Wednesday, April 28, 2004

[Summarised from The Sun & Sing Pao]

Newcomer to the HK music scene Roy Chow was arrested yesterday in his Kwun Tong home for possession of twenty pills of the trendy amphetamine 'fives'. Reports indicate that the police were tipped off and after further investigation, they took action and do not rule out the possibility that further celebrities may be involved in this case.

With his birthday tomorrow (29th) but currently only 19 years old, Roy was questioned in Sau Mau Ping police station yesterday for nearly twenty hours before being allowed to be bailed for $5000. He left accompanied by his lawyer and must report back in a month.

After his appearance in the movie "Moving Targets", Roy had agreed a part in TVB's upcoming police cadet drama "Police Cadet Brave Hearts", but after this incident, Roy's manager Polly Pang has indicated that she has submitted his withdrawl from the show and this has been accepted by TVB. The series will have its costume fitting on Monday and begin filming on 11th May and producer Wong Wai Sing says that there will be some changes to the cast, but he understands that Roy is experiencing some personal issues that will affect his performance and therefore they have accepted his withdrawl. At the moment, he is looking for a replacement for Roy's role: "This cadet character has quite a heavy role, so we are looking for a replacement in many different places, inside and outside the company to try and find the most suitable person."

Polly also adds that as the investigations are continuing, it is not convenient for Roy to make an appearance, but he hopes that everything will be sorted out soon. He has also pulled out of many performanced and this will surely hit him financially as well as affect his reputation with the young fans.

Rumoured girlfriend Chiu Chung Yu, whom he earlier met on the set of TVB drama "Shine on You" appeared at the blessing ceremony for her new movie and was asked about the news. However, she seemed to distance herself from Roy, claiming not to know him very well and even saying she did not know it was his birthday tomorrow. She said in high spirits: "I haven't read the papers yet, so I only just found out. I feel that not only artistes, but everyone should respect themselves and keep away from drugs. (Does he often take drugs?) I am not clear, my own friends don't take them and I believe they are all of a good status, I know how to choose my friends." She goes on to agree with Anthony Wong's warning that if you don't kick the habit, then there is only the road to an early death. She goes on to deny the rumours of living with Roy. "I don't know him very well at all, I have filmed with him, that's all. (Have the police asked you to help with their investigations?) No, but when I have the chance, I will call him later to see if he is okay. It is not the right time now as the police are still investigating and I have my own work to do. I hope he is okay."


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