Friday, April 30, 2004

[Oriental Daily]

Moses Chan and Bernice Liu were filming for new series "Blossoming Hearts" yesterday in an alleyway and Moses who has been subject to rumours of being heavily promoted by artiste chief Lok Yik Ling was asked about his reaction to her recent rapid promotion to Deputy Director of Production Resources. Moses indicated that he did not know about this and emphasised: "There is no such thing happening, any changes are brought on by your own work and I am happy to continue being an ox and getting my head down." Being sectioned off as being from the 'Lok Sect', Moses is not worried about attracting rumours and laughs: "It's nothing. I always take the bad with the good."

Also, Bernice is certainly not from a luxury environment, so filming in a dirty alley is no obstacle for her. She jokes: "I haven't seen any rats whilst I have been filming and I danced with snakes filming for something else earlier. Basically I am afraid of nothing: snakes, rats, creepy crawlies... maybe because I have allergies, so I am more afraid of germs."


[Oriental Daily]

Since becoming a spokesperson for a slimming company, Jojo Cho has lost weight from her body, but gained weight in her wallet because she has had her contract renewed this year and a rise in her fee. The best thing for her though is not the money, but her gain in confidence as a result: "In the past, I was over 120 lbs and had to buy large sizes for my clothes that had to cover me up. After slimming, I am keeping between 108 and 110 lbs and no matter what I wear it looks great. I have more confidence and am happier now, moreover I have had a lot more opportunities in my work."

Jojo's choice of clothes after slimming has become more provocative, but she insists she is not trying to sell her figure, merely showing off the success of her slimming: "Recently I have just guest starred in 'Fight for Every Moment' playing Alex Fong's wife and colleagues in the costume department made me clothes that were to my measurements two years ago and I couldn't wear any of them because they were too big! (With such a great figure, is wearing swimwear okay?) No problems, I can even wear a bikini!"


[Oriental Daily & The Sun]

Having represented Moiselle for six years, Ada Choi appeared alongside some top models at their Spring/Summer collection show earlier and modelled three sets of clothes, including a rather revealing black high leg evening dress. She admits she is very pleased with her figure, but is yet to overcome the fear of appearing in a bikini. She says: "I am very envious of the models who can parade so naturally. I am more conservative, but I hope that I can do it in time." As for rumours that her status as the Moiselle spokesperson is under threat from Cecilia Cheung, Ada says: "You don't have to believe everything that is written. Cecilia has her own beauty, but it all depends on whether the boss feels it is suitable. I don't like to be compared with other people. (Do you mind Cecilia joining you?) Why would I mind? (Are you afraid she will steal your limelight?) Everyone has their own limelight, the most important thing is to do your own job right. As soon as you start comparing then you will fail. If people employ me, then I must have some value to them and this gives me confidence in myself."


[The Sun]

Ron Ng's good looks have attracted many a pretty girl and even foreign models are no exception!

Ron appeared at a spring fashion catwalk show earlier alongside a parade of foreign models and one girl wearing a very sexy outfit took Ron's hand to lead him out before looking at him rather dreamily. Afterwards, Ron explained: "The organiser had arranged for her to lead me out because I am a guest. (She was staring at you though!) She was smiling so beautifully that I was staring back at her! (Has she asked for your number?) Of course not, if she needs to call me, she can call TVB!" The organisers looked after Ron very well and give him his own private room for him to change in. When asked if he was able to see all the other models getting changed in the shared room, he says awkwardly: "I tried not to look when I was walking out."

As for the four outfits that Ron modelled, they were not as eyecatching as the swimming trunks that the other male models wore. He laughs: "The clothes I wore were arranged by the organisers and my body isn't as fit as theirs. (If you had to wear sexy clothes, would you be embarrassed?) As long as it is healthy, then I wouldn't have a problem."

Although the weather is getting warmer, Ron says he rarely goes out to sunbathe or swim at the beach. He says: "I will only do this abroad. (Are you afraid of being recognised?) No. (What type of swimwear do you choose?) Flat legs [Em: No idea how to translate this or what they are!!] I am shy so I don't want to reveal too much!"


[The Sun & Oriental Daily]

Reports indicate that Lawrence Ng was spotted with a man in a seedy Karaoke bar in Tsimshatsui, in the company of four young female escorts. Yesterday, he appeared at TVB City and was wearing his 'pulling gear' and when he was asked why he was at TVB, he replied cheekily: "What's it to do with you?" before sneaking out through a back door.

After the rumours of him taking a PR girl back to his hotel room in Beijing and then the subsequent split with girlfriend Iva Lo, Lawrence has kept a rather low profile. After returning to Hong Kong, his only public appearance was at Eric Tsang's birthday party, but he appears to have kept up his habit of going out on the town late at night. Reports suggest that he was spotted with a male friend and some girls singing Karaoke for 8 hours before driving his new car back to his home in Sai Kung.

Appearing in TVB City with a female assistant yesterday, Lawrence met some reporters in the corridor and smirked: "Are you press?" At first, he was asked to stop for a picture, but he declined. Then he was asked why he was back at TVB and he said with an arrogant air: "What's it to you?". After this, he hurriedly entered the costume design department and he was asked whether he was preparing for a new series at which point he said: "It's none of your business." He didn't come out and later it was indicated that he had left from another exit, very sneaky indeed!

The most puzzling thing is that despite spending a huge sum on a new car, Lawrence appeared yesterday in a shirt that he had previously worn to Eric's party and also whilst he was still dating Iva. It appears he really likes this shirt!!


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