Friday, April 09, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao, The Sun, Oriental Daily & Sing Pao]

Stars from TVB's "Blade Heart" including Liza Wang, Shirley Yeung, Gregory Lee, Carlo Ng, Wong Tak Ban and Yang Xue who had flown in especially from Beijing appeared at an Easter promotional event yesterday where they designed some Easter baskets and played some egg-passing games with the audience creating quite an atmosphere. After the games, some fans presented Liza with an inflatable pig and joker MC Carlo immediately laughed: "Why have you brought (Lo) Ka Ying out with you?" Liza's expression changed when she heard this, but Carlo continued: "Why don't you have a photo taken hugging Ka Ying!" In the end, Liza just ignored him.

Talking of TVB's changes to its policies and cutting artiste salaries, Liza says: "Up to now, I have not received any notice from the company about changes in the payment policy so I am not very clear on this. Although there are reports posted in the office, I have not had time to go back to check yet, so I can't answer you on this." Liza continues that when she signed the contract, the company would define how many shows it is for, but the method of calculation of timings is down to the company and as an artiste, she does not know how to calculate this. So did she ask how many shows she was signing for? Liza replies: "It is difficult, because there is a bible that the company has defining how to calculate shows, but artistes don't get to se it. (Do you find this means there are no guarantees for the artistes?) No, take for example when I filmed the series 'Let's face it', I played two characters, but I would not get paid twice. In the Tung Wah charity show, it runs for eight hours, then we take a reduced fee for the anniversary shows so how do we calculate that? In any case, many shows happen just once a year."

Hearing Liza's words, does she feel that the company wins on all fronts? Liza says rather impatiently: "You should not keep asking the artistes, they cannot give you an answer and it is difficult. You should try asking the company, because if it was not for the newspaper reports, I wouldn't even know." Also, talking of "Blade Heart" only reaching 26 points in the ratings, is Liza unhappy at this? She says: "I can't answer that, there are so many holidays lately and I don't know when it is the peak of viewing for the audience." As for Kent Cheng's comment about the show being held together only by Liza and Adam and the newcomers not being strong enough to carry the show, Liza does not agree and says: "There are a lot of experienced people in the show, take Raymond for example, he has appeared in so many other shows and even played the Qin Emperor. However, everyone has the freedom of expression." Liza will be spending the Easter break to practise her skills as she will be appearing in a Cantonese Opera show in June.

Carlo Ng revealed that when Yang Xue arrived in Hong Kong, her first question was whether Shirley and Gregory were still together. Was Shirley embarrassed by Carlo about this? She did not respond directly, but said: "I got to know Yang Xue in Beijing very well and we spent some happy times together. Not having seen her for so long, then of course she will ask how we are." When asked whether Yang was attracted to Raymond and so is showering him with praises, Shirley laughs: "In Beijing, they did seem to get on very well, so she was a little disappointed that Raymond couldn't make it today. (Will you help arrange for her to meet Raymond?) I will not tell him, it will make him conceited." Talking of whether she rooted her relationship with Gregory in Beijing, Shirley admitted that they got to know each other better there and nurtured their feelings after they returned to Hong Kong. Shirley also adds that as Yang Xue will be returning that evening, she was not able to show her some local hospitality and she hopes to be able to show her around next time. When she was in Beijing, Yang was very nice to her and introduced her to a fragrant perfume that also kept the mosquitos away.

Yang Xue admitted she was a little disappointed that she could not meet with Raymond as originally she had planned to stay for a few more days, but she has work in Beijing and was unable to take the time out. When asked if she had called Raymond, she says that she is a shy girl and will not take the lead. Does she have a boyfriend? She says no, because she has no time for dating. So is Raymond a suitable partner for her? She says: "He should be a very good man with a great future, to be his girlfriend would be very fortunate indeed. (Do you want to be his girlfriend?) That will be down to whether he asks me or not!"


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