Sunday, May 23, 2004

[The Sun]

News of castings for 'Hearts of Fencing' sequel

TVB's "Hearts of Fencing" will be filming a sequel and young men and women from within and outside the industry have been fighting for a role in the show in auditions that took place earlier. Sons of artistes such as Fung Bo Bo and Leung Ka Yan both failed the audition, but Alex Fong (Lik San)'s senior and good friend and Hong Kong Team swimmer Szeto Shui Kei was selected. Dubbed as "HKPU Moses Chan", studied fashion design at HKPU and has done some catwalk shows and because he is good looking and has some achievements behind him, he already has quite a following and so the producer Chin Kok Wai chose him for the first lead without a thought. Alex is pleased that his friend will be the lead and says he will share his acting experiences with him: "As long as he uses the drive and determination as an athlete, he will definitely succeed, see you at the TV station!"

As for female leads, the elder sister of Steven from Boyz Cheung Wing Yan has been selected and Steven says he has warned his sister about the industry: "I said that this industry is very hard work and you never get any sleep, so she should only take the job if she can stand this, but I am confident my sister will find fame." Others selected include Stephanie Cheng, Tung Man Lei and Linda Chung, but the failed Miss Chinese International contestant Jessica Xu was dropped because of her weak grasp of Cantonese.


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