Saturday, May 29, 2004

[Advertisement Feature in various magazines - images courtesy of www.mimilo.net]

After five weeks of slimming, Mimi has lost a total of 22 lbs and has regained the trim waist figure that she used to have. No wonder ths is so excited and is showing off her great figure to everyone! As she loves to cook and eat, especially her favourite cheesecake, Mimi's weight peaked at 123 lbs with a 30 inch waist. With her padded waist left Mimi very annoyed, so she has committed herself to losing the fat. With the assistance of the slimming company, Mimi no longer has to carry her belly around and she now has a great feminine figure. Losing weight is not just about controlling food and doing exercise, there is also a professional element needed and Mimi's case required a nutritionist to determine the best diet for her and beauty therapists to assist with the more technical slimming regimes as well as Chinese and Western herbalists to check on her health, leaving her fit, beautiful and healthy.


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