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[Sing Pao & The Sun]

Four of TVB's top leading females Maggie Cheung, Kenix Kwok, Charmaine Sheh and Sonija Kwok were seated together at the "Nextmedia Television Awards", but with Kenix, Charmaine and Sonija deep in conversation, Maggie who was voted top position of the "Top Ten Artistes" seemed rather left out and even lacking in eye contact. Only when the award winners were invited onto the stage for a photocall did Kenix step beside Maggie and placed her hand over her shoulder for a friendly pose. Later when Maggie noticed the press crowding around Kenix, she joined Kenix calling out: "I want to be in the picture too!"

When Maggie was asked what they were talking about on the stage, she says that she congratulated Kenix on her marriage and asked when she would be having babies. She also feels that the speech given by Frankie Lam on the stage was very meaningful in that he hopes that the press will report the truth and not use tactics to upset people because artistes in showbiz want to spread happiness and enjoyment and it is a shame for some incidents to spoil this.

Maggie's speech encouraged her colleagues to work hard saying that you only reap what you are prepared to give. She says that she has put a lot of time into her work last year to create three great show and it is not down to luck or opportunity. However, she must also thank her fans, the company and the press for their help and both positive and negative news has helped her to grow, taught her to be more open minded and realise that being happy is the most important thing. This award is her ideal birthday present and she is very satisfied. Is she not worried that her words will be misunderstood by those who have lost out to her? Maggie says: "This is the truth, there is no chance to it. You have to work hard, but not getting number 1 doesn't mean you are not good, getting into the top ten is no easy task. (But they weren't talking to you off stage?) When people are talking on the stage, you should pay attention and not chat among yourselves and affect other people in the audience."

After the arguments that ensued from last year's anniversary awards ceremony, Kenix showed there was no animoscity between the two at the event, are they really no longer at odds? Kenix says: "No, no animoscity." Kenix feels she has changed a little since getting married and she will reflect on the past and treasure the career and romance that she has before her. Does this mean that she will no longer be as stubborn? She says: "Yes I will be less stubborn over many things now. (Will you find a representative piece this year?) We'll see. (Will you be choosing your scripts?) I have always focussed on quality and not quantity. In the past I would focus on career, but now as long as I am happy and at peace with myself then there is no need to worry about so much because humankind is very miniscule."

In comparison, Frankie's response was rather excitable and Kenix explains for her husband saying: "He was just responding to the things written in the papers and not targetting anyone, I congratulated her at the first opportunity. (Will you now be friends again?) I have never seen her as an enemy and we haven't met since the last awards ceremony. Awards to me are like a game, it doesn't matter if you win or lose." When asked whether Maggie deserves to be the top position, Kenix says: "Yes, her popularity has shot up last year and all the other artistes cannot keep up. Every artiste has their own fans and it is difficult to compare, the rankings are like the stock markets and will go up and down, but it doesn't mean it will collapse."

As for Charmaine, she still seems to be ignoring Maggie and when asked about this, she evaded the question saying: "I am very happy to win the award and don't want to talk about anything else." Then she indicated she has to work and headed away before she could answer any more questions.


Albert Lo was back at work filming for "Virtues of Harmony" but Johnny Ngan put his foot in it, commenting that Albert's operation would be 'the first of many'. Originally the doctors had instructed Albert to rest more at home, but because he has two weeks of work to make up for the show, he is taking the risk and starting work. "I don't think my scenes have been changed, but the producers have been good to me and have cut some chasing scenes with Nancy Sit allowing me to use a body double." he says.

Colleagues and co-stars Nancy Sit and Johnny Ngan asked about his condition, but Johnny joked that this operation was just a 'deposit' for a costly procedure, to which Nancy told him off for being an omen and Johnny quickly added: "But Albert will have good luck after getting through this and will have a long and fruitful life."

Albert says he does not have health insurance, but luckily the medical facilities in Hong Kong are very good and even the doctor was a pretty girl, when asked if he was worried his wife would be jealous at these words, he laughs: "She was a very pretty girl, young and tall. They have opened a hole in my thigh and a tube runs into my heart so I can administer the drugs and so the chances of it happening again are only one in ten."


