text messages. Bosco was asked whether he daren't send text messages again, but he laughs: "Just go with it, I'll worry about it later. At the moment, I will just concentrate on my work. (Will you learn your lesson from the incident?) Sending them to friends is okay, such as when it was my manager's birthday, I send a text message greeting. (Have you contacted your ex-girlfriend?) Yes, but I couldn't find her."

Amy has worked with Yammie Nam before in the series "The Greed of Man", but now they are working for different companies as Yammie has a part in "Love in a Miracle" that is directly in opposition to her show. However, Amy has no worries about the threat from ATV and smiles: "Just go with the flow, let's hope that Bosco leads the show! (Do you know Yammie well?) I bumped in to her a few times when she lived in Sai Kung." At the moment, Amy has not accepted any new jobs and she says: "One show per year is okay! If I do too much it is too hard work and I have heard you have to submit a doctor's note for time off." Amy indicates that her husband Sean Lau will be supporting her and watching the show.

Sherming Yiu will be heading to Shanghai this Tuesday to film for "Proud Heroes of Chu and Han" before going to Beijing at the end of June to begin work on "Tossing Rain Turning Cloud", where she plays a martial arts master. She is glad that she has learned waterskiing for a while, so her legs are very strong, not like before and so she is very confident she can handle the fighting scenes.


[The Sun]

With her strong business acumen, Nancy Sit has recently endorsed a set of "Ka Yin Mama" products that include dolls, picture frames, alarm clocks, tissue holders and other items. Hong Kong will be the first place to sell these products, but later they will be sold across China, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia. Reports indicate that Nancy will receive a cut of every item sold and when asked about this, she says: "Yes, so the profits are quite respectable." However, she is still very worried about something: "Fakes! So I have asked the distributors to make sure that they are guaranteed to be a better quality even if the costs are higher."


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