Friday, May 07, 2004

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Nick Cheung and Sonija Kwok were filming yesterday on location for "Wandering Hero Medics" and the storyline tells of a heavily pregnant Sonija finding out six months in that she has ovarian cancer. In real life, Sonija does go for gynaecological check-ups regularly but to prevent embarrassment, she will go to see a female doctor.

Sonija says: "In the show, problems arise six months into the pregnancy and it is really sad, so in order to put my own mind at rest, I will go for a body check regularly. Playing a pregnant woman this time is very realistic and when the men see me in my pregnant woman costume, they think I am not wearing any clothes.

As for mothers' day, the filial Sonija has already prepared a present for her mother, but she will also be taking her out for dinner on the day. When asked whether her boyfriend Deric Wan will be there, she smiles sweetly and says: "If he is free, he will come."


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Shirley Yeung, Alex Fong and Hawick Lau appeared at the costume tryout for TVB's new series "Treasure in the Family" where the storyline tells of brothers Alex and Hawick falling in love with Shirley and creating a complicated triangular affair. This is the first time Shirley has worked with Alex and she feels that this is a very fresh arrangement and she hopes there will be some chemistry and something new for the audience.

Shirley's boyfriend Gregory Lee will be celebrating his birthday on 18th and she says she will buy him a present and go for a meal with him. As for the suggestion from Gregory's big brother Wing Hon that they should have kids soon, she smiles sweetly and says: "My dogs at home have had puppies, so they are always joking around!" Talking of the reports that suggest Raymond Lam has been spending the night at a club, Shirley says: "I am not clear about this incident. (Does your boyfriend go to these places?) He rarely goes out to parties."

Alex will be representing Hong Kong in the passing of the flame for this year's Olympic Games and he is lucky enough to join the ranks of Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Magic Johnson and Lewis in holding the flame. Alex is very excited about this and he feels very proud at being given this important task.

As a local sportsman and singer, Alext will be heading out to Athens in July and carry out his flame bearing duties with several hundred celebrities. Reports suggest that this will be the largest such ceremony ever held and the flame will have passed through 34 towns in 20 countries in 5 continents. No wonder that Alex says happily: "I am very proud to be able to represent Hong Kong in this ceremony as it is very significant and will be the most memorable moment in my life."

Alex's healthy and charitable image was what inspired sponsors Coca-Cola to invite him to join this event and as he is also an outstanding sportsman, he was the most suitable candidate. Although there is a while before he heads out, Alex is already very excited ad laughs: "I wonder if I will get to meet Mrs Brad Pitt Jennifer Aniston!"

Also, regarding his new TVB show, Alex reveals that he had been offered parts in "Triumph in the Skies" and "Aqua Heroes", but he was busy with his university studies at the time and missed out on the opportunity. He will be playing brothers with Hawick Lau in the new series and they will fighting over a girlfriend. He says: "If this happened in real life, I would definitely let my little brother have her."

[Additional information regarding this new series from TVB Weekly - 4th May 2004]

The story is centred around a family where Chung King Fai plays the grandfather, Ha Yu plays the father and there are three brothers, played by Hawick Lau, Alex Fong and Sam Chan, who each have different characteristics and fight for the affections of their grandfather. Other stars in the show will include Shirley Yeung, Rebecca Chan, Belinda Hamnett, Chan Ka Yee, Mary Hon, Lui Shan and Ha Ping. Producer Wong Sum Wai indicates she has great faith in the grandfather King Sir because he can both firm and sweet.


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Patrick Tam was wearing the appearance of a comatose drug addict as he filmed for "Fight for Every Moment" and he scared some of the locals who were watching. Claire Yiu who plays his girlfriend cannot bear to see him sleeping under the bridge, so she finds a trolley to push him him home. During filming, Patrick fell off the trolley onto the road and as Claire rushed to help him, she accidently kneed him in the head, leaving him in an even more realistic comatosed state!

In order to play the addict, Patrick's nose and mouth were streaming with mucus and together with his painful expressions, he was very convincing and Patrick says: "I play an undercover cop who becomes addicted to drugs and even playing an addict is so much hard work, I dread to think how bad it is for the real addicts. So this is a warning for everyone, keep well away from drugs!"

Having been a singer himself, Patrick believes that there are many ways to seek inspiration and at the most he will drink, but he is more likely to turn to excercise to relax and de-stress. He says: "As an artiste, you have to face a lot of work every day and you have to have a lot of energy to face it. The most I will do is have a few drinks because I am too vain and scared of the side effects of taking drugs such as losing hair, wrinkles and bags under the eyes."


[The Sun]

Patrick Tang celebrated his 30th birthday on Thursday and yesterday had a party with some fans who presented him with a home made cake and presents and he was so happy that he immediately played a song for his fans to thank them. When asked how his girlfriend Marsha Yuen had celebrated with him, he smiles: "We went for a steak yesterday and had a romantic meal. She also gave me a bottle of cologne to add to my masculinity!"

Entering his thirties, Patrick is now truly mature and he says: "It doesn't seem it, but I have been in this industry for seven years now. I hope my career will get even better. (Will you start a family?) I said to her (girlfriend) that I have to have my own concert and a stable career first. She is very westernised, so getting married in her fifties and sixties shouldn't be a problem, we have an agreement!"


[The Sun - photo from Sudden Weekly]

With reports that Raymond Lam spent an evening in a nightclub in Jordan in the company of some ladies from the north, Raymond expressed in a telephone interview that there was nothing he could do about this report and added: "After work on that day, some friends called me out, so I went with them. It was a private party, so there was bound to be people there that I didn't know and I did play drinking games and drink a lot, but the photos that the magazine took wasn't even the right place and they said that I left very secretively. If I really didn't want people to know I wouldn't have driven my own car." He says that the next time he is invited out by his friends, then he will consider it carefully before accepting.


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