Saturday, April 24, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun]

Sonija Kwok, Charmaine Sheh, Shirley Yeung, Mrs Li Hau Wo and 'King of Toys' Mr Choi Chi Ming were the guests at the opening of the designer watch expo yesterday and Mr Choi immediately spent $560,000 on a pair of his 'n hers watches and a diamond watch.

With three pretty girls as guests, they attracted quite an audience, among them many tourists. During this, one man shouted that Sonija was 'very pretty' and this made her very happy as she accepted the compliment proudly and asked the reporters what else the man had said. When the reporters replied that with her beautiful outfit, all the men would be mesmerised, Sonija laughed that as she has been playing a nurse in her new show "Wandering Hero Medics", then she should be able to assist those who are stunned by her!

Yesterday evening, Sonija was filming for the show again and the scene told of a caesarian section. When asked whether she would have a caesarian birth, she says that she has played a pregnant woman in the past that had a smooth birth. Although it was just acting, she still felt that having children would be very painful, so she may choose to give birth by caesarian in the future. When the reporters laughed about whether she was worried about leaving a scar on her belly, she says that to have a baby and be a mother, then having a scar is not a problem.

As well as receiving a fee for her work at yesterday's event, Sonija was also given two watches worth over $10,000. She says that as it is Mother's Day next month, she can give one to her mother as a present and save herself some money. However, she reveals that she has been looking for a crucifix necklace because whilst she was filming earlier, she lost the one that her father gave her for her 18th birthday. As there was a lot of sentimental value attached to that pendant, she is looking for a replacement that is exactly the same.

With her style usually very conservative, Shirley Yeung appeared at yesterday's event in a rather sexy attire and although she wasn't quite as revealing as Sonija and Charmaine, this was already a great change from her usual image. Whilst filming for "Angels of Mission" (Nameless Angels 3D) Shirley was rumoured to have been bullied by Sonija and Charmaine and at yesterday's event, Sonija and Charmaine were still just talking to each other and leaving Shirley out. However, Shirley stood to one side and kept to herself.

Shirley was also given a set of watches for her work yesterday and was asked whether she would give one to her boyfriend. She says that she and her boyfriend do not like to wear matching watches, but most of what she sees at the expo are his 'n hers designs. Has Shirley received any memorable presents in the past? She says that as long as she has some good memories, that is all she needs.

Shirley says that she has been doing a lot of openings recently and earned a lot of extra money, suggesting her rise in popularity could be down to the recent airing of "Blade Heart". She laughs that not only has she been doing openings, she has also negotiated three advertisements. With the recent rise in illegal downloading of music and even TV series such as "Angels of Mission", Shirley points out this is unlawful and urges everyone to wait until it is aired before they watch it.

For Charmaine, as well as receiving a six-figure fee for her work, she also received a pair of ladies watches and the organisers also lent her a set of jewellery workth over $1million for her to wear at the event. When asked why she didn't ask for a set of lovers' watches, she seemed a little surprised at the question before frowning and saying that she has not been given a men's watch and the two watches were for her own use.

Benny Chan was recently alleged to have spent the night with another woman, before it was confirmed that it was a case of mistaken identities and the paper apologised publicly for the mistake. When Charmaine was asked whether she knew of Benny's return to Hong Kong, she immediately replied impatiently that she did not know. Then when asked if she had contacted him about the incident, she said, getting agitated: "No!"

Later, Charmaine will be heading out to Hawaii to visit her mother and when asked why she does not take her boyfriend back to see her mother, she became annoyed and said she would be going back on her own. When reporters continued asking her whether she will be introducing her mother to her boyfriend, she indicated that she would not reply to such pointless questions.


[Ta Kung Pao, The Sun & Oriental Daily]

Happy quarrelling friends Alex Fong and Yoyo Mung were at a promotional event for "ICAC 2004" yesterday in a shopping centre. Yoyo had suffered from a fever the night before, but after going to see a Chinese doctor, she still appeared at the event. As she will be filming an advert for a slimming company next month, Yoyo must ensure that she keeps her health in top condition. Talking of her fee for this ad, Yoyo says she is very pleased as it is enough for her to buy two cars.

After "ICAC 2004", Yoyo and Alex have been filming for new series "Fight for Every Moment" and as they are always arguing, Yoyo is often bullied by Alex, so when they were filming a holding hands scene earlier, Yoyo took her chance for revenge against Alex. Whilst she was holding Alex's hand, she stabbed him with her fingernails and left him with a few scars on his hands. In order to get his own back, Alex asked the director to add a slapping scene into the show for him, will Alex get his wish? Watch out for the next instalment!!

Alex also complains that earlier whilst he was filming with Jojo Cho, Yoyo taught her to hit him with a plastic bowl, leaving the bowl totally out of shape and Alex a little bruised. This is another reason he has asked for the slapping scene. Is he not afraid of knocking Yoyo out? Alex laughs that he will not take it that far, but he would like to leave her with an imprint of four fingers.

Alex will soon be heading into Shenzhen to do an opening for a furniture shop and despite of a confirmed case of SARS appearing in Beijing, Alex is not worried at all as he needs the money. As he is currently in the process of moving house, the bosses have agreed to sponsor all the furniture for his house so he will be choosing his designs on this trip too.


[Ta Kung Pao]

Patrick Tang held a promotional "Music Party" for his new album "New Home" and invited William So and Alex Fong (Lik San) as special guests. His boss, Paco Wong also invited Fennie Yuen, Ellesmere Choy, Margaret Chung, Bernice Liu and other guests to support him. The show was held in a club that could only hold 300 people, but the fans and the crew totalled far above this number and other arrangements had to be made, delaying the event by an hour and making the fans very impatient. Afterwards, the organisers admitted that there was some poor organisation that left the fans waiting.

Marsha Yuen was not spotted at the event and Patrick revealed he had not told his girlfriend and so she had not come along, however Marsha's sister and her boyfriend were present to support him. Talking of his girlfriend, Patrick says that he is working with her to publish some books to teach English to children and their dog will be the star. When they have completed the story outline, they will be contacting the publishers to discuss the deal.

When Alex revealed that the couple had been on a secret holiday, suspicions were raised that this was an early honeymoon, but Patrick says that although they had been away to America, this was not a honeymoon as suggested. He also laughs that if he wanted to go on a honeymoon, he can go whenever he likes and does not have to go in secret. When asked if he has had the permission of his mother-in-law to be Cheng Pui Pui, Patrick immediately started the flattery, saying that she is very open-minded as long as her daughter is safe.


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