Friday, April 16, 2004

[The Sun, Oriental Daily & Ta Kung Pao]

As the spokesperson for a mobile phone company, Myolie Wu took part in a promotion yesterday sporting multicoloured hair extensions together with two body painted models. Myolie laughs: "I am brave enough to do it, I have to try some new things sometimes." Myolie was given several free handsets by the sponsors and when asked if she will give one to her boyfriend, she says: "There is no need, he has one himself and if I need to see his face, then I would rather see him in person. It is my dad's birthday soon, so I will probably give one to him."

Also responding to the recent news and allegations about David Beckham and his messages being revealed, Myolie says: "Why was he so stupid? Although I do send SMS to my friends, as an artiste, it is pretty bad, so you have to be very careful."

Myolie's new show "Dreams of Colours" will soon be airing after "Blade Heart" and when it was suggested that the Chinese show title is copied from the movie "Superstar Ah Hei", she says: "I am not sure about this, maybe it gives a very happy feeling to people."

Having recently made her debut on stage, Myolie indicates she would like to do it again because it gives her a lot of satisfaction. The twenty shows gave her a lot of valuable experiences that she can use in her acting for TVB.


[The Sun & Oriental Daily]

Despite receiving warnings from TVB and a two hour disciplinary meeting with Artiste boss Lok Yik Ling, Jerry Lamb was once again openly airing his misgivings about TVB yesterday whilst filming for "Jade Solid Gold" with Nnadia Chan and Jacky Cheung.

When asked about his current relationship with TVB, Jerry says: "At the moment, I am still hosting 'Jade Solid Gold' but I am already in the refrigerator. Eric Tsang says there is nothing to worry about because Chow Yun Fat and Andy Lau have both been there but in fact I have not criticised or opposed the company from the beginning. When I asked they said I was hassling them, I am just talking about the matter, then they say I am not allowed to have the freedom to talk about it! I am not encouraging the extreme of going on strike, but if they could have communicated it earlier, the damage would have been limited. (So are you still opposed to the company's actions?) It has not been resolved, in truth we have had a fee cut and originally I was going to host a show in May, but they have told me I am no longer needed. (How about JSG?) They will not cut me immediately, my contract runs to next March."

So is Jerry refusing to apologise? He says: "I have done nothing wrong, why do I need to apologise? At the radio station, I report on Showbiz news, so I cannot be without an opinion. (But don't you need to make money for your son?) The only thing I am afraid of is that the things that are wrong are left and I cannot hold my head up high in front of my son. (Are you worried it will affect your family?) It wouldn't be so dirty, the company is open and if that is the case, everyone would see, unless my very low basic salary affects the TVB share price."

In response to Jerry's comments, the recently promoted TVB General Manager Chan Chi Wan says: "The company has absolute freedom of speech, but colleagues should try to understand the true situation before expressing their views in an interview situation and reduce the possibility of any further misunderstandings. The company is fully prepared to discuss these matters, especially if the discussions prove to be constructive." As for whether Jerry has been cut from the May show and end up in a similar position to Leung Si Ho, Mr Chan explains: "The two cases are different, TVB did not sack Leung Si Ho, the situation was that we did not renew his contract when it expired. There is no obligation for the company to employ you for life. Jerry's contract is still valid and as for the show in May, the sponsors have not yet confirmed it and Jerry's name was only indicated in the planning stage. In the end, financial difficulties led to the entire show being dropped and this is not a punishment." Will there be any further disciplinary action against him? Mr Chan says: "Miss Lok has already issued Jerry with a verbal warning for his actions and this was his punishment. There will be no further action taken against him and the matter is over. If we wanted to punish him, he would not be working on 'Jade Solid Gold'. (Will if affect his wife?) TVB will not do that, each person is responsible for his or her own actions."

Artiste department chief Lok Yik Ling indicated: "Every artiste is like a son or daughter to the company and if they do wrong, the parents will scold them, but they will still want the best for them and fight for this. Mr Chan has already said that the matter has been closed."


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