Friday, May 14, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao, Oriental Daily & The Sun]

Rain Li, Myolie Wu and Tse Kwan Ho were promoting their new show "Dreams of Colours" at a radio show yesterday.

With her former rumoured boyfriend Raymond Lam breathing a sigh of relief upon hearing news of her new dates, Rain Li responded to Raymond saying that he sees her as a little sister by laughing that he has a lot of 'little sisters' and lots of 'big sisters' as well. She says that she has made many good friends through her work and she hopes that Raymond is a good friend of hers too. She indicates that if they see each other they will not avoid one another, but they haven't had this opportunity lately, so maybe they lack the destiny to meet.

Rain's rumoured date Siu Ding Yat says he does not mind being described as 'fat and short' and when she hears this, Rain laughs out loud and says that she doesn't feel he is fat or short. She also does not feel he is pursuing her as to her the chances of them having a relationship are slim. Rain says that if she likes someone she will fall in love at first sight, but she does not have any special feelings for Siu. When the reporters suggest that feelings can be developed, she replies that if feelings have to be developed then that is not love.

When her other rumoured boyfriend Ding Chi Ko was mentioned, Rain's reaction was more agitated and she says that this person has disappeared from her dictionary and she will even blank him out with correction fluid. She feels that these rumours are very pointless and she has not dated anyone at all but they make her out to be a third party. She emphasises she has not been in touch with this person for a long time time, but he has sought her to receive no reply. She feels that the news is too strange and she is just a simple person and does not want to complicate matters, otherwise it will make her dizzy.

Myolie was asked about her feelings about the show only reaching 27 ratings points and she says that she believes they should pick up next week because it is reaching a climax. After the show has aired, views on the internet have criticised the storyline for being wishy washy and pointed out that there is no-one in the world who is as simple as Myolie's character, whilst complaining that Sharon Chan's character is evil and despicable.

To this, Myolie agrees and laughs that her character is not only simple, but a little dumb. She explains that maybe the director wanted to emphasise the conflict between her and Sharon, but she does not feel that the plot was overexaggerated. As for the content being wishy washy, she laughs that she has tried to make it as un-wishy washy as possible. The finale will be aired next week, but as she will be filming in Athens, she will not be able to watch it.

Later Myolie will be filming a series set in the 1950's that will have laughter and tears. She says that this is the first time she has made a show set in this era so she has been watching the classic shows to learn about the way people spoke and acted in those days.

Tse Kwan Ho returned from the Mainland to take part in the interview and he feels that the ratings are not bad. As for the criticism, he says that this proves the success of the show because the audience are absorbed, just like when people watch Yam Kim Fai's operas, they believe that she is a man.

When asked when he would be filming for TVB again, he says that his contract with TVB has ended and he will be filming "Chang Hen Ge" (Song of Lasting Hatred) in China with Maggie Cheung, so he does not know when he will be working with TVB again. He will be in Shanghai for four months, so whilst he is still in Hong Kong, he will be spending as much time as possible with his wife and daughter. With him leaving for Shanghai in July, will he be missing the summer break with his daughter? He says that she can come and visit him in Shanghai as it is a big city with lots to do. However, if he is filming in the countryside, then he will not bring her along. Tse says his daughter is only three years old, but she often misses daddy, so he has written down the dates when he will be going and returning on the calendar so that she can keep track of time. He laughs that since his daughter was born, the place she has been to most is airports to see him off and pick him up. Her first visit was when she was only a couple of weeks old and even the people in the airport restaurant recognise his daughter now.


[The Sun]

After finishing filming at TVB City on Thursday evening, he headed out to a trial showing for his new movie, but met with a traffic accident on the way. He says: "When I reached the Tseung Kwan O tunnel, I stooped down to fix the radio, but when I looked up, I saw a big line of stopped cars. I swerved to stop, but I had hit the bumper of the car in front. When we got out to talk, I realised that he was a fellow TVB colleague and he was very gracious, only asking for a token $500 for the damage. I told him to call me if it is not enough to get it fixed. I was quite happy because it was all very peaceful and amicable."

Also, Alex has been filming with Kelly Chen for a real estate promotional film and he says that Kelly kept asking him about his love affairs, making him rather confused. It turns out that in the show, Kelly plays a designer and she wants to find out about him to see whether he needs to redesign his house to improve his love life.


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