Wednesday, April 07, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao, Oriental Daily & The Sun]

TVB's new series "Blossoming Hearts" held its costume tryout yesterday and leading stars including Michael Tao, Kenix Kwok, Moses Chan, Bernice Liu and guest star Anne Heung were present. Two 'housewife killers' Michael and Moses showered each other with flattering words when they met as Moses praised Michael for being oozing with charisma, whilst Michael described Moses as being gallant and expressed his admiration. However, Michael stated: "Please don't refer to us as 'new or old' or 'No 1 No 2' any more, I just want to make a new friends. (Do you feel pressure from the challenge of Moses?) I have been challenged all along, ever since I was in the acting class." He also says of Moses: "I have felt there is something special about him ever since his movies and then his television shows, otherwise he would not have the success he has today."

Moses speaks modestly as he talks of Michael: "He is the true 'housewife killer' and is irresistable. I am very happy to work with him and I hope there will be some chemistry in our performance. In the past I liked watching his shows such as 'Detective Investigation Files'." As well as this new show, Moses is also filming "Fight for Every Moment", so he is rather busy. When asked whether he hopes to get an award this year with filming so many shows, he says: "I haven't thought about so much as many of my series are yet to be aired and I don't want to give myself too much pressure."

Also, Michael will be working with Kenix as a couple for the fourth time and it was little wonder that Michael was concerned that the audience would find their pairing boring. However Kenix was more optimistic and said: "Our characters are completely different from the last show 'Shine on You', so I am not worried that the audience will find it boring." She adds that with time, their partnership has also matured as in the past they were just dating, but in this show they are married with children. Also, this is the first show that Kenix will be filming since her marriage and she laughs that she feels like a child who is refreshed after summer vacation. She will be flying out to Tokyo today to film another show before returning to make an advertisement and starting filming on this new show next week.

Kenix indicates that with the success of "At the Threshold of an Era" in the mainland, she had been invited to film a series for the mainland that included filming on location in France, but because it clashed with this series, she has had to turn it down. When asked if this was a pity, she says: "Not at all, because there will always be other opportunities and this series with TVB is also a great opportunity. (But you will earn a lot less for it, was the foreign fee not greater?) I can make up for it with the ads."

Talking of her earlier kiss scenes with Frankie Lam, Bernice was rather nervous and Kenix had to give her words of encouragement. Bernice says that Kenix is very friendly and she responds: "She was quite nervous because this was her first screen kiss and even a peck on the cheek left her very embarrassed. However, she needs to overcome this mental barrier because there will inevitably be more kissing scenes in the future."

When Bernice hears Kenix telling her to overcome her mental barrier, she laughs: "I don't think I will need to kiss in this new series because every time I date, I do not succeed!" However, the story pairs her up with Moses and she praises her co-star saying: "He has very a foreign outlook so I not only feel very relaxed working with him, we also have great conversations." Bernice has recently had an illness affecting her respiratory system, leaving her voice still a little husky, but she daren't use Western drugs any more because the side effects left her very swollen.

Also present at the event was Anne Heung, Natalie Tong and Edmond So. Anne was very eyecatching in her backless top and revealed that she would be guest starring as Michael's ex-girlfriend for five or six episodes. She says that her character is very important because Michael changes as a result of her appearance. Anne has recently cut her hair short, but as her boyfriend likes long haired girls, he was a little upset by this. She says: "I told him that I have filmed series for a long time and have always had long hair, so I wanted to change this time. A lot of friends have commented I look very fresh with shorter hair."


[The Sun]

Charmaine Sheh has been filming at TVB City for "One Beautiful Spear" and when asked about the reports suggesting that her rumoured boyfriend Benny Chan has been dating a Taiwanese star, Charmaine replies with frustration: "Why do you have to keep asking me, it is none of my business." Although Charmaine refuses to comment on Benny's news, when asked if she has laid down the limits with her boyfriend, she laughs: "That wouldn't be nice, but I think he should return to Hong Kong and explain it all clearly." Charmaine adds that she is not dating Benny, but she does not rule out the chance that they could start a relationship as she leaves everything to fate. She says: "We are just very compatible friends, but we are living in very different places and we are concentrating on our careers. (Do you hope for the appearance of Mr Right?) Just go with the flow."


[The Sun]

Ada Choi took her vastly improved parents out to see her new gospel movie "The Miracle Box" and her father who has recently converted to Christianity earlier wrote her a thirteen page letter begging her forgiveness that moved her to tears. As well as a sponsor taking up two hundred screenings of the show, Ada has also bought a hundred tickets to pass out to her friends and family as it begins screening today. Ada's parents had split up a long time ago and Ada had stayed with her mother, but their relationship turned sour after an incident that involved some debts. However, her parents have both become Christians like their daughter and Ada says: "I am very happy because my whole family will be saved. Actually it was not me who influenced them as they were introduced to the faith by friends."

Earlier, Ada had received a thirteen page letter from her father that had left her face stained with tears. She says: "He says that he knows he was bad to me in the past and I could not help crying when I read the letter because I could feel his love for me that he did not know how to express. Many Hong Kong people are afraid to show their feelings and daren't say what they want to, being more like a child is much better."

As for the great changes in her mother, Ada seemed more reserved: "I don't want to talk about her affairs, she has her own life know and I don't want her to be disturbed." Ada feels that she has been enlightened and she does not even care for the designer labels now. She says: "Buying labels in the past was down to lack of confidence and self-esteem and it left an 18-year old me looking like I was 30. Now I don't think like that and I feel that everyone will be different and you cannot compare an eye to a mouth. I am not saying that designer labels are not good, but just that everyone has different opinions of oneself.


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