Wednesday, April 21, 2004

[The Sun - additional pictures from Oriental Daily & Apple Daily]

With the effects of the recent changes at TVB, a special press conference was held yesterday shouting "New Mission, New Outlook" to boost the morale of the staff and even Jessica Hsuan who is currently on vacation was called in to attend. Despite being rumoured to be losing her status, she was still important enough to be placed in the front row next to the executives. Jessica arrived early and was reported to be in high spirits, not affected by the reports at all. At the photocall, she and Nancy Sit were situated either side of the execs and Jessica laughed: "The entertainment magazines are full of entertainment. They do not affect me, I still just do my work as normal. (Does standing in the top spot mean your position is unchanged?) Maybe I am getting old so I get respect for being an elder."

As well as Jessica being in the front row, Tavia Yeung and Melissa Ng were also placed there, whereas the heavily promoted Shirley Yeung was relagated to the third row and almost covered by Moses Chan. When asked how she managed to get demoted like this, she says: "I don't know why, but it doesn't matter. Anyway, I was wearing trainers and seeing Moses so tall, I had already stepped onto my toes to make myself taller."

At yesterday's press conference, Sonija Kwok appeared wearing a sexy black strappy dress and caught the attention of executive Chan Chi Wan. When asked about htis, she smiled: "Well I have to respect the occasion! Also as I was filming beforehand, I didn't have much time to prepare so I just picked up any dress. It is a little loose, but never mind." Although Sonija and her rumoured nemesis Steven Ma were both at the event, they didn't bump into each other.

As for the recently heavily promoted Mandy Cho, was also wearing a sexy strappy dress and when asked about the reports of a Miss HK contestant smoking in public, she says: "This person will not get through! If they have a bad image it is difficult to tie in with the Miss Hong Kong image." Anne Heung revealed that her dress was sponsored: "I had to co-ordinate with the occasion, but I will not be too sexy intentionally. This event has boosted morale because we rarely get to find out about the company's future plans."


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