Monday, May 17, 2004

[Sing Pao, Ta Kung Pao & The Sun]

TVB's new series "To Love with no Regrets" will begin airing next week and yesterday a group of cast members including Amy Kwok, Bosco Wong, Evergreen Mak, Annie Man, Sherming Yiu, Hui Siu Hung and Yeung Ka Lok appeared at the ancient street of TVB City for a promotional event. As Amy plays a child-bride in the show, it was specially arranged for a child to kick the door of the bridal carriage to marry her before running into a 'time tunnel' where a grown up Bosco appered to present tea to the elders. There were also some bridal games and in one of these, the girls had to have a red handkerchief tied to them and Evergreen, Bosco and Hui Siu Hung then had to remove them with their mouth. Sherming was paired with Hui and when her turn came, she called out to him: "Don't use your tongue!", to which he replied rather seedily: "But I am used to using my tongue!"

Currently being promoted by TVB, this is Bosco Wong's first leading role and although he admits he is under pressure from the ratings, he is not worried and if it reaches 30 points, he will be very satisfied, but if it reaches the results of "Square Pegs", then that would be even better. If he gets good ratings, how will he celebrate? He laughs: "Of course I would go and thank the gods!"

Working with his senior Amy in this show, Bosco says he felt a lot of pressure because as well as her being more experienced than him, also because she is the wife of his idol Sean Lau. He says: "At first, I daren't speak to her, but after I got to know her, I realised that she loves to laughs. (Did Sean come to visit the set?) He came once, but I only dared to watch him from afar and I wasn't brave enough to talk to him. Only at the celebratory party, when Sean came with his wife, did I dare to get Evergreen to go and have a photo taken with him. At the time I felt like I was a little fan of his."

As for the rather adult nature of the games, Bosco laughed: "It's all Hui Siu Hung's fault for sticking his tongue out! However, these are games that are played at weddings and they aren't too bad."

Amy has returned to her mother company TVB after many years and as she holds the most weight in the new series, the focus was also on her at the promotion. When asked whether she felt a lot of pressure on her, Amy admitted that there will be some, but she is not any major lead because there are many experienced actors in the show and she feels more like a newcomer because she has been away from series for such a long time and this is the first time she has filmed in TKO TVB City.

What expectations does she hold for the ratings? Amy says: "Just go with the flow! The ratings are under no control from the artistes, so as long as we are happy making the show then I hope that the audience will also be happy watching it. (Will you be filming for TVB again?) We have discussed this." Talking of whether her husband has been rushing her to have children now that she does not have any filming at the moment, Amy laughs: "He does not have time. (So have you rushed him?) It is no use, because he really doesn't have any time, especially this year as he has so many films to shoot and he is already overdrawing on his energy." Amy says that having been married for so long, she has thought about having children, so she has started planning, but it is difficult to get right.


[Ta Kung Pao]

Despite being diagnosed with cancer, Yeung Ka Lok still continued filming for "Destinies of the Western Chamber" during his treatment period. Appearing at the promotion yesterday for "To Love With No Regrets", he seemed to be looking well and was joking and laughing with the other artistes.

When asked how his heath was, Yeung says: "I am alright, earlier I have had chemotherapy and radiotherapy, so I have to undergo further observation and I will be going for another scan in June. Also in June I will begin filming for new series 'Same Work Same Bowl'." When asked why he does not take more time to rest, he says that he has already rested for several months beforehand and he feels uncomfortable when he is too unoccupied. "Same" will be a memory-lane show, so it shouldn't be as hard as a kung fu show. Also, with working, he will be with a group of people and the time will pass more quickly. He has had to be more careful with his diet and many potentially 'toxic' foods such as prawns, crab and goose have to be cut out.

Yeung says that TVB has been very considerate towards him and do not want him to work too hard, so have been discussing with him before allocating him any work.


L-R: Queenie, Jaymee, Winnie & Irene

[Sing Pao, The Sun & Oriental Daily]

The eighteen contestants for the "2004 Miss Hong Kong Pageant" have started on a programme of repackaging, training and rehearsing. The official press call will be held today, so the girls were sent to a salon in Central to have their hair restyled. Of the contestants, the first to arrive was Lulu who arrived in her father's seven-seater and the threesome from overseas, Winnie, Tiffany and Cecilia who had immediately hit it off with each other arrived together. Most of the contestants only had small adjustments to their hair, but Lulu and Winnie were the two with more drastic changes. Most of the girls just had highlights or had their hair straightened, but they came out looking much less 'frumpy' than in their previous appearances.

Jaymee chose highlights to bring her hair back into fashion, whilst Queenie entered the salon with her hair in a ponytail and wearing a cap. Being chased by the press for a second time, many of the contestants seemed very nervous and only smiled slightly at the cameras. Only Queenie (number 1) was willing to speak to the press and when asked whether she was especially nervous because she would be the first to come on, she says: "Not at all because everyone will be nervous when it is their turn." Queenie says that she is very pleased with her new hairstyle and when she left, she did not wear her cap and showed off her beautiful new style as she called out to the reporters: "Thanks for your hard work."

Reported as the daughter of retired veteran movie star Lee Ying and sporting a beautiful face and figure, Winnie Shum Wing Ting became the centre of attention and when asked whether her mother supported her, she nodded in response. When asked further as to whether her mother had given her any tips, she says: "Not really. (Are you interested in the entertainment industry?) I'm just giving it a try, I won't put too much pressure on myself." She reveals that her mother will be leaving Hong Kong soon to go back to Vancouver.

