Tuesday, April 06, 2004

[The Sun]

Gigi Lai and Julian Cheung were filming a kiss scene for "Water Margin Infernal Affairs" in Lan Kwai Fong earlier and for dramatic effect, the two struck a rather acrobatic pose as they kissed a total of five times. Dressed as characters Wu Song and Pan Jinlian from the Water Margin stories, Gigi and Chilam attracted many tourists and locals to watch them, but they ignored the crowds as they repeated the scene several times and later Gigi exclaimed that Julian has eaten all her lipstick!

As for whether she had to ask permission for the scene from Julian's girlfriend Anita Yuen, Gigi laughed: "Not at all. I know Anita very well and we have worked together many times so we are not embarrassed. He is quite amazing though, not getting any lipstick marks even after kissing so many times." Julian says: "It wasn't really that passionate, we had thought about how to do the scene before and it is only a little thing, so I don't need to tell Anita about it."

Also, dressed in her ancient costume, Gigi felt a little odd: "When I had got changed and stepped out of the car, a lot of people looked at me in a curious manner and I felt a little strange myself, but it was quite a funny feeling because I rarely get to film such a comedic ancient show. Earlier, I had felt a slight ache in my neck from not sleeping properly, so it was a little painful, but I have taken a painkiller for it."


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun]

Although this year's Hong Kong Film Awards have all been presented, TVB who was responsible for the live broadcast have been under fire for cutting to advertisements during the show. Yesterday, TVB's assistant General Manager Chan Chi Wan finally spoke out of TVB's innocence indicating that this was a difficult lesson. Chan indicated that on 24th March, TVB had decided to allow 120 minutes for the broadcast, but on 1st April the event organisers indicated that they only required 111 minutes and 46 seconds, but TVB kept to the original timings. However the final show reached 129 minutes 34 seconds and even after cutting, it was left at 124 minutes 54 seconds, overrunning by a full 13 minutes and 8 seconds. Mr Chan pointed out angrily: "TVB was only responsible for the broadcast. The production was all arranged by the event itself and they had little control and discipline leading to the overrun. We have tried our best to make it better, but if we did not cut some parts, then we would not have been able to air Andy Lau receiving the Best Actor award."

In response to the media indication that the overrun was due to the speech from Chief Executive Mr Tung Chee Wah running over by six minutes, Mr Chan points out that although this section was supposed to run for six minutes, Mr Tung only actually spoke for a minute and 20 seconds, so he must return this point for the justice of the Chief Exec. Mr Chan emphasises: "TVB was innocent on this occasion, because we were not even notified as to whether the guests were appearing to go on stage or not. (Will you be working with them again next year?) After this year, we will have to consider it carefully. In fact, we had a similar arrangement last year, but there was no problem. This year was a terrible lesson to all and I hope that you can return a justification to TVB." He adds: "Man Chun has contacted me previously and he has agreed to explain calmly the situation to the press, but I would never have imagined his exciteable response when he made his statement."

TVB received about a hundred complaints on the evening, but the ratings for the awards ceremony was still high at aroun 28 points. Also, the annual childrens charity event show achieved an average rating of 21 points.

Later the President of the Film Awards Board Man Chun appeared to express his apologies to TVB and indicated that the issue was not their fault. Next years awards ceremony will be held an hour earlier to allow for editing before it is aired. He also thanked the viewers for their support for the event and the guests.


[Ta Kung Pao]

Lydia Shum appeared at the press conference for TVB's Mah Jong Competition and responded to the complaints about TVB's broadcast of the film awards being disrespectful to the guests. Lydia indicated that she ought to speak out for the company because if the event organisers wanted the TV company to broadcast the show, they should understand the requirements of television and not leave it to chance.

