Thursday, April 08, 2004

[The Sun]

Alex Fong and Yoyo Mung were filming in Tai Kok Tsui for new series "Fight for Every Moment" where they play lovers and the scene was of criminals crashing through barriers and kidnapping Yoyo, leaving her with an injured knee. Alex chased after them along the street, but not only was he unable to rescue the beauty, he fell flat on his face and was left rather embarrassed. Eventually he filmed this five times and showed his professionalism.

Talking of his pride being shaken earlier by his 'Thai Chow Yun Fat' co-star, Alex laughed that he is not afraid of being compared: "Work is all the same! She (Yoyo) is even more worried about the Thai actress and her great figure!" To this, Yoyo who was stood nearby retorted: "I am not afraid, the only thing I am afraid of is your mouth!"


[Ta Kung Pao & Oriental Daily]

Nick Cheung and Gigi Leung were filming in Central yesterday for new series "Wandering Hero Medics" and although it was drizzling all along, there was still a group of fans who gathered in the rain to watch them film. The scene showed Nick proposing to Gigi, who is filmiing series for the first time and just guest starring for a couple of days work, after which her character dies.

This is the first time that Gigi and Nick have worked together and Nick is full of praise for Gigi's beauty and talent that exceeded his expectations. Gigi is quite tall and seeing her wearing flat shoes, she was asked whether she was doing this to compensate for Nick's height. She laughed that this was not the case as she usually does not wear heels for work. When Nick heard this, he laughed that women should not wear high heeled shoes as he said: "Usually when I film with girls, I will often prepare a pair of shoes for them, but Gigi turned up today with flat shoes, so she saved me a packet."

When Gigi was asked whether she has succumbed to playful Nick's tricks, she laughs that she has not met with this yet. Nick indicates that he will not play tricks on people he does not know very well, but they have to watch out when they have got to know him. To this, Gigi immediately asked: "Who will save me then?" Nick also urged Gigi not to film series any more, otherwise she will have to go to Africa and any whitening cosmetics she uses will be useless, making Gigi laugh out loud.

As well as working opposite Gigi, Nick will also be playing Sonija Kwok's husband. When asked whether he is afraid of rumours with Sonija, he says hs is not afraid before praising Sonija's figure. When he was scolded by the press for praising other women behind his wife Esther Kwan's back, he immediately added that whenever he is in the same place as Sonija, he will try to look up and avoid looking at her figure.


[Oriental Daily]

TVB's "Friday Variety Show" is usually filmed live on Friday evening, but this week's "04 Impersonation Special" was filmed in advance to avoid any controversy in some of the acts being aired inadvertantly. Producer Lam Ka Wing was asked whether he was afraid of any improvisation affecting the image of the stars being impersonated and he says: "There is no ugliness in this impersonation contest, the artistes taking part are very abiding to the rules. However, we are afraid that when they are having too much fun, they may overstep the mark and so we are filming this section in advance and the rest will be filmed on Friday."

The artiste's impersonations were very amusing, such as Sam Chan's "Chu Lung" and Cutie Mui's "Skinni Cheng" talking about 'Bedroom Promises' and also Akina Hong's "Chally" and Carlo Ng's "Ngandy Lau" talking of their responses to the film awards as "Challi" asks "Ngandy": "Did you want to say that you wanted to thank TVB on that day?". Among the acts, the best one was "Ah Game" played by Johnson Lee and singing George Lam's old song. Later, Johnson said: "I suggested to do an impersonation of George because I do admire him and I will give him the utmost respect when I play him with no mockery at all." As for the artiste's limelight being stolen by the competitor who played Jacky Cheung, he says: "You can't say that, everyone prepared their own acts very well beforehand."

Also, Elvina Kong was one of the judges for the show and praised the competitor who impersonated Jacky, saying: "The person who played Jacky was very good, paying great attention to detail and I think that even Gordon Lam will say the he is very good and he has potential in the world of impersonation. (Did you feel the draw to join in again?) I'll just go with the flow, I don't mind. If I have the chance I will join in, but I used to play Anita and I am afraid it will be a bad omen."


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