Monday, April 05, 2004

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Since finding popularity after his role in "Triumph in the Skies", Ron Ng has become heavily promoted by TVB and their latest package for him is a custom made role in their new show "Police Cadet Brave Hearts" through which they hope to push Ron into stardom in the same way as Tony Leung shot to fame in the 80's hit "Police Cadet" series. Making the decision to promote Ron, TVB will not only be covering the attraction of the police cadet training storyline, they have also invited "Square Pegs" producer Wong Wai Sing to head production in the hope that the strong team will recreate the pinnacle results of "Square Pegs".

Wong Wai Sing reveals that this show will also be starring Sammul Chan and Tavia Yeung and the story will revolve around the three stars and their antics in the cadet school. In order to increase the drama, there will also be a two guy one girl love affair along the same lines as Tony Leung (Chiu Wai)'s 'Kit Lo', Eddie Kwan's 'Ho Jer' and Maggie Cheung (Man Yuk)'s 'Wing Chi' characters in the classic show. At the moment, TVB is contacting the public affairs department of the Hong Kong Police in the hope that they will co-operate in allowing them to film at the Wong Chuk Hang Police Training School.

In response to his promotion by TVB, Ron Ng was very happy as he was interviewed on the phone and feels very grateful for the attention that TVB is giving him. Although he has seen Tony Leung's "Police Cadet" series, he foes not feel that there will be a comparison because he does not want to give himself too much pressure and affect his performance. Talking of the need to cut his hair for the training section of the story, he does not mind at all: "When I was filming for 'Find the Light', I had to shave all my hair off, so what else am I afraid of?"


[Oriental Daily]

Julian Cheung and Gigi Lai were filming in Shatin for "Water Margin Infernal Affairs" where they had to shoot an explosion scene where Gigi is tied up in the boot of a car, but is rescued by the heroic Julian who lifts her from the car before it explodes.

Gigi seemed uneasy when she was filming the explosion scene and it turns out that when she was younger, Gigi watched her cousin being burned by firecrackers, so she has always had a fear of explosions such as fireworks and fire crackers. She says: "I am very nervous and scared. Originally I was fine when I saw Julian, but I am worried that he will become unnerved when he sees me like this." However, Julian who is used to explosion scenes was very calm and quietly confident as he listened intently to the stunt choreographer and rehearsing his scene many times. Finally the scene was completed smoothly and safely.

When Julian was asked whether he was afraid he would fail, he says: "Not at all, TVB's action team are very professional and I am confident in myself so I am not afraid of failing." As for his feeling when he lifted up Gigi, he laughs: "My attentions were too focussed, so there was not much feeling, however I think it is time for Gigi to start losing some weight because she is quite heavy!"


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Sonija Kwok will be playing a pregnant lady for the first time in new series "Wandering Hero Medics" and she was filming in her pregnant outfit in a scene on Tsimshatsui harbour that attracted a crowd of onlookers. She laughs that her fake belly is not heavy at all, but the harnesses make her very hot and she insists that it will be a long time before she will be having children in real life as she has no plans at present.

Sonija says: "In the show, the baby 's father is Nick Cheung. He plays a gynaecologist and I am a midwife. I have filmed a lot of birth scenes lately, so I have learned how to pull the baby and am now aware of all the stages of childbirth, but it will be a long time before I have kids of my own as I have not thought about it at all as it is not the right time yet."

As the show requires that Sonija has to hide from her screen husband Nick, who does not let her go out, Nick was asked if he will 'imprison' Esther in real life if she falls pregnant. He says very seriously: "Of course not, leading a normal life is not a problem but of course it would be better not to go travelling or doing any dangerous things."


[Oriental Daily]

Charmaine Sheh has been filming day and night lately for new series "One Beautiful Spear" and when asked about her rumoured boyfriend Benny Chan's quest for justice about rumours linking him with erotic star Ng Miu Yee, she indicates she does not know anything about it and laughs: "I don't know, because I am working every day and haven't had time to read the papers." Although Charmaine is pleased that Benny has cleared his name, she still insists that she is not in a position to comment on the issue.

Recently, Charmaine's friends have formed a group to go on holiday to Japan, but Charmaine was unable to take the time to go with them. She says: "I told them that they each have to buy me a gift. Actually I would most like to go to Thailand to enjoy the sunshine and beaches. The best thing would be to have a private pool where I can wear a bikini."


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