Sunday, April 25, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao, Oriental Daily & The Sun]

TVB's encouraging new show "Dreams of Colours" will begin airing today and yesterday, a fashion show promotion was held in a shopping mall, featuring cast members Myolie Wu, Rain Li. Sharon Chan, Claire Yiu, Stephanie Wang, Sim Lap Man and Kenneth Ma. They wore colourful outfits as they paraded the catwalk, but as most of them are not professional models, some of them caused a little chaos by heading in the wrong directions.

From some angles, Rain appeared to have rather broad thighs and it was suggested that she has put on some weight recently. Rain denied this. saying: "I currently weigh 108 lbs and I have been this weight all along, not putting on any fat. Maybe I haven't worn high heels today and the style of dress and colour of the tights make my legs look a little fatter. I will remember to put my heels on next time." Actually Rain has put a lot of effort into preparing for yesterday's event, such as having her hair done the night before and then designing her hairstyle and painting two stars onto her face that make her look especially sweet.

Talking of Myolie taking the centre position in the poster for "Dreams" and Rain only being placed at the back, she says: "It doesn't matter, the most important thing is that the character is good and the filming was happy. When I was filming for 'Feel 100%' earlier, a lot of people in the streets called my by my character name 'Fong Fong' and this gave me a great feeling of success. This time, my character is called 'Fei Fei', so I hope that people will call me by this name in the street. I don't really care about any other things and I am confident this character will leave a good impression with the viewers."

Myolie wore a short skirt on the catwalk yesterday, but she was overshadowed a little by Stephanie Wang who wore a low cut top, but she denied this, saying: "I will not lose out because I have shown a lot of leg!" Stephanie says that she has lost 6 lbs in two weeks, but would like to lose a little more weight: "I am currently 100 lbs, but would like to lose another 5 lbs." She admits she has lost a little from her breasts, but she has been using enhancement cream so that they do not go out of shape.

As for "Dreams" airing tonight, Myolie says that she had originally arranged for a premiere screening party with a few cast members, but everyone is busy and they had to call it off. She laughs: "Now we have to start looking at the ratings because it is like a report card on our progress. (If the ratings are good, how will you celebrate?) When the last episode airs, I will be in Athens, so I can't watch it, but if the ratings are good, the I will take everyone out for a barbecue party and then karaoke."

In the show, Myolie plays a rich girl, who is very confused and is looking for a mission in life. Finally with the support of her family and friends, she steps onto the road to success. Myolie smiles that some of the experiences her character goes through can be used to educate the young people of today. When asked whether she has ever met with such a confusing stage in her own life, Myolie says: "Of course I have been tehre, but my character is very dedicated, so when I decide on something I will go all out and just look forward. Take the Miss Hong Kong pageant for example, I finished my studies before I entered and the truth has proven that my decision was not a wrong one."


[Oriental Daily]

Jerry Lamb's criticisms of TVB's new policies caused some controversy earlier, but TVB chief Chan Chi Wan has already expressed that this incident is over and there will be no special disciplinary measures. To this, Jerry said yesterday: "If there is nothing then that is fine, I will rest a while and let things drop before I emerge again." However, he does try a little sweet talking: "Thank you TVB, TVB are really understanding and accommodating for forgiving me. During these hard times, they are still looking after me, especially with two children to feed." As for the K-100 producer Chan King Yau shortly moving to replace "Jade Solid Gold" producer Lai Wai Tong, Jerry says: "I don't know about this, but I have done it for a season now and it should be time for a new host. I have been doing it on and off for two or three years now and with the singers making appearances in so many places, then a new look for JSG would be a good thing. If there is a need, I will totally work with this."

Also, Maria Chan, Iris Wong and Selena Li took part in a promotion for TVB Pearl and Maria revealed that she has been dating for a few months now, but as her boyfriend is from outside the industry and the relationship is not yet steady, then she does not want to reveal too much and so that the media do not detect, they are not yet holding hands in public. As for the recent outbreak of SARS in Beijing, Iris says that she does not have any work for the time being that requires her to be in China, but even if she did, she would not turn it down for this reason, because making money is more important and there is no need to worry provided you maintain your personal hygiene.


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