Friday, April 09, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao, The Sun & Oriental Daily]

Halina Tam and Sammul Chan were among the guests at a Lego promotion in a shopping centre and Halina appeared in a low-cut top and attracted many fans seeking photos and autographs. As she saw to requests from her fans, some of the audience pointed their cameras towards her enticing shoulders. In response to this, Halina seemed a little surprised and said: "Really? (jokingly) of course, they are so smooth!" Is she afraid that the fans will lose control and pull at her clothes? Halina opens her eyes and replies: "I am scared, so I have tape underneath!"

When asked about her love life, Halina says she has many male friends, but no boyfriend at the moment. She indicates that she is often being the 'spare leg' as she joins her sister and her husband on dates. "I will not turn away anyone who tries, the most important thing is to be happy! To date I have not met Mr Right, these things cannot be rushed." Halina says that her fans have helped to fill the void in her life and she says: "Some fans have been supporting me for seven or eight years and often give me presents. The most memorable time was when a fan gave me a hundred Mickey Mouse chocolate eggs. He was an eleven or twelve year old boy who had saved up his money every day to buy me a present. I was so touched, but felt so sorry for him. I couldn't eat all the chocolate though and after a few days I had to throw them away." Halina says that most of her fans are children and she says that none have been old enough to propose to her!

Sammul Chan has recently been photographed dining with Louis Koo's assistant Ronny and Chow Chi Kui and questioned by the press as to the extent of their 'friendship'. Sammul denied the stories saying: "They link me with men, they link me with women, soon I will just have to eat at home on my own all the time or just go out with my dog." He says that he does not have many friends in the industry and he is afraid that these rumours will scare his friends into avoiding him.


Joe Ma appeared at a Vintage Toys promotional event yesterday and attracted a crowd of fans gained from his popularity after appearing in "Triumph in the Skies". Joe says that as a child, he collected many toy cars but they were thrown away by his father when he cleared some rubbish. At the time, he cried and his father bought some new ones for him. Now he will still buy toys, especially toy planes. When asked if this was due to the influence of the show, he says that he was already a fanatic long before. Does he also buy toys for his son? Joe says that he will only buy them as a reward as he feels that children today are too materialistic and often receive presents. When asked if he will be spending time with his family over the Easter break, he says that he is currently busy filming "One Beautiful Spear" and will not have time until he finishes. He hopes that he can take part in filming the Olympic Games special in Athens in May so he can check out the situation there as well as spend time with his family on holiday there.


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