Sunday, April 11, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun]

TVB's new series "Hard Fate" will begin airing tonight and a group of artistes appeared at a promotional event in a shopping centre. Those present included Niki Chow, Kevin Cheng, Michael Tong, Ha Yu, Akina Hong, Stephen Au and Chu Yuen Yi. Possibly due to the weather, many of the ladies appered in strappy or low cut tops, apart from Niki, who responded: "It doesn't matter! (If the ratings are good, will you appear in sexy clothing?) No, because I am afraid of the cold!" She adds that this is her first series and she will be very pleased if the show does well and beats "Square Pegs". If that is the case, she will take everyone on holiday, even if it means she loses out.

As this story revolves around a jade trader, there were many pieces of jade on display at the event and a competition for the audience to guess the value of the pieces. As well as the security present, Kevin, Michael and Stephen were sent to protect Niki who was modelling the items. Amid the guesses that ran into tens of thousands and millions, producer Wong Sum Wai announced that the item of jewellery was only worth $3000 and there were gasps. The reason was that for security reasons, TVB had arranged for a mock up of the original to be made for promotional purposes. When Niki was asked if she knew the value of the jade she was wearing, she laughed: "Yes, but we had to create some atmosphere and we had some laughs. We didn't mean to trick the audience. I felt like I was a Miss Hong Kong earlier!"

Having been in the industry for over two years, in addition to filming movies, Niki is also filming TV series and will also be taking on some advertisements for the mainland and so has been meeting with the Mainland press to break into the markets. She says: "I will be learning to speak Mandarin to be able to take on the work."

In response to the news that "Armed Reaction" producer Kwong Yip Sang has been dismissed by TVB, Akina Hong spoke out in support for him at the peril of her own position being compromised. She says: "In the days when no-one would let me play the big sister roles, it was him who gave me my first opportunity to show everyone that I can play these characters. Ah Sang is able to spot the hidden potential in artistes and it is sad that just having the best skills is not enough in this company. His departure is a great loss to the artistes."


[The Sun & Oriental Daily]

Ada Choi, Dayo Wong, Frankie Lam and Jay Lau were guests at a promotion for a new estate in Dongguan and Ada appeared in a semi-transparent tube-top dress and when asked why she was dressing so sexily, she laughed: "I dress for the occasion, as long as I am comfortable then it is okay. As for the fee, I am happy with it, you can't count it on one hand."

As for Frankie, he says that every time he does a promotion in the mainland, the developers will offer him a discount, but he sees Hong Kong as his base and has no plans to move into China. He says: "I am working mainly in Hong Kong now, so I don't have time to head up here. However, I will consider buying a property as an investment."

As for spokesperson Dayo, he played games with the audience and says that he will soon be working with newcomer Wong Sing Yi in a new movie. Dayo says: "The show will be directed by Yau Lai To, I don't know the name yet. It will be an action movie, but I will be the only actor who doesn't have to fight."


[The Sun, Ta Kung Pao & Oriental Daily]

Yoyo Mung, Edmond Leung, Jo Kuk and Michael Tong were present at the blessing ceremony for new horror movie "Daily Nightmares". Having recently split from her boyfriend, Yoyo's good friend Alex Fong revealed that she is currently having an underground relationship and in response to this, she curses: "Stupid man! He didn't say that to me to my face, he told me not to be so unhappy and he even said that he will pay for my expenses and food when we are filming in Thailand if I have still not found a boyfriend by then. (Will you ask him to introduce a man to you?) I don't want to drop to his levels, I have better taste."

In the movie, Yoyo plays a person who is always thinking there are ghosts around. She feels that dreaming is influenced by your experiences in the day and she tells of a time when she dreamed about the lottery numbers so she woke up and bought them, but didn't even get one number! She also says that she was told that if you dream of losing teeth, then this means that there will be bad health or a death in the family. Yoyo doesn't know if this was a coincidence, but when she had this dream many years ago, her grandfather died on the same day. However the thing she is most frightened of is dreaming about cockroaches as once when she had this dream, she scared herself awake dripping with sweat and had to search the house to make sure that there were no cockroaches around!


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