Sunday, April 11, 2004

[The Sun]

Many of Sheren Tang's friends are Christians and under their influence, she was also baptised yesterday with the emotional ceremony witnessed by many friends in the industry. Starting from 2pm, Sheren's friends Kitty Lai, Kevin Cheng, Ka Si Lok, Tsang Wai Kuen, Sheila Chan, Sze Hei Yu and Cheng Ming Ming all arrived to watch Sheren's baptism to the faith and afterwards, she turned to each of her friends and offered the words: "May God bless you." When she was asked for her feelings by the press, Sheren said: "I am very excited and the feeling is indescribable. I have been a Christian for over thirty years, but only getting baptised now, I feel it is a little late. (How will you celebrate?) I will be going for a meal with my friends."

Also, having been out of the public eye for a while, Kitty Lai has been working as a volunteer spreading the word of God in hospitals and when asked how she has been by the press, she replied: "I am busy, but happy."


[The Sun]

In response to the news on the recent TVB producer sackings, "Armed Reaction IV" stars Ada Choi and Frankie Lam expressed their disappointment at the news. Ada said: "I believe that the two producers will not be forgotten and will continue to make some even better shows in the future. (Do you think it is because they have no backing?) I don't think it is to do with that, the trend is for redundancies because of the poor economy." Frankie indicated that he will be calling them to see if they are okay.

Kwong Yip Sang said helplessly on the telephone interview: "Life isn't so simple, you will not be praised just because you make great shows. TVB is a company and and if you do not fit in with some people high up then they will let you go, no matter how near or far, close or distant you are. There is no justice in the world." In order to maintain a shred of dignity, he has handed in his resignation on the first of this month and must work his notice at TVB for a further six months. However, he is not too worried about his future.

Marco Ng was filming yesterday with Alex Fong for "Fight for Every Moment" and having worked closely with both producers, Marco says: "If it is the truth, then I feel very sorry for them."


[The Sun]

Halina Tam has been on bold form lately and attracted many beauty companies to sign her up. Appearing yesterday at another beauty salon opening, she easily earned her 'Happy Fee'. Halina is currently negotiating a contract with a slimming company and indicates that she will be 'exceeding her limits'. She says: "I don't mind wearing a bikini as long as it looks healthy and pretty." Also with her work increasing despite the tide of job and cost cuts, she laughs: "It hasn't affected me so much this year, but I hope that TVB can increase the staff benefits and not make so many changes as this will affect morale."


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