Saturday, March 13, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao. Oriental Daily & The Sun]

Joyce Chen, Johnny Tang and Kingdom Yuen appeared at a promotional event yesterday for a sauce brand. Kingdom and Joyce have worked together for many series and have built a strong friendship like sisters and even Joyce's mother tells Kingdom to look after her daughter for her. Kingdom keeps to her word as she takes care of Joyce, picking her up and dropping her off and caring for her needs whilst they are working. Even the sponsor for yesterday's event was introduced to Joyce by Kingdom.

As well as this sponsor, many slimming companies have approached Joyce via Kingdom, among them is one with quite good results that Joyce is interested in signing with. As for whether she will appear in swimsuits, she says: "I will, this is just a psychological barrier of my own because it has been five or six years since I last wore a swimsuit, but if the slimming is successful, then of course I have to wear a swimsuit to show everyone the results. The fee? Of course it isn't bad, but I haven't signed yet."

Joyce has an eyecatching figure, so if she is successful in slimming, will she be attracting a lot of pursuers? Kingdom indicates that there is one here already and Joyce says he is quite good looking, but she doesn't know what he is like on the inside. However, Kingdom concludes: "If it's just looks, then don't think about it!" making Joyce a little embarrassed. Kingdom also points out that at Frankie Lam's wedding, Joyce was getting a lot of attention, but don't see Joyce just for her figure, she is also a great talent.

Johnny Tang's younger brother Siu Wing will be getting married at the end of the year and although his brother is overtaking him, Johnny doesn't mind and says he has no intentions of getting married because he does not want to be tied down. As for the suggestion that the eldest son should continue the line, Johnny reveals that he feels Hong Kong is not a suitable place to have children, so he will leave this task to his brother to complete.

Talking of his sister Siu Ngai, Johnny says he sees his sister every week and his nephew looks very much like him, but is afraid of him. When Johnny was asked if their sibling relationship has improved, he says: "It is the same." As for business at the restaurant that they own, Johnny says it is so-so, but he will not be sacking his staff. This is not so that people will thank him, but is just being fair to everyone during the hard times."

Apart from this, Kingdom has recently invested in a restaurant and sometimes she will go and cook a few dishes herself. When asked where she finds time for her boyfriend as well as film and run her business, she says: "We have time to see each other because he often helps out at my restaurant, but he sits out on the shopfloor and collects remarks from the customers so that I can improve." Kingdom says she has an added benefit from working in the restaurant because her appetite reduces when she cooks, so she has lost 8-10 lbs as a result. Kingdom's boyfriend is rather upset at this, but she is very pleased and suggests for any girls who want to slim to learn to cook.


[Ta Kung Pao, Oriental Daily & The Sun]

Roger Kwok and pop duo 2R were invited to the opening of a cake shop in Macau and as well as wearing 60's style clothing, they learned to make almond cake at the event and attracted many locals to add to the atmosphere.

This is the first time that Roger has been to a store opening in Macau, but he has been there as a tourist and visited the casinos before for a little flutter. He says: "I will not gamble a lot, just a few thousand dollars. I remember once I only had $5 left and put it in a slot machine where I won over a thousand dollars and making me very happy." The fee for this job reached six figures and the reason for inviting Roger was thanks to his character in "Square Pegs" being so popular. So where is his 'lo por jai' (little wife)? He laughs: "I have two this time!"

Roger will be heading out to Wuxi next week to film for Taiwan production "The Greatest in the World" and he will be staying there for a few months. With the feeling he spends more time apart than together with his girlfriend, Roger will go on holiday once or twice a year with his girlfriend and he has just returned from Japan with her last week. Roger also says his girlfriend likes to eat date cake so he will be bringing some home for her.

2R were very intrigued by the cake making and the two love these Chinese style cakes. Big sister Rosanne likes almond cake and little sis Race likes to eat Portuguese Egg Tart. They say that they can buy these cakes in Malaysia, but it is not as light as those in Macau, if they could have it free forever, that would be very nice! With Roger's suggestion that they are his 'wives' for the day, Race responded by saying: "He is so unfaithful, not for me!" but afterwards explained that she meant his character and not him in person. The girls also asked Roger for an autograph.


[Oriental Daily & The Sun]

Just days after Frankie Lam and Kenix Kwok's spectacular wedding, gossip magazine "Sudden Weekly" has published an article suggesting that the couple come from different classes, saying that Kenix's rich family background far outweigh that of Frankie's and that no-one from the groom's family was there to welcome the guests at their banquet.

In response to these reports, Frankie says: "I have discussed this with Kenix and we feel disappointed and sympathy for the magazine for turning all the positive news negative. They have no value in society and are only disturbing the peace. We will not be angry about these things but we will pray for them. To be honest, before and after the wedding, we have had a lot of good wishes from the people we meet, so why do they have to spoil it?"

Frankie and Kenix will be flying out to Europe today for a ten day honeymoon in France and Spain. He says he will not let this report ruin his mood for his vacation.


