Tuesday, May 25, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun]

Patrick Tam and Fiona Yuen were filming in Tokwawan yesterday for "Fight for Every Moment" and in the same building, there had been a suicide case involving an old wife and young husband, so there were still a lot of police in the area.

In the show, Patrick plays an undercover cop and he says: "I have a lot of location shots in this area because the setting is right for my character and even had a scene where I jumped off a building, but on the day of the incident, I didn't have to film. (Do you find it quite scary?) No, but it is depressing. Not as much as the SARS epidemic and economic downturn last year though, because that sacrificed many lives. (The reports are that the couple were heavy gambler and killed themselves because of their debts.) If it was because of gambling then it wasn't worth it. Many people declare bankrupcy, even Kenny Bee is fine after owing several billion and can find the strength to work even harder." Patrick admits that in the past, he was very focussed on awards, but he has seen past this now and understands that not everyone has a smooth road in life and getting this enlightenment is the most valuable thing.

Fiona found out from the reporters about the suicide case in this building and seemed a little shocked. When asked if she was afraid, she says: "If you didn't talk about then I wouldn't be scared... don't be superstitious."


[Sing Pao]

Recently Fiona Yuen has been busy filming as well as preparing for her new book, but her younger sister has just returned from Germany and been instructed by her mother to bring some German specialities to her sisters including asparagus, cheese and German sausages, bringing some tastes of home back to Fiona who grew up in Germany.

As for the 'New Generation of Food Goddess' Fiona, she loves to cook in her kitchen and with so many German delicacies, she took advantage of some spare time to invite some friends around to eat. As this batch of imports was rather large, Fiona's fridge that is normally fully stocked was even more bursting and as for her sister's hard work in bringing the items over, then of course she has to make something nice to thank her sister as well as catch up with her friends.

Fiona indicates that although Hong Kong is a Gourmet Paradise, it is very difficult to buy true German sausages and fresh asparagus. As it is currently the best time for asparagus in Germany at the moment, then even after the long trip to Hong Kong, it is still very fresh and just a quick blanche will bring out the great taste and tickle the appetites of others.

Fiona is currently living with her third eldest sister and of course her younger sister will be staying with them. Before she returns to Germany in June, the three sisters will catch up with each other and as soon as they see each other, they can't stop chatting, mainly in German. The Yuen family is full of pretty girls and little sis is certainly no exception, so does she have any intention of following in her sister's footsteps and entering Miss Hong Kong? Fiona says openly that her sister is rather shy and afraid of the cameras, so she is not interested in entering.


[Sing Pao, The Sun & Ta Kung Pao]

The "2004 Miss Hong Kong Pageant" will soon be heading out to Kenya for location filming and yesterday, the 18 contestants took part in a visa and cheque presentation event in a Causeway Bay Hotel. Among them, 11 Devily Leung responded to having been discovered eating in the MTR, saying she was suffering from stomach pains.

Devily Leung has been surrounded by news up to now and with the latest reports saying she had been illegally eating inside an MTR train, she explained to the press yesterday: "I hadn't eaten anything at all and as my stomach was hurting, I had to eat something before I took some medication. I know it is wrong, but I really couldn't stand it so I had a piece of cheese and a couple of biscuits. I was only eating for a short time and it wasn't all the way from Tseung Kwan O to Tai Chi stations." She also says that she is finding it quite hard work with all the rehearsals day and night: "Yesterday during rehearsals, a few of the girls broke down into tears and cried for 40 to 45 minutes before they could carry on."

Also, some of the girls' figures aren't quite to perfection, so they have been undertaking slimming regimes, but some contestants have said that they will not diet with others saying they are eating more. 8 Winnie Shum does not mind that her figure is rather wholesome and so she will not be dieting. She says confidently: "I am only here to learn. (Are you dissatisfied with your figure?) I am pleased with my figure, it is you (the press) who are dissatisfied." Conversely, 5 Cecilia Yeung is more bothered by her figure and although she is only 102 lbs, that is 20 lbs less than Winnie, but she is still dieting and doing a lot of exercise.

As for 2 Irene Yu, she is finding the starry lifestyle at the moment too different from her student life and she is feeling the pressure, so every time she faces the press, she is a little reserved. When asked how she thinks she will do against the other contestants, she says: "Average. (Have you been dieting?) No, actually I have been eating more because I am not getting enough sleep and doing a lot of exercise, so I am not taking in the nutrition and I'd rather eat more so I have more energy to learn more from the experience."

L-R: 2 Irene Yu, 5 Cecilia Yeung, 11 Devily Leung

Popular geomancy expert Mak Ling Ling has taken a look at the girls this year and offered her suggestions on who will be in the top three. She says that the winning face will have a wide and full forehead and a straight nose and of the eighteen contestants, Ms Mak says that 5 Cecilia Yeung has the face of a winner and 2 Irene Yu has 'peach blossom' eyes that will being her popularity, but she is easily misled as she has very prominent dimples when she smiles. As for 11 Devily Leung, she has smiling eyes that will find her many helpers around her. She also adds that 8 Winnie Shum will lose out a little because of some details in her face such as the single eyelids and her teeth. Ms Mak also predicts that 3 Candy Mo, 9 Lulu Ng, 16 Emily Wong and 17 Bonnie Cheung will all just be along for the ride.


Lo Kwok Wai 1934-2004

[Oriental Daily]

Veteran actor Lo Kwok Wai passed away on Saturday 22nd May after suffering cancer of the glands. He was seventy years old and a Catholic funeral will be held on 6th June.

Lo's wife of thirty six years and former Director of Education at RTHK Yan Hau Yee confirmed the death of her husband on the radio yesterday, but she will not be giving any interviews. She simply said calmly: "I'm sorry, I think you will understand how I feel at the moemnt, I don't want to say anything, but if you want to say your final farewells to Lo, then I will welcome that. Thank you for your wishes."

Lo Kwok Wai joined TVB in the second year of the station's history in 1968 and took part in many memorable performances, such as "Lui Sei Leung" and "Police Cadet 1985". As well as being an experienced actor, he also had an export business and a plastic flower factory in China.

In 2000, Lo developed cancer and this ended his performing career as he concentrated on his treatment and continuous chemotherapy. At the same time, his wife retired from her work at RTHK to look after him, but after four years of battling against the illness, he has finally departed and will be sadly missed.


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