Thursday, April 29, 2004

[The Sun, Oriental Daily & Ta Kung Pao]

Newly popular with the advertising companies, Ron Ng was filming in Thailand for a sun products advertisement, sunbathing on the beach and beside the pool with a beautiful model and receiving a generous six-figure fee. Originally the ad was to be made in Hong Kong, but the weather was not very stable, so after many days of postponements, the sponsors decided to fly out to Thailand to get the best results.

Ron is pleased with his fee, but when he got there, he realised that the job was not as easy as he imagined. This is because the ad was split into two parts, the first part was simple, with the model putting suntan oil onto his body for him and this took about half an hour to film. However when the second scene was being filmed, Ron had to sit on the beach whilst the model did some energetic moves behind him, but the girl couldn't satisfy the director and Ron had to suffer the blistering 37 degree heat. Seeing this, he had to try and teach the girl what to do himself and because he has a dance background, this was no problem for him and they finally finished filming the scene after being in the sun for ten hours!

The sponsors had arranged for a guestroom for Ron to shower in at the hotel, but when he entered the room, he was very afraid. He explains: "Outside the room was a swimming pool and the showering area was outside in the open air. However I was assured that people could not see in. (So did you shower?) Of course I did, I was so hot that I didn't really care about being seen."


[Summarised from Oriental Daily & The Sun]

Candy Lo and Roy Chow are part of the same management company and she sees him like a little brother. With the breaking of the news of Roy's arrest for drug possession, his rumoured girlfriend Chiu Chung Yu immediately made her boundaries clear, denying any relationship with him and this has annoyed Candy very much.

Filming at TVB City yesterday for "Wandering Medic Heroes", Candy was asked for her comment on the situation and she responded angrily: "She says she has nothing to do with him, so why do you refer to her as my 'sister-in-law'? (You are not on good terms with her?) No, but does it have to be running away at the first sign of trouble? Each person has their own future in their careers, but if you are living together, then you should face it together and not disappear as soon as someone hits some trouble! As 'big sis', I feel that this is not right, but maybe her company put her up to this and told her to stay out of it and she has to respect the wishes of the company."

Although Candy cares greatly for this 'brother', she has not yet called him, saying that she wants to let him get over it first. Roy made a statement through his manager saying he thanks everyone who cares for him, but he is not yet in a position to talk about what happened.


[Oriental Daily]

Yoyo Mung earlier spent a few hundred thousand dollars on a second hand Mercedes, but whilst filming in Mongkok earlier, she was met with the car scratching gangs leaving their mark on her car.

However, the funniest thing was that she only thought that one side had been scratched until a friend pointed out that there was an identical scratch to the paint on the other side of the car. However, Yoyo was not upset about it at all as she says: "Never mind, the people just can't control themselves and that's why they do these things. It actually isn't very deep, when people do these things, they just want people to get angry and hurt, but I am not falling for this trick!"

Yoyo's character has always been rather clumsy, so when she is driving, she is always bumping into things, so even if she hadn't met with the scratching of her car, she would probably have scratched it herself anyway. Originally she was planning to take the car to be resprayed, but she has been busy reading her scripts and filming for her movie so she needs to use the car every day and has no time to drop it off. Looks like she will have to face the 'scars' for a little while longer before her car can have a new coat of paint.


[Sing Pao & Ta Kung Pao]

Kenix Kwok, Michael Tao and Moses Chan were filming in Gloucester Road in a minibus scene for new series "Blossoming Hearts" yesterday and having worked together on the filming for her last series 'Shine on You', Kenix and Michael were asked for their comments on the recent news of Roy Chow's arrest on suspicion of drug possession. Kenix says she was very shocked at the news and Michael points out that he is still very young and he hopes he will be given the chance to learn from his mistake because in their eyes, he is not a bad person.

Kenix says that although she worked with Roy, she knew little of his personal life, but when he was at work, he did what he was told. As for the rumours of him dating Chiu Chung Yu after making the series, Kenix feels that they weren't particularly close, but maybe they hadn't started dating then and in any case, these things are very common in young people. Has she ever been tempted by drugs since entering the industry? Kenix says: "I will not take them definitely because I relax myself by going shopping and eating with my friends. Sometimes we will just go shopping aimlessly. Once I spent nearly $20,000 in just an ordinary shop, so I have learned to control myself and my temper by following the Christian ways."

Kenix feels that if this incident affects Roy's future in showbiz, it would be a great shame, but young people like to imitate their idols and as an artiste, you have to be careful in what you do.

Michael says that he felt that Roy was a good boy through working with him and maybe he made a mistake because of the pressure and his innocence. He hopes that he will be forgiven by those involved and that everyone will not put too much pressure on him. Michael says that there are many ways of relieving stress, such as sport. He also likes drinking wine, one or two bottles later, the effects are similar to those of drugs! Although in the past, he used to drink a lot of alcohol, Michael has learned to control this now, but is yet to give up smoking because he likes the feeling and the atmosphere. He did not want to say too much that would affect Roy, but he understands that there is a lot of stress in this industry.


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