Filming series for the first time, Mandy Cho seems nervous in front of the camera and is often having NG's and holding everyone up from going home. However, co-star Kevin Cheng and the director have no bad words for her and even teach her themselves how to act.

Filming for new series "Fight for Every Moment" in Central, Mandy seemed very nervous when she was called on set for the first time and even a very simple scene had to be repeated several times. However, the director looked after his newcomer, often approaching her himself to show her how to act the scene as Mandy tried to take it all in.

Afterwards, Mandy commented: "You have to take a lot of things into account when you are filming on location and as it is my first day I am not used to it yet. I am playing a forensic expert so a lot of the vocabulary is quite difficult and I would give myself six out of ten. Kevin and the director have been very good and patiently teaching me. Acting is still a very big challenge for me." Although Mandy is continuously causing NG's, Kevin does not mind at all as he says: "For a newcomer, she is okay! Everyone who is new will be nervous and I have been a rookie too, I remember the first time I faced the camera I was sweating so much. (Have you given her some tips?) The director will teach her, they don't need me."



Maggie Cheung appeared at an event wearing an extremely sexy Gucci dress and revealed that there is nothing underneath so she has had to use a lot of tape to make sure she is protected. However she feels it is worth it as long as she looks beautiful. Wearing a pendant in the shape of the letter "A", Maggie was asked whether this was present from her boyfriend, she replied secretively saying: "I can't tell you, it is a secret."

When asked about her love life, Maggie responded: "Don't spoil it for me, I would like to ride in a Rolls and get married too. The people in the press photos are all just friends, but you don't take pictures of me out with female friends. Even my own mother thinks I have a lot of boyfriends and other people think I am playing the field. If I had a stable boyfriend, I would take him to see my mother, but I haven't had one for a while now."


Alex Fong and Yoyo Mung were filming for "Fight for Every Moment" in Portland Street yesterday and although they were laughing and joking at every opportunity, Alex insists he will not develop any feelings for her and adds: "She is like a man, if I fall for her, then I will have to re-evaluate my sexual orientation! However, her mother asked me earlier why I commented on her figure and I was very embarrassed, but I will keep laughing at her."

During the filming, a fan approached them and asked to have a photo taken with Alex, but the close proximity left Alex feeling a little awkward. When Yoyo was asked whether she had experienced this, she says: "I don't mind taking photos with fans, but sometimes they can get too close. I heard Cheng Dan Shui mention that Alex is handsome with a streak of wildness about him. That made me laugh because he is more like a wild dog!"



With earlier reports that Lo Mong caused some unrest among his colleagues after trying to steal the show during the first episode of "Friday Variety" leading to him being dropped, one of the show's MC's Cutie Mui explained that the reason he was missing from the second show was because he was not required, whereas the MC's will appear in every show. The show's producer explained that the reason why Master Lo was missing was because he was required to film in a series.



Ada Choi and Tse Kwan Ho were at a promotional event for their film "A Match Made in Heaven" and Ada had donated a toy to raise money for needy kids. Ada says she won the toy at a fairground in America and she has been sleeping with it for the last four years so she will miss it but feels it is worth it for a good cause."

Myolie Wu appeared at a promotional event for her DVD product wearing an orange tube top dress and attracted quite a crowd and although there were a few police officers present, there were no security guards to protect her. When asked if she was worried about chaos, she says: "I don't think there will be any problems, my fans will protect me." With her current contract with this company ending at the end of the year, she is currently discussing renewal terms and as for whether she will be raising her fee, she says that the company will discuss this and it is not an issue. She will be heading out to Athens in May to film some promotional clips for the Olympics and is a little worried about terrorist activities.


Reports in recent editions of "Apple Daily" have alleged that Benny Chan has been seeing erotic model Ng Miu Yee in secret whilst rumoured girlfriend Charmaine Sheh has been working. Benny stood out to angrily reprimand the paper for making such allegations and he is currently considering taking legal action. The reports suggested that whilst Charmaine was busy filming, Benny took Ms Ng in his Masarati to go and watch Sally Yeh's concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum.

Benny, who is currently filming in Taiwan, was very angry when he saw the reports and believes there is a need to clarify the situation. "I am currently filming in Tainan and have been here since 4th March so how could this have happened? They must be seeing things and I drive a BMW, so where did this Masarati come from?"