Lydia explained that the government's broadcasting regulations require that the company must show at least one minute of advertisements in a period to justify the advertising sponsors and the organisers should understand this. She herself has been an award presenter and feels that it is difficult to control the timings and sometimes it is quite awkward. She remembers at one show when she was an MC she was responsible for interviewing the late Master Kwan Tak Hing, but as he continued talking for a long time and it was approaching the advertisement slot, she had to cut his speech short. She says that this may appear to be rude and disrespectful to the guest, but as an MC you have to follow the rules and follow the instructions from the director, otherwise you will lose control of the show. Lydia also points out that the awards show has been very hypocritical in that they pass the broadcast rights to TVB, but then do not take responsibility for this. Also, the guests may be media professionals, but they may not understand the workings of television and they should be made aware of the needs of the company.

Also in response to TVB's new show calculation being regarded as a salary cut, Lydia says she is still unclear as to what is happening and she has nothing to say, but she always does each show from beginning to end. Also at the event yesterday were Carlo Ng and Timmy Hung and they also say they are unclear about the new policy as they have not received notice yet. Carlo feels that he has already cut his appearances a couple of years ago, but he has always gone over his allocation, so this has little effect on him. In today's world, there is only "Do" or "Don't Do" and if the company brings about changes, then you have to go along with it.


[Ta Kung Pao]

Myolie Wu has recently become spokesperson for a drinking water company and her first TV ad for them was premiered last night. Appearing at a press conference yesterday, she wore a white and blue outfit to tie in with the company's colours in true professional style. Myolie indicates that although the ad has just been aired, she has seen many large posters all over Mongkok and she wanted to have a photo taken with the ads, but was worried about being recognised, so she daren't stick around too long. The sponsors reveal that she will be singing the theme song to the second set of ads and she says that if this is true, then it would be great. The response to her debut song "1+1" has been very good and this has given her the chance to appear on music show "Jade Solid Gold". When asked if she has been offered a recording contract, she says that she is negotiating at the moment and she would really like to try a singing career.

Talking of her fee for this deal, she says that it is nearly seven figures and laughs: "Every time the fee is very good, but I don't have time to go and spend it! (What will you do with the money?) Save it, because I like to see the money building up in my account and giving me more security. (Do you want to buy a property?) I haven't bought one before, but I don't think I will rush it because I would like to pay for it in one go and not pay interest on payments. (What type of apartment would you like?) Of course I would like a luxury home!"

Also, in response to TVB's cost cutting efforts, Myolie says: "I have taken part in an English show, but I am still new and the most important thing is opportunity and I will not worry too much about the salary. (Is it because you are a salaried artiste, so it doesn't affect you too much?) I don't really know the difference between being salaried or per-show, so I can't really comment."


[Ta Kung Pao]

Nnadia Chan has always had a good image and is also a devout Christian, so with Easter approaching, she was the focus of a chat show on Metro Radio. Nnadia told of a memorable Easter: "When I was about thirteen or fourteen, I received a bunch of lilies at Easter and it turned out to be from the son of the vicar. He played the violin and did well at school." This touched Nnadia's affections, but afterwards, this boy emigrated and they lost touch as their short puppy love was ended.

Talking of entering the realms of the slimming company promotion, this has been a big breakthrough for Nnadia. She says that as she has decided the performing will be her lifelong career, then she has to do what she needs to do and even consider passionate scenes that she would have turned down in the past.

Recently she has been interviewing ladies in their twenties and taking down their thoughts in her newspaper column and writing late into the night. She hopes to be able to collect these articles into a book. Having published a successful beauty book already, new author Nnadia says: "When I was studying, I was the highest scoring for creative writing, so writing is a strength of mine and I have the potential to become a writer." She also reveals that before entering showbiz, her ambition was to become a teacher or a journalist. She still has this goal and hopes to fulfil this wish someday.


[Oriental Daily]

Bosco Wong's former girlfriend has reported to the press about him 'living off her' in the past and her suspicions of him having an affair and using her emotions. Bosco was filming yesterday for "Wandering Hero Medics" and denied the allegations, saying: "I have dated her before and we split up because of problems in the relationship, but I have never borrowed money from her and moreover I have never had an affair." After the reports have surfaced, Bosco's image has been affected and he says: "The company has not reprimanded me and I don't know if the stories will affect my public image, but I will prove myself to the audience through my hard work." As for his good friends Ron Ng and Raymond Lam, they say that everyone has their own history and that they don't have anything to say.


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