Saturday, April 03, 2004

Em's back!
Here's a quick run through of news for the last two weeks...

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Shirley Yeung, Mandy Cho, Rabee'a Yeung and a group of Miss HK winners were out en force in Tsimshatsui to attract some applicants, but ended up attracting just a big group of fans instead. When Mandy appeared in her short skirt, she was clearly chubbier than before and when asked if she was worried about this for her slimming programme, she responded that she has problems with water retention and being beautiful is not only about being skinny. The overseas recruitment for this year's Miss HK has been completed already and the quality is fairly good with TVB considering raising the number of finalists to more than twenty.

Shirley was originally going to film in South Africa this month, but due to political instability, the trip has been postponed. With the reports that there have been complaints from stock market investors about the 'Ding Hai Effect' in her new show "Blade Heart", Shirley finds it rather amusing and she comments that just one person like Adam cannot affect the markets and taking risks is not good anyway.



Yoyo Mung and Shirley Yeung took part in an opening ceremony for a jewellery store and as well as a five figure fee, they also received jewellery worth $28,000. Yoyo appeared in a black shoulderless dress and was very seductive and she says that she was worried she would be overly exposed, but everyone praised how beautiful she looked and she felt better.

Yoyo has always had a slim figure and when asked if she had added pads to give her a fuller figure, she laughs: "I will not do that just because of what Alex Fong says. Yesterday my mum scolded Alex for 'talking about her daughter' leaving him with some explaining to do, but I will not take any notice of him."

Shirley indicated that she would like to buy a red crystal necklace to increase her social luck and when asked if she felt she has no friends, she denied this quickly saying: "Not at all. (Will you buy one for your boyfriend Gregory?) Men don't suit wearing jewellery. (How about Auntie?) Everyone has their own preferences, she will buy it herself.



Mandy Cho appeared at the costume tryout for new series "Fight for Every Moment" where she plays a forensic scientist and she indicated that the show's deputy producter Catherine Tsang has been giving her many tips during filming as well as suggesting that she cuts her hair shorter. Catherine also indicated that the new show has invited Thai stars Chatchai Plangpanit and Sririta Jensen to take part and the show will be aired simultaneously in Hong Kong and Thailand.

When Mandy was asked to strike a fighting pose with Sririta, she seemed rather clumsy, but she insists she has been learning the script and doing her preparation thoroughly. When Catherine heard this, she immediately added: "If you don't work hard, you will be beaten." Talking of cutting her hair, Mandy says with some hesitance: "I need to change I guess, Catherine has been looking after me and I will have love affairs with Kevin Cheng and Chris Lai." As for 22-year old Sririta, she has filmed an advertisement with Aaron Kwok before.

At a later event, Mandy seemed to be upstaged by Rabee'a Yeung in a revealing top and she responded: "I don't mind a healthy sexy look, I will be filming a travel special in Guam soon and wearing a bikini to go sunbathing."



Newlyweds Frankie Lam and Kenix Kwok returned to Hong Kong from their honeymoon in Europe and indicated that the cabin crew presented them with a bottle of Champagne and a card and they were very happy. Frankie indicated that the designs for Louis Vuitton bags in Paris were very similar to those in Hong Kong so they didn't find anything new, but in Spain, they bought a lot of shoes. They did not spend as much money as they had expected so the trip came to just a six-figure sum.

Frankie says that they went to Barcelona in Spain and the best thing was being able to watch a football match in the Nou Camp stadium together with 80,000 other fans. Even the non-soccer fan Kenix was totally intrigued as she praised Ronaldinho's skills and said that they didn't want to leave. With such great memories of their honeymoon, they are certainly the envy of those around them.


After an operation for his heart condition, Albert Lo is back to work, collecting his scripts for "Virtues of Harmony" at TVB City and preparing to start filming again. Interviewed by the Jade Starbiz team and accompanied by his wife, bringing cakes for the "Virtues" producer Tsui Yu On and production chief Catherine Tsang. He recounted his ordeal and indicated his gratitude to the medical team as he said: "That day I was breaking out in cold sweats and luckily I was taken into hospital by an ambulance where I was able to have oxygen on the journey to help me breathe. At first I thought it was a stomach problem, but luckily the doctors checks found it was a heart condition and helped me to clear my arteries. If not then my heart would have stopped and I would not be here." Albert has been keenly exercising all along, jogging and going to the gym so he would never have thought he would have a heart attack.


Charmaine Sheh took part in the blessing ceremony for "One Beautiful Spear" with Nnadia Chan and Joe Ma and when asked about the news of Vivian Lau's wedding plans at the end of the year, her envy showed as she said: "Congratulations to her to be able to get married and not have to work so hard any more. (Her fiance Lam Hau Kei used to date Virginia Yung.) Ah no wonder his name sounds so familiar. (How about you?) Of course not, I have a hard life and have to depend on myself." She sighs that her plans to be married at 27 have been shattered and will leave her romantic affairs to destiny.

Nnadia appeared with eyecatching green hair and she indicated that with her recent column in a paper, she made two ladies cry in one day. She explains that she was interviewing Pak Wan Kam and Mui Suet Si and they both ended up crying leaving Nnadia lost for actions. She indicates she would like to write a book detailing their experiences as an inspiration for Hong Kong people.


More to follow....

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