Monday, May 10, 2004

[Oriental Daily & The Sun]

Stephanie Che took part in a "Virtues of Harmony" Mothers Day promotion yesterday, handing out gifts and carnations and her good friend Kingdom Yuen handed her a flower, wishing her a Happy Mothers Day. This made her so happy that she called Kingdom "Mother!".

In the blink of an eye, Stephanie's mother has been in prison for a year and when asked whether she would be visiting for Mothers Day, Stephanie smiled and replied: "What do you think? (Did you say 'Happy Mothers Day' to your mum?) I have said it. (Did you make some food for your mum?) It's not allowed. Don't play with me now, I have passed on my thoughts to her." Stephanie says candidly that her mother is very great and as many of her friends such as Vivian Lai are already mothers, she feels it is a lifelong occupation that leaves you with a different attitude, so she wishes all the mothers in the world a very happy mothers day.

When Stephanie was asked whether she had a different perspective on Mothers Day, she returned with a totally different answer: "If you are asking for my feelings not being a mother, then I don't have any, I am not ready yet."

Nancy Sit appeared at the event yesterday and sung her new song "Everything is cool!" with four lady dancers in camisoles. Nancy was well wrapped up in comparison and as the atmosphere in the audience built up, she laughed that next time she would strip as she sung. Nancy revealed that she will soon be releasing the 'Ka Yin Ma Ma' soft toys and she has already given out over a hundred of them to some friends and elderly folks, but DJ's Fai Beat and Man Beat jokingly asked her if these were sex education toys because they didn't have any underwear under her skirt. As a result, Nancy has asked the manufacturers to make a set of underwear for the dolls, but this is adding to the cost of production. To this, Nancy says it was overlooked by the production teams and it does not reflect her in real life, because she does wear underwear, but never T-backs, so the dolls will have white healthy design underwear in a breathable material!

Also, "Virtues of Harmony" producer Tsui Yu On announced yesterday that the show will add another 100 episodes, bringing it near to 400 and Nancy is very pleased about this, believing that for an artiste to take on a long production that is continually extended, then it is a great achievement and she is very pleased. As the modern and ancient version of "Virtues of Harmony" have already made over six hundred episodes, she hopes that they will continue to extend it and they can break the record of "A Kindred Spirit" that reached a record of over 1100 episodes.


[Ta Kung Pao & Oriental Daily]

Miss Hong Kong winners Mandy Cho, Priscilla Chik, Selena Li and Carrie Lee appeared at a Mothers Day event yesterday and as well as playing games with the audience and designing a Mothers Day card, they also sung Sammi Cheng's "Forever Beautiful" in a tribute to motherly love.

Having previously entered the New Talent Singing Contest, Priscilla also sung a solo "Little Angel" and later she said that this was her first public singing performance so her family had come to support her and her father had filmed the event from the audience. Sunday is their family day and as it was Mothers Day, the family would be going for dinner and she has prepared some flowers for her mother and grandmother.

Mandy Cho also rushed home after the event as she says she wanted to make the most of her time to make a chocolate cake for her mother and present her with her 'first time'. In the evening, she will also be celebrating with her family. Mandy says she will soon be heading out to Africa to film for a show that introduces diamonds and laughs that she hopes to find a five carat diamond. She reveals that when she was studying in America, she received a diamond ring from a boyfriend for her birthday and although the stone was very small, she didn't mind because it was the thought that counted. Mandy insists that she will not receive random gifts of diamonds from men though. When asked what she would do if rumoured boyfriend Aaron Kwok gave her a diamond, she laughed: "Wait until he does first!"


[Ta Kung Pao]

Alex Fong (Lik San) was filming a music video for his new plugged song "Gracious" and as the song needed a female lead, the director invited the winner of TVB Weekly's Cover Girl contest Nancy Wu to help out.

When Alex and Nancy met, they seemed very at ease with each other and they often laughed and joked and even when they were filming close scenes, they seemed to share a great chemistry. Having worked with many female stars before, then Alex is obviously used to this, but it is surprising that even newcomer Nancy is so relaxed, so this left the director slightly bemused and wondering if this was love at first sight!

Later he found out that Nancy and Alex have known each other since their schooldays and meeting up after so long and working together, they have a lot to catch up with each other. Also, as they already know each other, then there was no awkwardness during the close scenes. Alex praises Nancy for becoming prettier as she grows up and Nancy returns the compliment saying that Alex's singing is getting better with time and he is becoming more and more stylish.


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