Thursday, March 18, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun]

A recent magazine report has suggested that Sonija Kwok's beauty centre sponsors are considering terminating her contract at the end of the year as a result of her negative press involving Deric Wan and also her dwindling popularity. They go on to indicate that in order to keep her contract, Sonija has especially taken time out from her tight filming schedules to attend the company ball.

At the ball, she appeared dressed up lavishly in a beautiful sexy dress and was one of the first representatives to arrive. As soon as she arrived, she was surrounded by the press and it would appear that she replied to their questions with careful preparation. As the magazine had published a set of sexy photos of her, she was asked when she would be shooting this type of portfolio again. She says that the magazine had arranged the shoot through TVB and she felt that it was very beautiful. Wearing a bikini, is her boyfriend concerned about her being overly revealing? Sonija says that her boyfriend will not interfere and all her work is arranged by her manager. Her boyfriend feels that as long as she looks pretty, then he will not intrude into her work. When asked if she has taken the photos to show her boyfriend, Sonija says: "I don't need his permission for my work."

Since dating Deric, there appears to have been a lot of negative press for Sonija, does she feel this way? She says: "I don't really notice it and I don't really want to talk about my relationship too much." When asked how she would describe her relationship, she laughs that it is fine, but she hopes that the spotlight can be placed back onto her work. As for whether dating is affecting her career, she says she will take little notice of this.

As spokesperson for the beauty company, Moses Chan was also at the event and when he arrived, he was immediately surrounded by many ladies who fought to welcome him. Among them was a staff member who helped him to pin his buttonhole on before 'groping' him and leaving him rather embarrassed and doing nothing but smile. Afterwards, many ladies continued to surround him to have their photos taken as his 'beauty' really shone. With TVB currently promoting the six young male stars, Moses has been following their progress and he feels that they are all very good.


[The Sun & Oriental Daily]

The 2004 Miss Hong Kong Pageant has started accepting local applications and TVB has sent a group of young artistes including Ron Ng, Bosco Wong, Sammul Chan, Kenneth Ma, Chris Lai and Raymond Lam together with a group of Miss HK past and present to represent "The B.E.S.T. Team" out onto Hong Kong's streets to recruit contestants and hand out application forms. However, on their first outing into Central, all the pretty girls were frightened away and only after much difficulty could they hand out one form.

Heidi Chu and Carrie Lee were sent out into Central's Queen's Road to hand out forms at around rush hour and although there were plenty of people out on the streets, including many pretty girls, they all rushed away as soon as either Heidi or Carrie neared them and not even taking a second look at the forms and leaving them rather disappointed.

However the two girls did not give up and continued to look for targets on the street and finally found a 'kind-hearted beauty' who stopped to take a form from them as Heidi breathed a sigh of relief. As for the standard of the girls nominated via the strongly promoted "B.E.S.T Team Reporting" system, they seemed rather mediocre, but Heidi defends them saying that they are simply lacking the packaging and they will give a different feeling once they have had the Miss Hong Kong treatment, so this should not put off other people from applying.

Heidi is also not worried about there being a lack of pretty girls for this year's contest because she and Mandy Cho attended a talk on employment at the Baptist University earlier and
promoted Miss Hong Kong there, attracting many girls to enquire about the application process. She believes that with the heavy promotion from TVB, there will be a result from it. She adds that unfortunately her own friends are all overage otherwise she would encourage them to take part.


[Ta Kung Pao]

When Chin Ka Lok was a martial arts double, he worked with Yuen Biao, but he has never co-starred alongside him. In the new movie production 'Father & Son', he and Yuen will be playing good brothers and Ka Lok is very happy and laughs: "The feeling is very special, I wonder if it is because brother Biao is keeping young or I am aging fast!" He also reveals that Yuen has a punching scene towards the end of the film and he hopes that he can keep really fit.

Talking of TVB's "One Show Contract" policy, Ka Lok indicates his contract is a "Per Episode" type and is not yet up for renewal, so this does not affect him at all. However he does feel uncomfortable about the "One Show" policy. When asked if his friends have complained around him, he laughs: "The people who I am working with are on old contracts and Ah Lo (Jerry Lamb) has already signed a One Show Contract a long time ago so maybe it was him who ruined it for everyone."


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