Benny is unhappy that Charmaine has been unnecessarily troubled by this incident and he says: "Don't ask her everything, if you have something, then ask me. She is out of the equation! I have discussed this with my manager and we are considering legal action." His manager also indicates that Benny does not know Ng Miu Yee and he will do all he can to repair the damage to his reputation.

Charmaine is currently filming for "One Beautiful Spear" and when she saw the press on location, she was full of smiles and did not seem affected by the news. When asked for her comment, she smiled and responded with a "I have no response."



Tavia Yeung was invited to share her beauty experiences at a cosmetics promotion and has also been offered an unlimited lifetime's supply of products from the company. They admire Tavia for her youth and acting talent and indicate that they had wanted to ask her to represent them two years ago and upon hearing this, Tavia is very pleased. She says he spends about $2000 a month on skincare products and this will save her a lot. She says: "One white covers three uglinesses, so when I don't have to work, I will use two masks in one day so now I can save on this. If I can also have sponsors for clothes, trousers, shoes and socks as well then that would be even better and I can put my wallet away forever!"

Also, Tavia indicates she will be filming for Wong Wai Sing's new production at the end of next month: "In the show I will be playing a police cadet, so I will have to cut my hair to collar length and it is quite daunting for me."


Having disappeared from Hong Kong for a while, former Miss Hong Kong winner Theresa Lee is currently four months pregnant and has returned to Canada to await the birth of the baby who should be a monkey child. As this is her first child, Theresa is often feeling very unwell, but she is getting used to it now and according to her manager, the ever keen to learn Theresa is making the most of her time off and studying psychology, going to classes every day.


Raymond Lam was interviewed by a radio programme yesterday and has lost some weight after filming for "Twin of Brothers". Earlier there were rumours that he has had cosmetic surgery on his nose and when asked whether this misunderstanding has arisen because he has lost weight, he quickly evaded the question saying: "When I watch the playbacks, I find that the shape of my whole face has changed, my chin has become pointier and my eyes seem to have more life." When asked if he has been unhappy about the rumours, he admits: "A little." As for the results of his new show "Blade Heart" being rather mediocre, Raymond says that he has little hopes for the show because the comedy loving audience will not like it due to the number of deaths!


Jessica Hsuan headed out to Korea recently to film a new TV ad for Neutrogena and as the weather there is just 10 degrees C, she not only brought some winter clothes with her, she also took some hot water bottles to keep warm. However, the bottle burst as she was charging it up and she was a little shaken. Luckily the sponsors had prepared an electric heater for her to keep warm from when she was off camera.

Visiting Korea for the first time, Jessica had planned to take advantage for a shopping spree, but as the weather was rainy, the filming was delayed and did not finish until the evening and her plans were dashed. In the end, she could only try the Korean Ginseng soup and have a small shopping spree at the airport before she left, buying plenty of Ginseng and souvenirs.


Michelle Ye has become the latest signing as a slimming spokesperson after successfully losing 17 lbs and wearing bikinis and low cut dresses for the first time in her new set of ads. Although she was still sporting a leg injury during the shoot, she still continued professionally, wearing high heels for the pictures.

Michelle has always loved eating and often calls out her friends for a steamboat, coupled with her irregular eating patters, she has gained some weight over the years, often having to adjust camera angles to hide her curves. Recently, having signed with a slimming company, Michelle has lost 17 lbs in just six weeks, going down a dress size and leaving her face as well as her figure more defined and pretty.

With her successful slimming, Michelle showed off her 34,24,34.5 figure in an S-pose as well as wearing a bikini and other sexy outfits. Michelle had injured her ankle earlier whilst filming for "Destinies of the Western Chambers" and the shoot had already been postponed once, but after a few days rest, she was ready to do the job even though her injury had not recovered and she bore the pain to wear her three inch heels. She says: "It can't be helped, the most important thing is that it looks beautiful."

She admits that the slimming has greatly increased her confidence and she does not need to cover herself up any more. She says: "Since entering 'Miss Chinese International' pageant in 1999 and wearing the one piece swimsuit, I have not dressed as sexily." As for her fee, she says it is a secret and adds: "Of course I am pleased! The best thing for me though is seeing myself so fit."


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