Friday, April 23, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao, The Sun & Oriental Daily]
(Report from TKP)

TVB's new series "Grey Tracks" arranged for a group of cast members including Bowie Lam, Louisa So, Cindy Au, Kwok Fung and Chu Wai Tak to have diving lessons. However Kwok and Chu are already experienced divers and they just turned up for support.

As she suffers from asthma, Cindy Au was quite worried beforehand and one of the instructors was monitoring her closely yesterday. When Cindy was asked whether she realised that the good-looking instructor was watching out for her, she laughed: "Maybe he was concerned about my condition. I have my medication close by." Because of her asthma, Cindy would never enter water in the past on location, so on her first diving lesson, she commented on how clever the other artistes were for picking it up so quickly. She says: "Although I know how to swim, I only weigh 90 lbs, so I am afraid of the oxygen tank on my back being heavier than me, so I have added a few more weights to my body."

When asked whether her boyfriend Roger Kwok had disallowed her from entering the water, Cindy did not reply directly. She says that there are many sports that she can't do, so she would like to learn more things. As for the earlier reports about a rich female who drowned during a diving accident, Cindy was not frightened by this as she believes that as long as you follow the instructions from the coach and not do anything silly, then they will always put safety first. As to whether Deric Wan who plays her husband in the show will need lessons, Cindy laughs: "When the time comes we will just throw him in the water and he will be ready to film!"

Louisa So has previously been diving with her boyfriend in Sabah and as she was a beginner, the instructor took her underwater, but after a while, she found that her boyfriend had gone missing and this made her scared and she indicated this to her instructor. As she became overexcited in the water, the instructor immediately pulled her to the surface and after this she daren't dive again.

When asked where her boyfriend went, Louisa laughs: "In fact, he was not too far away, but the water was quite murky, so I couldn't see him." She adds that as she was on a tour, the instructor wasn't as detailed as those yesterday. She also says happily: "Usually, we film winter shows in the summer, so this is like a change in the tradition, filming water scenes in the summer is so great! (Did you have any bad memories when you went underwater?) If we go too deep, there are body doubles, we will just be diving in shallow waters and for close up scenes." As for whether they will be filming diving scenes on location abroad, the producer indicates that they will not as they will be staying in Stanley in Hong Kong. Also, they will be taking up insurance for the cast, but he is unsure of the amount insured, as TVB has always had location insurance.

An avid fan of water sports, Bowie Lam has previously been snorkelling, so diving was an easy transition for him and he was praised by Chu Wai Tak. Bowie says jokingly: "Picking it up quickly is down to talent and not about foundations!" He is also happy that he will save himself some fees for learning to dive because if he wanted to take lessons himself, this would cost him $3-4000 for a beginners course! He also says that he will be playing a lawyer in the show, so not only will he have high class activities, the company will also arrange for a posh car for him to drive for around a month. Although they will not be filming abroad, to have water scenes in the heat of summer is better than being out in the scorching sun.


[Ta Kung Pao]

Nancy Sit and Sheren Tang were invited by Kwong Wah Hospital to film a set of health information VCD's that will be handed out to citizens in the hope that there is more focus on urban ailments.

Talking of these illnesses, Sheren admits that she has them all as she says: "In the show, I play a patient who has classic urban syndrome, unable to sleep, having nightmares, light sleeping, short tempered and suffering from headaches and so she has to seek help from the doctors. In reality, I have not only suffered from all these symptoms, but a lot of my friends around me have suffered depression. Luckily I am more open minded about things and don't see things like money so importantly, because even if you are poor, you can still be happy. In the past, because I was in negative equity, I had to film some shows that I didn't really want to, not even having time to see the doctor when I was ill and not even noticing things in life. Finally, I ended up losing a few million in my property, not my whole fortune, but I felt a lot more relaxed afterwards."

As for Nancy, she has always focussed on her health, so she goes for a health check every year. When asked whether the lack of fellow "Threat of Love" co-star Lawrence Ng from the VCD was down to his earlier rumours about his more seedy antics, she immediately explained: "No, because he is not in Hong Kong at the moment, his absence is nothing to do with his image."


[Ta Kung Pao]

Earlier whist Steven Ma was working in the Mainland, he was met with a road traffic accident, but luckily despite the shock, no-one was injured. Steven indicates that at the time, he was sitting in his vehicle and heading along Shenzhen Shantou Highway when he suddenly saw two other cars crashing into the back of them. Luckily everyone was on their guard and escaped unharmed.

After some chaos, they finally received $4500 for the damage from the other driver, but the actual repairs back in Hong Kong cost $7000. Steven says that he earlier had his fortune read and it was said to him that he would have a traffic accident this year and when the driver heard him, he scolded Steven for not telling him because if he knew he would not have offered to be his driver. Steven paid his expenses for him and introduced him to further jobs among his colleagues.

As well as an accident, the fortune teller also says that Steven will have a blood related incident, but he is not worried. He will soon be going to have his wisdom teeth removed so this will bring this prediction to life. Steven points out he is not religious, but believes in putting his mind at rest.


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