Monday, April 05, 2004

[The Sun]

Ron Ng, Bosco Wong and Kenneth Ma were out together with Miss HK winners Mandy Cho, Rabee'a Yeung and Priscilla Chik in Causeway Bay to attract applicants for this years pageant and with his rising popularity, Ron attracted many fans and in order to avoid an accident, the group hid in a telephone shop, but even then, some crazed fans climbed onto the barriers next to the road and nearly injured themselves.

Was Ron worried about being taken advantage of with so many people around? He laughs: "No, the worst that has happened is I have been poked in the back by some girls." He admits that before entering the industry, he has been sexually harrassed on many occasions: "I have been to the toilet and been eyed up by other men, although I feel rather flattered, I would ask them what they are staring at. I have also been 'attacked from below' whilst drinking in a bar, so I pushed him away immediately! I have also been waited for by some gay men. (Are you so attractive to homosexuals?) It should be I am attractive to both men and women!" Ron insists he is not being discriminatory to gay people, but when he is met with aggression, he will respond accordingly.

The three girls were passing out forms at the event, but the crowds that they attracted were all under seventeen and Mandy laughs: "They were all quite enthusiastic about taking forms though, saying they are getting them for their sisters and friends!"


[The Sun & Oriental Daily]

Myolie Wu is not a singer, but she has been 'blessed' with an appearance on TVB's Jade Solid Gold music programme to perform her radio drama theme song "1+1". Myolie says that when she was studying in England, she took a year of soprano lessons and was part of a choir, so she insisted on singing live on her debut performance. She explains: "I was very nervous, but not singing live makes it seem very fake and I feel that this is the least that a singer should do." After much rehearsing, sitting and standing on stage, the results was to the standard of many experienced singers.

She also says she is currently negotiating a record deal. Although many singers are turning to television and movies in these desperate times, Myolie is not worried about it being difficult to break into the music industry as she says she will try many different genres and laughs she has signed her life away to TVB, so dramas will always be her priority.


[The Sun]

The matinee premiere for "Scooby Doo 2" attracted many stars and their young partners making the scene like a family carnival. Among those present was Jacqueline Law who brought a young girl along with her as she revealed happily: "She is my niece and I spend time with her every week doing her homework and practicing piano. When she was younger, she liked watching my shows, but once when she saw me being hit, she was so scared that she burst out crying, but now she is older she understands it was just acting."

Also, Wayne Lai indicated that his son is now six years old and will be starting primary school next year. He says he can take him to the cinema now, because he would mess around too much when he was younger.


[Oriental Daily]

Ada Choi and Lam Chi Mei were promoting their new gospel film and the director could not stop praising how well Ada played the part of SARS heroine Dr Tse Yuen Man and expresses a hope to see her in the running for next year's Hong Kong Film Awards. Ada was quite excited by this, but smiled: "I only hoped to play the role to the best of my ability because I wanted the audience to be able to share the selfless love behind this story. When I was filming I couldn't hold back the tears, but the director was even more emotional and he was still crying when all the cast had stopped."


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