Tuesday, April 27, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun]

Moses Chan and Kenix Kwok were filming for "Blossoming Hearts" at a pottery stall in Shanghai Street yesterday and some fans asked Kenix for her autograph, whilst other stall workers asked Moses to pose for a photograph as they were well received by the locals as they called out to Moses: "I'll give you 30% discount if you buy from me, you are so handsome!" Talking of the news of Alex Fong being sworn at earlier, Moses laughs that maybe this was their way of saying hello and if he was met with this, he would smile and walk away. He adds that he rarely goes to Mongkok, so when he was filming in Kowloon City earlier, he found it has changed a lot now, becoming cleaner and with less intrusion from local gangs asking for protection money. He points out that when he was filming a movie there some years ago, they were often approached and asked for money. When asked if he was met with insults from these people, he says: "I was filming once in a market and some of the locals were afraid of being caught on camera so they started swearing at us."

Kenix also rarely films in Mongkok and she says that even if she goes to the city, the people will still be very friendly towards her. She says: "The most important thing is not to frown, smile more and don't let people mistake you for being conceited." As for the magazine reports that suggest she is not getting along with her co-star Natalie Tong, she says: "When I saw the press waiting for me in the rain that day, I knew that they wouldn't be writing anything good about me and lo and behold, this appears, but I am used to this now and will not be angry. I can't control their pens, so they can write what they like! If this is the trend, then I can't do anything about it." She insists that she and Natalie have no problems and she finds Natalie to be very good and smiley - not difficult to get on with at all. As for the rumours that she is unhappy with Natalie's NG's, she laughs: "I will have NG's myself, so why would I be unhappy about that?" Kenix reveals her character in the show is always calculating and is very cute.


[The Sun]

Fiona Yuen had met with an accident earlier whilst driving to TKO TVB City where she was hit from behind by a truck that destroyed the rear of her car, but luckily only left her with a slight injury to her neck and waist. Worried that she would be without a car, her boyfriend asked his ex-girlfriend Marianne Wong to lend him a car, but the paparazzi caught wind and trailed him. Little wonder that Fiona is sighing over her recent bad luck.

The accident happened on Monday, when Fiona was driving to work to film on new series "Fight for Every Moment". Nearing TVB City, a truck behind her lost control and smashed into the back of her car. Although she was wearing a seatbelt, the inertia and shock was so strong that it flung her forward and caused some injuries. As the back of the car was completely ruined, Fiona called the police and arranged for compensation from the other driver.

Checking on the extent of the damage at a repair shop in Tokwawan yesterday, Fiona couldn't bear to look at her beloved car and she says she still feels frightened after the accident: "I was really scared that day, I didn't know what was happening, but luckily I have just sprained myself and there is no major problem. I was so frightened that I called my boyfriend straight away and he was very shocked when he heard I had an accident, but felt better when he found out I was fine and took me to the doctors. I calso called the company and the producer asked how I was." After several negotiations, the other party has agreed to pay for the damaged totalling several tens of thousands of dollars.

Boyfriend Brian was worried that Fiona would be inconvenienced without the use of her car, so he asked his former girlfriend Marianne Wong (previously Anita Mui's manager) if he could borrow her car. However he was met with the press and Fiona sighs: "My car is an automatic and Brian's car is manual, but the car he bought Marianne was an automatic, so he decided to do a swap with her. Then he met with the press, who photographed them together, that left some embarrassment. Allin all, I am totally clear about the current state of their relationship." As for Marianne, she says: "Brian and I are friends, he told me that Fiona's car had been bumped into, swapping cars is not uncommon."


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun]

Liza Wang, Bondy Chiu, Kingdom Yuen and Joyce Chen took part in an opening ceremony for a jewellers yesterday and Liza stole the show with her red dress and sponsored jewellery to the value of $3 million including a 20 carat Columbian Emerald necklace adorned with 30 carats of diamonds. Also, Liza was presented with a diamond watch and a golden ornament. Unfortunately, Liza has injured her leg and displayed a little limp yesterday. She says: "It is a little painful, so I will be going to see a doctor soon. I hope that a couple of weeks rest without wearing high heels will mean that it does not affect my Cantonese Opera performance. " Talking of the progress of her slimming programme, she says: "I am now 105 lbs, but my waist could be slimmer. (Is it 24 inches?) You guess!"

Kingdom, Joyce and Bondy went to visit the jeweller's "Golden Wong Tai Sin" statue and prayed for a fortune stick. Kingdom received a very lucky fortune for her romance and was told there was a big chance for her to get married this year, but also asking for romance, Joyce received the answer that she must keep looking. Bondy asked for health and received a middle fortune, saying her health will be good apart from some minor ailments.

When Kingdom was asked whether she really wanted to get married this year, she laughs that her boyfriend is not a bad person, but she has not thought about getting married yet. However, she is prepared to consider it seriously and sometimes they will discuss it in conversations. Kingdom admits that she wanted very much to get married in the past, but not any more. She says: "When you reach the stage of no wants, then your karma steps up. After increasing my value, my confidence has also gone up, so I have nothing to fear, apart from us not getting along. Co-habiting? We live very close to each other already and see each other every day for dinner, so we understand each other very well already."

Kingdom also reveals that she is often introducing boyfriends to Joyce, numbering six or seven, but Joyce's criteria is too high and will not accept any of them. To this, Joyce says: "She is more excited than me, I am in no hurry t all, because I believe in destiny. The worst thing was when everyone thought I was dating Johnny Tang and no-one dared come near! Kingdom keeps introducing men to me, but they are mainly in their thirties or forties. Actually I don't need him to be young or rich, the most important thing is I like him and we get on."


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