Sunday, April 04, 2004

More catching up - extracts from The Sun...


TVB had a contract signing ceremony with Thailand's Channel 3 for their joint production "Fight for Every Moment" and the leading stars Alex Fong, Yoyo Mung, Mandy Cho together with Thai stars Chatchai Plangpanit and Sririta Jensen were also present. Dubbed "HK Richard Gere" Alex is challenged by the "Thai Chow Yun Fat" for the first time and even his good partner Yoyo is changing her affections!

Yoyo not only praises Chatchai for being handsome, she also asked the producer to increase their scenes together: "This is the first time I have met Chatchai and he really is good looking! (Who is more handsome, him or Alex?) If Alex wasn't as insulting then he would be more handsome! Actually I have learned some words in Thai, but they sound like expletives, for example 'light brown' is 'si-lum-dan', but hopefully I will learn some more authentic words from him." As for Chatchai, he said through his interpreter: "Thank you for your praises, I have filmed with Chow Yun Fat a long time ago, but this is the first time that I have filmed a HK TV series and I will be playing an undercover cop."

Losing out to Chatchai, Alex immediately changed the focus and praised Athena Chu's recent 'sticking out' style, saying: "Athena is solid and I admire her intentions, because this shows her professionalism as an artiste, but I daren't look at her!"


Frankie Lam and Kenix Kwok have recently returned from their honeymoon in Paris and Barcelona and despite expectations of them to return with bags of designer gear, Kenix returned with the response that the trip has been an eye opening experience. She says: "It turns out that going on holiday is not just about shopping. Frankie and I visited a lot of sights and it really opened our minds. In the future we will balance our trips and not just focus on going shopping!"


Yesterday was Nancy Sit's 54th birthday and she had a party at Tsimshatsui's Ocean Palace totalling 38 tables. Guests included fans, the cast of "Virtues of Harmony", Juno Mak, Lo Lam and Cho Tat Wah. At the party, Nancy received a surprise present that made her extremely happy as she says: "Earlier I had selected a set of jade jewellery from the jewellers but it was too expensive, about $980,000. I would never have guessed that the owner of the shop would give it to me as a present!" She has also been invited to become spokesperson for the company. Her other sponsors also presented her with a golden Guanyin and electrical goods making her beam with laughter.

Also, Bernice Liu was very popular at the party as many guests asked to have their photo taken with her and Hawick Lau laughed: "She is very busy! It will be difficult for me to have a picture taken with her!" Bernice also revealed that she will be starring in a new series from Mui Siu Ching where she plays Kenix Kwok's little sister.


Former rumoured couple Louis Koo and Sonija Kwok took part in a photographic event for a hair salon together with Angelica Lee, Chris Wong and Belinda Hamnett. Sonija stole the show with her short sexy dress.

Although Sonija has her steady partner now, her appearance with Louis still caused a stir and Louis openly asked if the press wanted a picture of them together. After the photo, they shared a few words like old friends and Sonija later said: "We often see each other at the hairstylists. (The rumours were you broke up on bad terms.) Not at all, it was all rumours, so there is no awkwardness when we meet." Chris Wong also presented the salon owners Pius and Ray with an oil painting.

Afterwards, Louis appeared at a massage chair promotion and said: "Sonija has a boyfriend now, so there is nothing to be embarrassed about! Having a photo together is very normal."



Kenix Kwok was shopping in Central earlier and she revealed that she captured the attention of several foreign youths whilst she was on her honeymoon and this upset husband Frankie Lam somewhat. She says: "He frowned and gave them a rather dirty look! I told him not to be so jealous, but I was really happy really!" Earlier Maggie Cheung indicated she would buy them a wedding present, but Kenix says she has not received anything and says openly that she did not invite Maggie to the wedding. She says: "I don't really know her very well and I don't want to force her to give a present!" Talking of Maggie's suggestion of her, Charmaine Sheh and Sonija being rude at the media awards by chatting during the event, Kenix says: "The show hadn't started yet at that time. (Why was Maggie not part of the group of girls holding hands entering the venue?) Charmaine and Sonija are good friends anyway. (Are they friends with Maggie?) They have no gripes with her, but I don't know what their relationship is like with her."



Ron Ng was quizzed by a radio station about his thoughts on looking good and he says that he is very vain as are his friends around him so they are always doing facials and looking in the mirror. As for reports that his popularity is not strong enough to hold the 'Olympic Star' status, leading to TVB upping the promotional activity, he says that the company still has a lot of material that is yet to be aired and he doesn't feel that the six stars lack appeal. Also they have a lot of advertising contracts between them and it is not like what is being suggested at all.


Claire Yiu appeared at a skincare product promotion and she reveals that in her new show, she will be playing a club mamasan and have a daughter with Patrick Tam who plays an undercover cop. She says that he role is very challenging and in order to understand it more, she would like to visit the night clubs to see what the real mamasans do, but she is yet to find someone to take her. When asked if she has asked Thomas Lam if he has been before, Claire laughs that of course her boyfriend will say he has never seen one. It looks like Claire will just have to watch some old shows for reference instead.


Often appearing in sexy attire, Rabee'a Yeung took part in an event with Mandy Cho and Priscilla Chik yesterday and again appered in a low cut top overshadowing her 'sisters'. Talking of using 'public chopsticks' whilst eating, Rabee'a agrees and says: "We don't need to do it when I am with my family, but when I am out with friends then it is safer, especially when we have a steamboat."

The event was a voluntary (unpaid) one, but the three didn't mind and Mandy said: "We will soon be handing over the title of Miss Hong Kong, so we would like to contribute more to the community whilst we can." Also Mandy indicated that her filming is gradually improving and her NG's are reducing now. She laughs: "I am starting to get into the role and to know what to do, however the role is of a professional and she has to stay cool all the time, so I am finding it hard to control my laughter."


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