[Oriental Daily]

Julian Cheung and Gigi Lai have many passionate kiss scenes in new series "Water Margin Infernal Affairs" and one scene shows them kissing in Lan Kwai Fong wearing ancient costumes. Filming in TKO TVB City car park yesterday, the two did a preview of the scene and they even joked around by sticking their tongues out suggestively.

Talking of the kiss scene in Lan Kwai Fong, even the experienced Gigi is a little worried because she has she has met with chaos in even just a normal scene before so she cannot imagine what a Pan Jinlian in a shoulderless ancient costume will result in. She thinks she will be quite embarrassed doing this scene with so many people watchng. She laughs: "I will be wearing startling lipstick and kissing Julian, that should knock him out! However he is a good partner and I know him and Anita very well, so we work together quite well."

As well as this kiss scene, Gigi reveals there is also a scene that tells of her screen father marrying a woman and she appears in a sexy dress to annoy her father. Many of her society women and designer friends have generously offered her dresses to wear and there is one dress that is beautiful but too sexy like a bikini and she is worried this would overstep the limitations for television. Also all these dresses are very expensive and the scene involves rain, so this is putting pressure on her.

As for Julian, he seems more relaxed about the kiss scenes as he laughs: "The day before yesterday, we have already had a kiss scene in the studio. Gigi and I have filmed these scenes in movies before and this is not our first screen kiss, so it all seems familiar and nothing new. I think the ancient kiss scene in Lan Kwai Fong will be a lot of fun." Also, Julian reveals that after this show, he will be resting in April, learning to dive and going riding with Aaron Kwok. He hopes to spend more time with nature and become healthier. In addition, Julian says that he wanted to buy a number plate with his name on, but after thinking about it, he decided to choose a number that is very difficult to remember so that the paparazzi will find it difficult to track him.


[Oriental Daily]

Bernice Liu has been troubled with many strange ailments and with the recent suggestion from doctors to quarantine herself, she has had to keep away from work and her family for a while. With the side effects of her condition causing her to look swollen and possibly affecting her work, Bernice has recently been seeking the help of a Chinese herbalist introduced by an auntie and has seen improvements to her voice and swelling. She has also been visiting the beautician to restore her beautiful looks.

Yesterday, Bernice was spotted at the herbalists having a check up and she seemed to have improved a lot, no longer wrapping herself up apart from a scarf keeping her neck warm. Although she looked a little odd in the warmer weather, Bernice didn't mind because health is more important.

Bernice is working hard to recover because she will soon be heading out to France for some work. She says seriously: "I have to be on my best form before I head out and when I return I need to be healthy to make my next advertisement. At the end of April, I will begin filming for a TVB series and start fighting again."


[Ta Kung Pao]

New generation 'housewife killer' Moses Chan has signed with TVB management after his relationship broke down with former manager Clarence Hui and has progressed well under the protection of TVB. TVB's upcoming grand productions "Fight for Every Moment" and "Healing Hands III" have a part for him and his future seems to be bright.

Talking of the Hong Kong entertainment industry looking to expand northwards, does Moses have any plans to enter the Mainland scene? He says modestly: "I have only been in television for a relatively short time and am still starting out. Although I would like to try the mainland market, I think the completion of the jobs I have in hand is more practical." Moses has not let his success go to his head and he is prepared to take things a step at a time.

Although Moses says he has only been acting for a short ime, the improvement in his performance is obvious and no matter whether his role is good or evil, rough or refined or even comedic, his performance has been to expectation. When asked what type of role he would most like to do, he says without thinking: "Emperor Qin! (Is it because of his controversial nature that you want to play him?) I haven't thought too deeply about it, I just feel I would be suitable to play this character. (Many people have played him in the past already, are you not afraid of being compared to him?) Not at all, everyone has their own ways of portraying him! (So which portayal do you like the best so far?) Of course it is Jiang Wen."

Moses loves to read and as well as reading, he also likes to write about his feelings. However, he has no intentions of becoming a writer or publishing his works as he laughs: "I just write down some points of view. To an actor, writing is quite important because it can train your minds thought patterns and make them clearer so htat you can easily understand your role, especially when you don't know how to express yourself, then writing can help to settle one's emotions."

Although he has been promoted by TVB, there are many male leads in the company and it is not known who will become the 'number one'. Who is the greatest competitor for Moses? He maintains his friendly smile as he says: "I will not see anyone as a competitor because everyone has their own styles and no-one is exactly the same as anyone else, so I will just do my own work the best that I can."

Moving from movies to television, Moses must have a certain level of ambition in acting, but whether he see acting as his lifelong career is yet to be seen. He does not know how much longer he has to act, so he is preparing another path for himself and moving into business.

Actually, Moses is not new to the business world as he has had a business in the past, but unfortunately a lack of finance caused it to fail. However he is still interested in running a business and he is planning to open a coffee shop. With the current market already overrun with coffee shops, is he afraid that it will be difficult to establish himself? he says: "Although I don't know if I am the right type for business, I will build the concept from a normal person's point of view and I believe that if I like it then others will like it too." The most important thing about a business is winning the acceptance from the public, to start thinking from an average person's point of view, he is already on the road to success and moreover, he has plenty of fans and with just their support, he should have no worries.

Reporter: San San


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