Monday, April 19, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao, Sing Pao, Oriental Daily & The Sun]

Yesterday, Christine Ng dressed sexily as she appeared alongside Bowie Lam, Cindy Au and Louisa So at the costume tryout for TVB's new series "Grey Tracks" at TVB City yesterday. The other male lead Deric Wan could not be present as he is currently filming in Shanghai. Christine reveals that she and Bowie play a married couple in the show and her character will have an extra-marital affair, however she will not do this in real life. In response to this, Tsang Wai Kun joked: "I am the opposite, I will not have an affair in the show, but I will in real life!" With the rumours of his split with Cutie Mui being due to an affair, it is surprising to find him so open!

Christine praises TVB's improvements, saying that the costumes are being sponsored by designer labels and are getting much prettier. After the loosening of TV endorsement and decency rules, she has been sponsored clothes, handbags and jewellery and the female artistes can dress more provocatively. Christine says: "In the show, the clothes I wear are quite sexy and I have always liked dressing like this. In 1997 I did a travel show with Nat Chan and wore a bikini. You just have to be confident and not worry about people looking at you."

Talking of her affair in the show, Christine reveals that she knows of a friend from outside the industry who had this experience, so in order to understand the character, she will be going to clubs with her husband. She laughs: "Nowadays, not only men have secret love affairs, especially if you have a pretty wife, you have to be careful. (Is your husband afraid?) Of course, I am so pretty! Actually, many men around 27 or 28 fancy me and they say they don't mind that I am already married. However I am only savouring the feeling of being chased, Pisces people are very vain."

Bowie Lam has been resting for a while after filming "War and Beauty" and in response to the new policy of requiring a doctor's note for a day off, he says that he rarely takes time off, but when he was filming in Beijing for "War" he had a high fever and had to go to hospital. They treated him as a SARS case until six hours later when they confirmed he was suffering from severe infection of the respiratory system. He says: "Usually I will need time off if I don't get enough sleep, I am not used to lying so I would rather call the producer and ask for some time off." When asked if he will be reprising his role in the fortcoming production of "Healing Hands III", Bowie says that he should be because the character is so well known now, it would be odd without him.

Also, Cindy Au and Louisa So will have diving scenes in the show, but Cindy has asthma and cannot do sports such as diving and reading reports about divers getting into trouble is leaving her very worried. She says that she has already asked the diving instructor to prepare equipment in case she has an asthma attack and she will have her inhaler handy. Conversely, Louisa has learned to dive before in Thailand and she believes the company will have all the safety procedures in place.


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[The Sun]

TVB will be holding an unprecedented large scale press conference involving all the executives and the enterprise General Manager Ho Ding Kwan and also inviting a group of artistes. Reports indicate that the event will be a morale boosting exercise to combat the recent negative press surrounding the company's economising activities and will showcase some of the high profile productions that are planned for the coming months as well as introduce some new blood in the organisation.

Yesterday, Jessica Hsuan received notice to appear at the press conference, but she is not clear as to the details of the presentation. She says: "If the company asks me, I will attend. (To calm the forces?) The company must have a reason for organising this, so as an artiste, I have to do my job." Charmaine Sheh and Myolie Wu have also been invited and Charmaine says: "The company is putting a lot of importance on this presentation, they even cancelled my location shoot because of it. If the reason is to try and calm everyone down, then I should attend."

Also, TVB announced the ratings for last week and the first week of airing for "Hard Fate" reached level pegging with "Virtues of Harmony" in top position with 30 points and 1.97 million viewers, one point ahead of Adam Cheng's "Blade Heart". Friday's football match between Iran and China gained 20 points (1.31 million viewers).


[Oriental Daily]

Bernice Liu was filming in Temple Street when she suddenly lost her senses an in front of everyone started to beat at Moses Chan, almost injuring him in the groin area and leaving him sweating!

It turns out that the pair were filming for new series "Blossoming Hearts" and the story tells of Bernice who plays a customs officer mistaking 'stocking man' Moses for selling pirate CD's and going up to arrest him. As the two end up in a chase, Bernice finally picks up her 'weapon' and kicks Moses to the ground to stop him. During the filming, Bernice picked up her weapon and thrust it between Moses's legs, nearly touching his privates. Afterwards, Bernice says that she was quite scared as she said with embarrassment: "I was so scared of touching him! For this scene, my hand had touched Moses on the bottom a little, but the action choreographer insisted that I pushed the prop leg up and I was so embarrassed!"

On the other hand, the 'victim' Moses was very calm as he said: "What? How are my bits? Of course they are okay, if the leg was a little further up though, then there would be a problem, but I am okay. (Will you feel embarrassed?) No, there was some distance." Also, Moses says being assaulted on the first day of filming is not too bad, because compared to jumping off bridges and buildings, this is small fry.


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