Monday, May 10, 2004

[Oriental Daily]

Rain Li is busy making money to keep her family and after making her TV series and also recent film "I wanna be a model", she has started recording on her next Mandarin Album. Earlier, Rain was signed for a seven figure sum to be a spokesperson for a cosmetics company for two years and in order to tie in with the company's whitening products, Rain wore a pure white outfit for the shoot and the sponsors also spent a six-figure sum on the set to provide Rain with a large pool for Rain to film in. The hardest thing for her was that she had to stand in the water for over ten hours and afterwards, Rain complained that her legs had become all wrinkly. However, the sponsors looked after her well and the next day instructed for a consignment of beauty products to be sent to Rain to use on her legs!


[Oriental Daily]

With preparations for the coverage of this years Athen's Olympic Games underway, TVB arranged yesterday for their six 'Olympic Stars' Ron Ng, Raymond Lam, Sammul Chan, Bosco Wong, Lai Lok Yi and Kenneth Ma to go and film a music video for their Olympic theme song. The six stars arrived yesterday at the Wanchai sports stadium and although there is some competition between each of them in terms of their career, they arranged to come in together in line for their running scenes as they join to promote the Olympics.

With the strong sunshine yesterday, the six 'new idols' were taning for five hours as of 9 am, but there were no words of complaint as they all worked hard to make the MV as good as they could. In the video, they each take on a field event: Ron throwing the discus, Raymond throwing the javelin, Sammul long jumping, Bosco hurdling, Lok Yi high jumping and Kenneth putting the shot. Although they were not experts at athletics, they are all athletically built and are fit and strong, so after a short instruction, they all managed to handle it easily. All apart from Ron who needed a little longer for his discus because it is quite dangerous and he had to try it a few more times before he was ready to film. As for Sammul, he ended up covered in sand from the long jump pit and had to jump four or five times, but again he had no word of complaint, proving that each of them do possess the criteria to find fame.


[Oriental Daily]

Halina Tam returned to TVB City yesterday to film for "Comical Look at Life" and she revealed that there has been some happy news at home as her sister has given birth to a child and she was brave enough to go into the labour room to watch the birth. As she has already decided not to have children, she wanted to take the chance to see her dearest sister giving birth to a baby.

Halina has always loved pets since she was young, but she is afraid she will not be able to bring up a child and so has decided against having any of her own. During her sister's pregnancy, she often told her sister to look at pictures of her, so that if the baby looked like her, she could treat it like her own. However, Halina is very afraid of blood, so to avoid not being able to stand it on the day, she had been watching footage of births every day to condition herself and she laughs: "I am too weak, so I wanted to make myself bolder."

Originally, Halina had planned to make a travel show to Egypt and Jordan, but as she has a packed schedule, she is unable to go and she is very disappointed. Although there are some who are worried about the safety in Jordan, she is not afraid at all, because she has always been very thrifty and will never give up on a chance to go on holiday. With her hopes dashed this time, she is a little disappointed about it.


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