Wednesday, May 19, 2004

[The Sun]

Nnadia Chan has been busy filming for "One Beautiful Spear" and in the show she plays a martial artist, but as Nnadia has not had any kung fu training, when she is moving with her weapons, she often ends up hitting herself on the head. She laughs: "In the show we often have to use the spear and the action director tells us to the 360 degree spins, but it is very difficult and so I often end up hitting myself on the head." The company is looking after Nnadia though and have had a special lightweight sword made for her.

Despite the recent hot weather, Nnadia still says that it is not hard work making an ancient drama and she says: "In the show I have a butterfly gown, all I have to do is shake my arm and the enemy dies, so I don't even break a sweat and I am getting addicted to making ancient dramas!"

Nnadia learns her martial art from Shek Sau in the show and she uses modern day dance moves to help her remember her martial arts moves and this idea is working well for her.


[Ta Kung Pao, Sing Pao, Oriental Daily & The Sun]

TVB will be holding another special show on Sunday in the build up to the Olympic Games entitled "Lighting of the Flame Thundering Night" and there will be many special guest singers and artistes present on the night, including Leon Lai, Ekin Cheng, Miriam Yeung, Hacken Lee and Nancy Sit along with the usual group of Olympic Stars and over three thousand members of the public.

In order to mark the event, a press conference was held yesterday and was attended by the event MC's Carol Cheng, Chin Ka Lok and Vincent Kuk. Also at the promotion were Edmond Leung, Leo Ku, Don Li, Rain Li, Raymond Lam, Shirley Yeung, Sammul Chan and Bosco Wong. On stage, they each took turns to play games such as walking the beam. When Edmond mounted the beam, Chin Ka Lok joked: "You have to pass an alcohol detection test before you can do sport! You appear to have been a good boy this time and seem to be wide awake!" When Edmond heard this, he did a one-legged stance as well as a cartwheel, really putting his all into the game.

Later, Edmond apologised to the event producer Ho Siu Wai and at the time, Carol was by her side and immediately laughed at Edmond saying: "Don't be ill, you are too skinny already!" Seeing all the reporters camera's pointing at them, Ms Ho immediately said: "Don't be like that, he has already called me to apologise, so you don't need to do this." Edmond indicates that he has already apologised to the producer through the radio interview, but he felt it was only right to apologise again in person. As for whether he was requested to produce a doctor's note, he said: "It was not required, but if it is necessary, I can produce it." He is also thankful to TVB for not issuing any disciplinary action and when asked if he has breathed a sigh of relief, he says no because he is still very embarrassed.

In order to prepare for yesterday's event, Edmond went swimming early in the morning to get himself energised. He laughs: "You can tell by my face that I am full of energy today, I am laughing, but I am fine. (Will you drink less in the future?) I will consider it carefully, because drinking helps me to relax and to sleep when I am suffering from insomnia, but if I have to work the next day, then I will not drink."

Carol was asked about her feelings about TVB's new policies, but she says that her contract runs until September, so she is not affected for now. When asked what work she has lined up for TVB in the future, she says: "There are still a few small shows, I'll keep working until September first." Carol says that orginally, she had planned to use this time to go and relax, but with the spate of terrorist activity, she suggests that China is probably the best place to go. She would like to visit Sichuan because that is her ancestral region, but she has never been there. She adds: "At the moment, even Japan is dangerous because they had to pay $20 million in exchange for their three hostages and I don't want to lose my life whilst shopping, it is not worth it."

Having been reported to have been the target of Kary from Cookies' affections, Don Li was asked about an interview that suggested this. Don explains that the interview was originally about his music and he had never mentioned anything about love or romance in it, but later the content had been altered into an interview about love affairs. He says: "I have been in touch with Kary about it and I am very sorry to her about it all because this will affect her career. Originally we were quite good friends, but since that report, our friendship has drifted apart and I am very regretful. In the future I will be more careful about these theoretical questions and will reply more clearly and directly to avoid any misunderstanding."

Rain Li and Raymond Lam both took part in the event, but Raymond arrived half an hour late. When Rain was told that her 'friend' would soon be arriving, she asked which friend. When the press indicated it was Raymond, she did not respond and Sammul, who was sitting beside her immediately said: "The one who has been eating the 'bread of life', has he offered you any?" When she heard this, Rain raised her hand to hit him.

When Raymond arrived, he was arranged to sit in the row in front of Rain, but with the crowds of press surrounding them, Raymond understood their wishes and sat next to Rain for everyone to take photos. Sammul and Bosco who were sitting next to Rain at the time immediately did the tactful thing and walked away when Raymond arrived, looking on from a distance and displaying great amusement at the press frenzy.

In response to Sammul and Bosco's laughter, Rain said: "They are messing about, so they immediately jumped away. (Are you embarrassed?) No, actually I find it quite amusing, like an amusement park, bringing you all laughter. (Will you be avoiding Raymond?) We are just working and we will meet again through our work, we don't have any deep hatred!" As for Raymond sitting down next to her, she says she was a little shocked because it was unexpected. When it was mentioned that mainland actress Yang Xue had uncovered the story of the split between Rain and Raymond, Rain says: "I don't know her, maybe he has another girlfriend. (Have you and Raymond ever dated?) Definitely not!"

When Raymond was asked whether he felt awkward seeing Rain, he laughed that he hadn't, otherwise he would not have sat next to her to let the press carry out their work. When asked whehter he had dated Rain, he returned the question: "What do you think? (We think you did...) In the show we dated. (But Yang Xue says you have split up?) Not at all! I didn't really talk to her much. (Yang Xue seems attracted to you and seems jealous when she talks about the split between you and Rain?) She is a good actress, but I don't feel she is attracted to me, maybe I am a bit slow on this front!"


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