Saturday, April 24, 2004

[The Sun]

Despite being unwell, Ada Choi still took part in a voluntary tree planting day event yesterday and although the actual ceremony was only a short time, it was still quite a trek for her to reach the venue and this was quite gallant of her. Afterwards, Ada says: "When I was heading up the hill, I was coughing quite seriously, but maybe I got used to it and I am used to walking, so it was okay soon afterwards." Ada is quite concerned about the level of pollution in Hong Kong and hopes that the environmental events can raise the awareness in the citizens.

With the recent news of the return of SARS making people quite edgy, Ada says: "I have been to see the doctor and I do not have a fever, so it should not be SARS! (Will you go and work on the Mainland?) I will be filming with Lawrence Ng in Shanghai next month, when SARS struck last year, I was also in the Mainland, so I feel these things cannot be prevented. As long as you maintain your personal hygiene and wear a mask, then it shouldn't be too much of a problem."


[Oriental Daily]

Rain Li and Sheila Chan appeared at an event held by the Samaritans to raise awareness of suicide prevention and Rain indicates that even during her hardest times, she has never thought about taking her own life. Having to bear the burden of keeping her family and repaying her father's debts, she cried non-stop, but never contemplated suicide. SHe says: "I knew that if I died, then those still living would face even more pain and suffering, so I would rather choose to cry and to binge eat instead of killing myself." As for those who die for love, she feels this is even less unworthy: "You can have thousands of love affairs, but you only have one life. If you die, then you will not have anything."


[Oriental Daily]

The 2004 Miss Hong Kong Pageant held its second round of interviews yesterday and around sixty contestants wore swimsuits to show off their 'true figures' to the judges. Despite the cooler weather yesterday, the girls were undeterred as they appeared in little vests, tube tops and low cut tops to try and impress and some girls even arrived in strappy dresses to make an impression on the judges.

After Stephanie Wang was revealed as having shot sexy magazine pics previously, yesterday revealed that one of this year's contestants Suki has also had bikini pictures in a magazine as she reveals she is a fan of Bobo Chan. As for serial nominator Tai Si Chung [Singing Instructor], he has also nominated a girl this year, but she was very shy, covering her face with a fisherman's cap and not willing to face the cameras of the press. Also, beauty pageant failure Man Sze Kei and Tsang Ka Yi from Australia successfully made it into the second round and stand a good chance of making it into the final.

TVB Assistant Production Chief Ho Lai Chuen reveals that this year there will be 18 finalists, of which four or five will be overseas contestants. TVB General Manager Chan Chi Wan was also one of yesterday's judges and as for the location for the outside shoots, Mr Ho says: "We have decided to go to Kenya for a week. This will be the first time we have gone to Africa for the location shoot and despite sponsorship, it is quite far and it will be the most expensive trip ever this time. The guest has been provisionally booked as Gigi Leung and the final will be held at TVB City, but this will be an even bigger set than the one in the Coliseum, with a fountain, space in the car park and using the LV party as a blueprint."


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