Friday, May 21, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao]

Bernice Liu has been busy filming for "Blossoming Hearts" as well as rehearsing for Sam Hui's concert, so she is finding it a little hard work. Although the concert will open on 5th June, she is still not nervous about it and laughs: "Maybe it is because it hasn't started yet! Sam and the crew will point out to us all the steps and trapdoors on the stage because there will be a lot of lights and this may affect visibility. Sam has also told me not to be so nervous."

Talking of Sam's concert causing some chaos with the ticketing and many people missing out, Bernice says: "Even my parents didn't managed to get tickets, so I will be taking my mum in as my make up artist, so she can go backstage." As she has to film, she may not be able to appear in every show and at the moment, she has arranged to appear in five shows.

Bernice also reveals that she is currently catching up on the first two series of "Healing Hands" as she will begin filming on the third instalment in June, where she plays a doctor opposite Bowie Lam. As Bowie and Flora play a couple originally, she has been brought in as a third party, is she worried this will affect her image? She says: "I am not worried, because it is not directly indicated that I am the third party in the relationship, it is all very structured. (In real life, would you never be the third party?) It is hard to say, it depends on the situation because love affairs are very complicated. In truth, I have very little experience in dating, so I have never been a third party before. (Is your relationship with your boyfriend clear at the moment?) I don't have a boyfriend."

Bernice was working early yesterday with Moses Chan and Lai Suen in a Shamshuipo alley filming for "Blossoming Hearts" and when Moses arrived, they all went for breakfast in a local cafe and they ate in the seats outside without a care. Later, when they had started working she also ordered a bowl of wantons to share with Lai Suen.

Moses will also be taking part in filming for "Healing Hands III" opposite Flora chan and they will be working together once again after their successful partnership in "Family Man". When asked whether he is afraid of more rumours, he laughs: "I am more afraid of having nothing to eat! (Do you like going to the cafes?) Yes, I like that kind of special feeling, of course the food is delicious too. (Are you afraid it is not convenient?) Not at all, I even take the bus and the MTR."


[Oriental Daily]

Led by the three beauties Sonija Kwok, Charmaine Sheh and Shirley Yeung, "Angels of Mission" will begin airing next Monday, but some internet sites are advertising openly that all twenty episodes can already be downloaded. Although these downloads are only available for members, the copyright belongs to TVB and no matter if they are charging or not, then it is still illegal. However, many of TVB's series have been illegally pirated in the past by criminals who want to make a fast buck.

TVB's External Affairs Assistnat Director Tsang Sing Ming responded to this saying: "'Angels of Mission' was made by TVB and the copyright belongs to the company, so any such uses of the series are all illegal. TVB has always targeted infringements of intellectual property and downloads from the internet are obviously illegal. We will follow the methods of dealing with these incidents in the past and first request that they stop these activities before we start taking legal action to resolve this."

As for one of the stars Shirley Yeung, she comments on this incident, saying: "If this is illegally breaching copyright laws, then of course it is not right." Is she worried this will affect the ratings for the show? She says: "I am not too worried about that, because I believe that many viewers will support the show in the correct way."


[Oriental Daily]

The location team for TVB's "Wandering Hero Medics" returned to Hong Kong from Guangxi yesterday. As they have been filming in the mountainous regions and the weather has been rainy, hot and stuffy, Sonija Kwok complained about the hard work as soon as she returned: "It really was hard work this time and I only got very little sleep at a time. The weather was very humid and I was feeling ill for the last few days. Luckily I managed to make it, but there were many memorable times and as we were filming in the hills, I learned to pee anywhere. Also, we were filming a marriage scene with Candy Lo and Kenneth Ma in a remote village, but as it was raining, there were little flying ants and moths flitting around and it was quite scary."

When asked if she had moaned to her boyfriend, she laughs: "We talked on the phone every day and we do talk about how the filming is going, but the artistes in this show are good fun, so it was still quite happy."

As for Candy who is filming TV for the first time, she says: "It was quite hard work, but it was okay. (Did Nick play any tricks on you?) Not just me, he played tricks on everyone."


[Oriental Daily]

Contestants 13-18 from Miss Hong Kong 2004 were rehearsing for their performance in Sunday's Olympic event, where they will be doing a song and dance routine with Andy Hui. They are very happy to be taking part and number 16 Emily Wong indicated that Andy is her idol and said excitedly: "I will definitely take a camera with me to take a photo with him and ask him for his autograph."

Also, as the Miss HK group will heading out to Kenya for location filming next week, they have all been making preparations and as well as stocking up on insect repellant, they have also been for their innoculations and medication to protect them from contagious diseases. With information that indicates side effects of the medicine such as water infections and rashes, the girls said they didn't know but number 14 Kayee Tsang said: "I am not worried about side effects as I believe that watching hygiene and getting more rest will help to build a good immune system."


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