Friday, April 09, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao, Oriental Daily & The Sun]

Tavia Yeung, Cherie Kong and Cecilia Fong were guests at a promotion for a Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Beauty Salon and they all offered their individual insights into beauty. Tavia has slimmed to a flat tummy now, but would like to lose more weight and be more influential to the audience, so she would like to lose another 5 lbs. As summer approaches, Tavia showed off her waist, but kept her arms covered up. She explains this is because she has a rash on her arms that developed after filming "Twin of Brothers" and she is afraid of scaring everyone off. She says she has sought the help of both Western and Chinese doctors who have told her that it is a heat rash, but the medication has not yet taken effect. She has been to see a herbalist to try and help her regain her beautiful skin and let her wear short sleeved clothes again. Tavia says unhappily that she will have to cut her hair short to film the upcoming police cadet drama with Ron Ng.

Cherie Kong is already rather slim, but she has joined the league of slimming stars because she says she could not stop eating during the winter months whilst she was filming and has gained ten pounds. Now that she has finished filming, she is still used to eating supper every night, but she has lost five pounds and her weight is now 108 lbs. She says she will soon be hosting some shows on slimming and she has to get a good figure to look the part. She hopes to lose some flab from her belly so she has a flat tummy like Tavia.


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