Thursday, April 08, 2004

[Apple Daily c/o Flora Fan's Forum]


TVB will begin airing new series "Hard Fate" next week and in the show, Golden Bauhinia Best Supporting Actress Maggie Siu will be fighting against Flora Chan for the affections of the married Damian Lau and together with Kevin Cheng, Niki Chow and Mary Hon will create a complicated hexagonal love affair.

The Chinese title of the show was originally "Yuk Yuen" (Jade Destiny), but the producer was worried that this title would be mistaken for being an ancient drama, so this was changed to "Fei Chui Luen Kuk" (Clear Jade Love Song) instead. The story tells of fate and destiny and the relationships between the characters are very complicated. Maggie's character has a crush on the already married Damian, but he hides the fact that he is married as he cavorts with Flora. When Maggie finds out, she does not stand for this and fights against Flora for his affections before finally deciding to give up.

On the other hand, before Flora has dated Damian, she has a relationship with Kevin. Then she finds out that he has a girlfriend who is Niki Chow, so she lets go and falls into the arms of Damian. As she becomes pregnant with his child, she finds out about his background and is deeply affected. Also, Flora's aunt in the show gives her half of a jade piece named "The Two Immortals of Reconciliation" that is used to maintain marital fortunes and she sets out to seek the other half. Eventually, as she searches for her 'other half', Flora finds that she is reliving the tragic love affair of her aunt.


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