Thursday, May 13, 2004

[Sing Pao, Ta Kung Pao, Oriental Daily & The Sun]

TVB's Olympic themed charity walk event in collaboration with the Community Chest will be taking place on Sunday and a press conference was held yesterday attended by representatives including Myolie Wu, Edmond Leung, Raymond Lam, Nnadia Chan and Evergreen Mak. Other stars taking part in the event will include Leon Lai, Andy Hui, 2R, Alex Fong, Ron Ng and Joe Ma along with a host of singers and artistes.

Myolie reveals that she is due to fly out to Athens for filming on Sunday evening, but she will still show her support at the event in the morning. As the weather in Athens is a little colder, so she has prepared some new outfits and she is feeling both nervous and happy about going there. Despite reports of terrorism in Athens, Myolie is not worried as she says she is a lucky person and she will have Joe Ma there to protect her. She will also avoid going out at night for her own safety. When asked whether her boyfriend was worried about her and tried to stop her going, she says that although her boyfrend told her to be careful, he will not stop her from taking on work. She believes that the company will make the necessary arrangements and will not put her in danger.

Myolie's series "Dreams of Colours" has got off to a bad start, but the ratings are starting to rise again of late. However, she will be working in Athens when the ending is aired, so she will not be able to watch it, but she is confident it will do well."

When Rain Li's former rumoured boyfriend Raymond Lam was asked about recent reports of her dating a rich boy Siu Ding Yat, he says that no matter whether it is true or not, this is their personal business and he should not get involved. However, if it is true, then he will wish Rain the best, as this is all normal behaviour for young people. Raymond says he has not been in touch with Rain for over a year now and laughs as he asks why Rain isn't introducing him to Master Siu. He admits he doesn't know about her dating and when it was suggested he should ring and ask her, he feels that this is a very intrusive act and he will not do this, unless he bumps into her, when he will ask how she is.

Raymond feels that the creativity of the magazines nowadays leaves it very difficult to determine what is true and what is false. As for his own rumours with Rain, he has always denied them and insists that he only sees her as a little sister.


[The Sun, Ta Kung Pao & Oriental Daily]

Yoyo Mung, Alex Fong, Miki Yeung Marco Ngai,Patrick Tam and the two Thai guest stars were among the cast members appearing at the blessing ceremony for "Fight for Every Moment"

Earlier, there were reports that Miki had been complaining to the director, leading to Yoyo and Alex to boycott her in protest and at yesterday's event, she seemed to have little to say to the leading stars. When asked about this, Miki explains: "There is a scene where I am hit by a car, but I didn't know to bring shoulder and knee pads and had to ask for help. The photo says I didn't talk to them, but it must just have been at that moment, because they are both very nice people." She adds that maybe she is still very timid and this may be affecting her apparent interaction with the other cast members.

Alex and Yoyo also deny picking on the newcomer and Alex says: "Miki is new, so we expect her to NG a lot. However she does her preparation and is a hard working artiste. That day I showed her how to die in that she has to do some spasms of her legs first." Yoyo also came to Miki's defence, saying: "There was no such thing, don't say we are bullying her. The scene was about the death of her character and we were afraid that it would affect her performance, so we just stood to one side to keep out of her way."


[Oriental Daily & The Sun]

Jessica Hsuan brought her eleven year old pet dog 'Boon Boon' to a radio show yesterday for a dog fortune teller to look at. Jessica says she has six dogs at home and this one is her favourite as she found him straying in Clear Water Bay eleven years ago and she decided to keep him. She says: "This dog is very receptive and understands human language. A lot of people say that I look a lot like this dog!"

Jessica says that she greatly supports people who take in stray dogs: "Actually, stray dogs are very intelligent and have a strong will to live. All the dogs in my house have been found on the streets and they are all full of vitality and strength. On one occasion, all six of them came down with dog flu at the same time, but I only had to give them human flu medicine twice and they got better." However she is very worried that this dog is very old now and has problems with its liver and kidneys so it is currently taking medication for it.

When asked if she would follow Vivian Chow's lead and not have children so she can look after her pets, Jessica says: "No I won't. Actually pets and children can grow up together. Overseas, the parents are all willing to let children play with the pets. (Do you choose boyfriends who also love your dogs?) Yes, I suppose."


[The Sun]

Bernice Liu and Moses Chan were filming in a dirty alleyway in Shamshuipo earlier for "Blossoming Hearts" and as well as the dirty rubbish and bins, there was also dirty water dripping from the pipes and the environment was rather disgusting. The story tells of Bernice finding out that Moses is actually a filial son and a good person and begins to develop affections for him, but Moses rejects her advances, saying: "Put away your dirty stares, I am a wanderer and I won't be interested in you." Behind the camera, Bernice laughs: "Seeing your expressions, I can't be upset!"

Bernice says she has a slight obsession about hygiene and the most horrible thing about the alley is not the rats or cockroaches, but the dripping pipes. She says: "I had some water dripping on me before and it immediately made me shake with fear." She also reveals that she has a habit of sniffing clothes, so every time she is given costumes to wear, she will smell the area under the sleeve. She says: "Sometimes it will smell rather bad and it cannot even be washed away and it is hard to bear." To this, Moses jokes: "There is a smell from my armpits, it is strawberry flavour."

Also, Bernice has been busy at work lately and has had stomach pains. She says: "I am a very healthy mini-housewife, but maybe I have been working too hard lately, so I am not too used to it yet. I was fine after taking some medicine." In order to keep fit, she will often make herself some soup: "I can make Chinese soups! Dried cabbage, dried shellfish, apples and so on. I can do all sorts of different varieties. When I finish work, I will go and make my own dinner, drink my soup and clean my house. Even Ronnie (her manager) says I never go out and am like a little housewife." When Moses overheard this, he turned on his mobile phone to show her pictures of his cooking and this gained Bernice's admiration as the two began sharing their cookery experiences.


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