Saturday, April 17, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao]

The new set of ICAC stories for 2004 will begin airing today and for the next five Sundays and to celebrate this and th 30th Anniversary of the ICAC, a premiere party was held at the Polytechnic University where over a thousand guests were invited to watch the director's cut of the first story. In order to thank the cast and crew, the ICAC prepared some souvenirs for them and the stars present at the event included Yoyo Mung, Marco Ngai, Michael Tong, Lian Kai, Shek Sau, Hawick Lau and Christine Ng and her husband.

Yoyo says that this show is the first one that she has put herself forward for because she found out from Anthony Wong that he would be taking part in the ICAC show and she has really wanted to take part in this show all along, so she asked Anthony if she could have a part. However, she heard nothing back and as she was about to give up hope she revealed a call from TVB that gave her the good news. When she found out that the part that Anthony had put her forward for was not suitable, the production team offered her a part in a different story in the series.

Yoyo says: "Being turned away was very embarrassing, but luckily it all went ahead. I am so thankful to Anthony." She admits that she is a typical Leo personality and she does not like fighting for things. Even on her birthday she does not like to ask her boyfriend for presents as she will let him decide. However, she has changed a little now.

Christine Ng will be playing an investigation supervisor in the series and she appeared at the premiere with her husband Lin Hoi Tong. 'Ms Ng' has dyed her hair black again recently because she will be taking part in a new series that will begin filming at the end of April with Bowie Lam and Deric Wan.


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun]

Kenix Kwok was working on her first day of filming for new series "Blossoming Hearts" yesterday on location with Michael Tao and Natalie Tong in Jordan. The story tells of Michael leaving a robot model on the minibus, but the driver wanted money before he returned it, so the intellegent Kenix has a plan to get it back for him without paying. Kenix and Michael are good friends and start joking around as soon as they meet as Michael laughs: "She has started being sick since coming back from Spain, is she pregnant?" To which Kenix replied: "I only feel sick when I see you."

When Kenix was asked if she was pregnant, she immediately scolds jokingly: "Don't be silly, of course not! At the moment my career still comes first. Although Frankie would really like to have kids, it will not happen within this year." This is Kenix's first job after her marriage and she says she is no different from before and had no feelings of not wanting to work. She found the script very amusing and wanted to hurry up and start work! As for whether her colleagues have changed to call her 'Mrs Lam', she laughs that they still call her by her Chinese name 'Ho Ying'.

Kenix's character is smart, but miserly and this is totally opposite from her real life personality. In contrast, her sister in the show Bernice is so open that she can upset people without realising and speaks out when something is wrong and this is exactly like her real life character. Talking of TVB's recent economy drive, Kenix says: "It is a commercial society after all and the policies have a reason behind them. Everyone has to understand the bigger picture. Luckily I am on a 'per-episode and not affected." As for whether she will be passing on some of the intelligence of her character to Jerry Lam, she laughs: "I don't need to, he has so much talent and good ideas."


Louisa So and Alice Lau were guests at the opening of the Joy Luck Club Boutique yesterday and Louisa wore a red chipao worth $2800 and was very eyecatching. She says that she is not getting paid for this job because the owner is an ex-classmate from the HKAPA, who studied dance, whereas she studied drama. So will be he giving her the dress as a gift? Hu Jin who was standing beside her said that she should think about it. Louisa admits she really likes the dress and feels that her figure looks so much better after wearing the dress. In the past, she has appeared in stage shows where she has had to wear chipaos and she feels that the dress is able to bring out female beauty and femininity. When asked if she will be investing in business, she laughs that she does not have a head for business and if she does invest, she will have to have a partner and someone to manage her income laughing that she can't even check the accounts!


[Ta Kung Pao]

Entering the industry in 1991, Ada Choi has made many films and TV series in the last 13 years, but only last year has she finally found her representative piece - "The Miracle Box".

This story uses of the love story between SARS heroine Tse Yuen Man and her husband as a blueprint for the plot and at one point, Ada had thought of giving up the role because she faced the added pressure of playing a true person and she was worried she would not portray her Dr Tse correctly. However, the faithful Ada had agreed to give up her time and work to the will of God and the production team felt she was the best person to play the role, so in the end, she took on the job.

