Friday, April 09, 2004

[Oriental Daily]

With the economic crisis at TVB reaching a peak, the latest stage after the 'one show per year' and reduction in 'expensive' artistes, suspension in some senior managers and then the 'per minute' calculations, reports indicate that the job cuts are continuing, moving from the variety show teams to the mainstream drama production teams as top producers Kwong Yip Sang and Siu Hin Fai are rumoured to have been handed their notices, leaving everyone in the company feeling the bite.

In the past, the two producers have contributed to some of TVB's sucesses, with Kwong's creations including the "Armed Reaction" series, "The Legendary Four Aces", "Lady Flower Fist", "Take My Word For It" and "Perish in the Name of Love" and Siu Hin Fai producing many large scale productions such as the recent "Water Margin Infernal Affairs" starring Julian Cheung and Gigi Lai. However they are still faced with the chop. According to internal sources, the reason for their redundancies is down to Deputy Chief of Production Catherine Tsang having to sacrifice some of her staff to save others, such as Tommy Leung and Lau Ka Ho. Having worked closely with Kwong in the past, Bobby Au Yeung was asked for a response to the news, but he indicated that he has not yet heard about this and has nothing to say just yet."


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