Tuesday, April 13, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao]

Kelly Chen filmed a music special for TVB at the beginning of the year that did quite well and after another show last month reached 24 ratings points, the real estate sponsors were so pleased that they have invited Kelly to film an advertisement for their properties.

The weather was so cold on the day of the shoot, but to tie in with the air date, Kelly had to bear the low temperatures despite being a little poorly. Luckily she came well prepared with her thermos mug keeping her drink warm for when she took a break and slipped back into her coat. Her male co-star for the ad is Alex Fong and as this is the first time they have worked together, they were a little awkward as they danced in the luxury home, but after Kelly suggested they have a practice run, they got to know each other and the filming went well. The ad will be premiered on the screen today.


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