Thursday, April 08, 2004

[Sing Pao (Additional from The Sun)]

Sam Hui is preparing his comeback to the showbiz scene and it is common knowledge that he will be holding a ten show concert in the summer, but in addition to this, he has many other plans including making movies and starting a management company, covering all bases in the hope of bringing a new era to the showbiz world. Sam has named his new company "Gracelands" in honour of Elvis' home.

Plans for the company include the concerts, albums and movies and Sam is currently planning two movies including a Wisely story and a story about gods and legends. Sam's version of Wisely was very successful in the past and this gives him the confidence to do a remake with a very strong theme on Hong Kong. In order to make his productions work, Sam has been busy preparing for this and earlier invited Denise Ho and Ella Goon to film music videos for his new song. Most recently he has invited former Miss Chinese International Bernice Liu to try out many images in a screen test, as well as the Guanyin look, she also tried out some shots with 'cowboy Sam'. If the results are satisfactory, Bernice will not only appear at his concert, but also become a leading lady in the movies.

When Bernice was contacted to ask about this, she indicated happily that she never would have expected Sam to know of her and she was very excited the first time she met the superstar. However, Sam was very nice and was willing to help her and Bernice feels she was very honoured to be able to work with Sam. After working with a group of young stars recently, Sam feels that there is a lot of potential in these juniors and he will be setting up a management company to develop these talents and share his many years of experience. As for when he will be making his comeback, Sam says he will be confirming his booking with the Coliseum on 15th April and then appear at his fittest.


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