Saturday, May 15, 2004

[Oriental Daily]

***Warning: Some unconfirmed spoilers for "Healing Hands III"***

After an absence of three and a half years, TVB's "Healing Hands" will be filming the third instalment in June and with the astounding results of the last two series, TVB is placing a high profile on the storyline of the new series to keep the audience captivated. There will be a major shake-up among the leading characters, hoping to stir up more talking points and raise the ratings points.

The highly popular original leading cast will still be present, such as Lawrence Ng, Bowie Lam, Moses Chan, Flora Chan and Michael Tong, but Yoyo Mung has been written out, being replaced with fellow beauties Gigi Lai and Bernice Liu who will have love affairs with leading males Lawrence and Bowie and the story will begin just after the horror of SARS has passed.

The focus of many viewers has been the love affairs of Lawrence's character Ching Chi Mei with the last series telling of how his girlfriend Jackie (played by Ada Choi) woke from a coma only to give her life away rescuing a child from a fire. Then he was moved by rich doctor Tracy (Yoyo Mung), whom he fell in love with but had to carry out some surgery on her brain.

In the third series, the story will tell of how Yoyo's character has another boyfriend and commits suicide as a result, leaving Lawrence being branded as a love rat. Her end is not as heroic as that of Jackie. As a result, Yoyo does not need to appear in this show at all as they will suggest her story through other ways. Gigi Lai will play a pathologist who clears Lawrence's name through her investigations and gains his gratitude and eventually his love.

Another story will follow on from how Bowie's character Henry made up with Flora's lawyer character Kong Sun Yuet at the end of the last series, but in this instalment, the SARS epidemic makes the couple finally realise that they are not right for each other. Henry falls in love with trainee doctor Bernice Liu, whilst Yuet will fall for SARS affected doctor MC played by Moses Chan.

With so many twists and turns in the story and dramatic feelings galore, it is still doubtful as to whether this will go down well with the viewers. Together with the recent negative press against the leading player Lawrence, there is going to be a battle to win back the acceptance of the viewing audience.


[The Sun & Oriental Daily]

Akina Hong was wearing a cropped top and dancing with Lo Mong in a dancing show and when she lifted up her right arm, it could be seen that she had a scar on her chest that raised suspicions of breast enlargement surgery. Although she strongly denies this, she could not give a good reason for the scar, saying: "I injured myself when I was about one, I don't know how because my mother didn't say, but the scar has grown with me." She adds jokingly: "I haven't had my breasts enlarged, but have had them made smaller. Maybe my mother knew they would be big so she had them made smaller for me when I was young."

Also, whilst she was filming, there were two occasions when Lo Mong pulled her to strike a pose for a photocall and almost touched her breasts, leading her to push him away immediately and the pictures showing them as being very awkward with each other. Afterwards, Akina pointed out: "He didn't mean it, when he touched me, he did apologise. The worst thing for him is having to change from his usual kung fu moves to dance moves and he ended up rolling me onto the floor like stones, when he had to apologise again."


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