Ada says happily: "I feel that this opportunity was like a gift from God because the role was very good and I had an excellent co-star in Tse Kwan Ho and a perfect crew. Moreover, the story was exceedingly touching, so I don't care how well it does at the box office, to me this is my representive piece for my career. (Do you hope to win the Best Actress for this film at next year's film awards?) I have not thought about what this film will bring me, I just know that I enjoyed the production process and many scenes left me very touched, this is already enough. (Did you feel any pressure working with 'Best Actor' Tse Kwan Ho?) He is a worthy winner, with a natural performance and no matter in his lines or the expression in his eyes, he can really touch his opposite. Although this was the first time I have worked with him, it was a very happy experience."

In the film, the two leading characters have a love that lasts to the end, in reality, Ada's own love life has been fraught with difficulties. However, because of her faith, she is optimistic in love and deeply believes that God will arrange an other half for her. When asked if this person has appeared yet, she smiles and replies secretively: "I will not openly discuss my love life again, because as soon as I reveal it, then there will be problems. To be honest, my work is just to give a good performance. The viewers will judge me on my acting and not my personal life, so I will only tell those I love about my personal life until the day that I step into the church and I tell the world."

Although Ada does not want to disclose whether her Mr Right has appeared yet, her outlook on love has become very mature. She says with discipline: "Maybe I lack security and am very self-conscious, so when I dated in the past, I would put my all into it and hold on tightly to the other person, forcing them to give me endless confidence. However, the road to love requires input and co-ordination from both sides, I have learned now to let go as this is good to the other person as well as friends." At the same time, she feels that to love someone, you should not care for their identity, wealth, status or health, so when she finds her true love, she will still want to be with him even if he is poor and without power or in poor health.

Ada is a devoted Christian and she often holds the words 'Thanks to God' near her lips. With such a love to God, why does she not study religion and spread the word? She says: "I have not thought that far ahead, but talking of spreading the word of God, I often do this already." She believes that life is short, but in the last ten years or so, she has stayed in this industry and this must be the will of God and so she will continue acting and reap her successes.


[Sing Pao, Oriental Daily & The Sun]
(Article from Sing Pao)

This year's Miss Hong Kong Pageant bears the slogan "New Beauty and Intelligence Revolutionising Miss Hong Kong 2004" and yesterday a group of girls attended the preliminary interviews at TKO TVB City. This year was not without its 'oddball' contestants as one girl turned up wearing a golden chipao to try and catch people's attention, but ended up looking like the hostess in a restaurant and rather comical. An Indian mixed race contestant turned up in a red sequinned dress and Cindy hailing from France bared her chest and back for her appearance.

Most of the contestants arrived in the TVB City shuttle bus and as it was raining, most of the girls held an umbrella and walked carefully. Some of the girls did not want to face the press and covered their faces with brollies and envelopes whilst others openly posed for the media. It appears that there are a large number of overseas contestants this year, possibly missing the overseas application opportunities and coming back to Hong Kong especially to take part.

Over two hundred girls appeared at yesterdays interviews and the quality seemed rather poor, spanning all types, some as tall as 5ft10 and others with outstanding figures. French contestant Cindy looked like a copy of former winner "Mok Ho Yan" and she stole the limelight with her diving V-neck and backless top. 24 year old Miss Lo is from Australia and is a fourth year law student who has previously entered Miss Southern Australia Chinese Inernational where she came second and also took several awards. Another girl, Man Si Kei has also taken part in another contest and applied for Miss Hong Kong last year but was sifted out and is trying again this year.

Also there were a few goofball contestants, such as an Indo-Chinese mixed contestant who wore a red sequinned dress who waved to the press as she stepped out of the bus. Another was a girl who arrived in a gold coloured chipao in heavy make-up and clutching an LV handbag. The show's deputy organiser Rosa Chan indicated that the number of applicants for this years contest including overseas contestants totalled 2000 and the age ranged from the very young to the very mature and occupation-wise, there are flight attendants, secretaries and administrators. 90% of the forms issued in their recruitment campaign were returned and this proved quite successful. She says that the number of girls returning from abroad to enter is quite high, particularly from Australia and Britain with others from Norway, Holland, Belgium and America.

The second auditions will be taking place next week and the number will be determined after the girls have been seen. The judges at this stage include a group of TVB executives including: Ho Lai Chuen, Wong Ka Leung, Kwong Sai Fai, Chan Wai Ying, Lok Yik Ling, Chan Koon Ming and Rosa Chan. The first interview does not require the girls to appear in swimsuits, only requiring them to walk in a circle and introduce themselves to the judging panel. Last year, if the contestants made it into the final 12 then they would be offered work, but Rosa indicates that the arrangements for this year have not been finalised and the location filming will possibly be Africa or the Philippines.


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