Last year's winner Mandy Cho will soon be meeting with the contestants and sharing with them her own experiences and advice. When asked what advice she has to give, she laughs that she only has one piece and that is to relax about everything and not be too nervous. She smiles: "The scariest thing for me last year was interacting with the media because I didn't have much to say to strangers, but afterwards, I found that the media are actually very nice, so I tell myself not to be nervous and just face everything in a relaxed manner." As for the contestant who fell over at the last meeting, Mandy says: "She must have been too nervous!"

Mandy also adds that she has seen the quality of this year's contestants and feels that they are very even and not bad at all. She believes that after they have been repackaged, then they will totally change their image. When asked whether she thought that having a movie star mother would be an advantage, Mandy feels that Lee Ying's daughter is very pretty anyway and that the judges will be very fair and not give her extra points just because of her background. She feels that the most important thing for the contestants is to do their best in their performance.


[Oriental Daily, The Sun & Ta Kung Pao]

Lily Lei appeared at a newcomers happy challenge promotional event alongside Mandy Cho, Rabee'a Yeung, Shek Sau and Natalie Tong.

Lily has recently returned from filming a travel show in Canada and she points out that the highlights for her on this trip wer a visit to the Niagara Falls and going to see the worlds smallest church that can only hold six people. This also gave her the dream of having a wedding in a church. Lily laughs: "My boyfriend (RTHK DJ Chow Kwok Fung) saw the photos of the church and found them very pretty, but don't mistake that I am hinting to him he should propose as this is still too early to think about and I don't know who I will be marrying in the future yet." She also says: "Although we are stable with each other, we have only been dating for a short while, so we still need to put some time into it and see if we are suited to each other."


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun]

Halina Tam and Leila Tong were modelling at a beauty centre yesterday and Halina was dressed conservatively and not as eyecatching as Leila in her little top and waist revealing hot pants. However, Halina says that she feels that she is becoming more and more beautiful. She says: "It's not something I am saying myself, the people around me are praising me and they also say that I look like Miss Hong Kong from '98 or '99." She believes that maybe recently she has been happy and her spirits have been high, so she has become younger. Also, she feels that she has an insight into beauty and diet and this is a secret of maintaining her youth. In order to share this with everyone, she plans to publish a book shortly. She also has a whitening formula, that is to drink ground almond tea. She has tried this for one or two years and feels that her skin has whitened and become younger and it is very obvious. This year's Miss Hong Kong contestants will be travelling to Kenya for their filming and Halina says she is rather jealous. In her year, they went to Italy for their shoot and she still remembers going on a crazy shopping spree. Originally she had been arranged to go and film a travel show in Egypt, but this has clashed with another show and so she is unable to make the trip.

Leila demonstrated the slimming machines at the event and she says that at first, it feels like you are being shocked by electricity, but gradually, you feels very comfortable. She has always kept up her swimming as exercise, so she has little bulk around her waist, but just a little baby fat that leaves her rather curveless, this can be fixed using the machines. Also, she has a rather rounded face and this looks rather odd on the screen, so she would like to slim her face, but has never considered cosmetic surgery. She will be heading out to Africa at the end of the month to film for "Wandering Hero Medics" and she will be there for two to three weeks. As she tans very easily, she will definitely be bringing enough anti-sun products because she does not want to return as dark as African.


[Oriental Daily]

Myolie Wu and Joe Ma, together with a six member crew have arrived safely in Athens to film the lead up to the Olympic Games. As there have been terrorist attacks there, they immediately called to confirm their safe arrival to the producer Lee Hon Yuen. Lee says: "I have just received their call and I know that they have arrived and are preparing for filming. Everything is going smoothly and on the security front, they say that there are military police parading in Athens, but they do not feel there is anything special." Also, Lee reveals that they have arranged for a local student to meet with Myolie, Joe and the crew to make arrangements for their stay and ensure the swift completion of filming before their return on Sunday.

Also, in preparation for the welcome for the games, six stars members Ron Ng, Sammul Chan, Bosco Wong and Kenneth Ma, together with Miss Hong Kong representatives including Heidi Chu and Carrie Lee will be passing an Olympic torch through Hong Kong, Kowloon and the five regions of the New Territories in a spectacular event.


[Oriental Daily]

With Edmond Leung appearing at the recent charity walking event in a drunken state and making a fool of himself, there have been reports of TVB's displeasure at this and when Edmond was called to ask about this, he indicated that his record company has advised him not to comment on this event again.

Representative from the company Miss Chan indicates that they have been in discussion with TVB regarding this event and TVB has been understanding and forgiving to Edmond. Miss Chan says: "Edmond knows that what he did will have an effect on his work, but he does not want any more to be said and he will carry on working hard and avoid the same thing happening again in the future."


[Oriental Daily]

Having been dubbed 'Housewife Killer', Michael Tao has recently been selected to become the first male spokesperson for Extrim slimming products in exchange for a six-figure fee. Little wonder that Michael is ready to start storm the female dominated market. He laughs: "Don't say that, it's just that the female slimming spokesperson market has become saturated and it should be the turn of the men to try our luck." However, Michael insists that he has signed this contract on the basis of striving for health and not to do with his salary.

Michael has always been health conscious and he always does exercise to keep fit, such as his love of playing badminton that helps him to sweat and lose pounds. Michael also focusses on his diet, but after beginning filming again with TVB, he has been eating irregularly and has gained some weight and some fat. Up until he became spokesperson for the company, when he took his weight from over 160lbs to 155 lbs and losing his belly in the process. No wonder that Michael says confidently: "For a middle aged man, I am of the fit type."

On the day of the photoshoot, although he had to change into many sets of clothes and the time was quite tight, Michael still says lightly: "Being a spokesperson is not hard work at all, it is very easy because I don't need to be sexy. All I have to do is stand around wearing lovely clothes and it is really comfortable!"


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