Friday, March 12, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun]

A new TV food show will be hosted by Rabee'a Yeung, Renee Tai and Natalie Tong and they will be filming in East China, the Zhuhai triangle and Taiwan. The first show will begin airing on Monday and the three girls appeared at a press conference yesterday and demonstrated their cookery skills producing dishes from different places. Renee made some Hangzhou Longzeng Tea Prawns, Natalie made Shanghai fried eel and Rabeea made Zhongshan dish Ginger Milk. Despite their youth, the cooking skills of the three presenters was impressive looking and tasting the part and earning the cooks an award.

Rabee'a has just returned from Eastern China and Guangzhou and will be heading out to Taiwan at the end of the month. Although she has to eat as she films everywhere, she is fortunate not to have put on any weight. As for any memorable occasions, she says that the most memorable was seeing body of a revered priest in Shunde's Nanhua Temple. She says that she was expecting to see an embalmed mummy, but in fact it was more like a piece of wood due to the preservative that had been placed on the body. She also tried digging for medicinal roots and lotus root that she found fun and not hard work at all.

Natalie was happy that she was able to try a lot of food on this trip because she had seven meals per day, luckily she is not afraid of putting on weight. It turns out she does not gain weight no matter how much she eats and has been to consult her doctor about how she can actually put on some weight. When she asked the doctor if she had a parasite, the doctor responded rather annoyed saying: "People don't get parasites in this day and age."

Renee says that she will be heading into Shenzhen today to attend an awards ceremony by a Guangdong radio station and receiving "Best Female Newcomer". In response to getting an award in such a short time, Renee says it is thanks to TVB's "Hearts of Fencing" that has raised her popularity and also given her confidence with her album. Renee was praised at the press event yesterday for her cookery skills and she says that she loves cooking and eating, so for her future partner, he must be able to enjoy her cooking but be able to tell her when she doesn't get it right so she can improve. As for her best dish, she says it is steamed fish and making soup. She caused a few laughs whilst making her dish as she dropped the plate holding the ingredients into the wok.


[Ta Kung Pao]

Ron Ng was shooting an ad for a handsfree cellphone and this is the fifth ad after his success in "Triumph in the Skies", bringing him a very satisfactory fee. This set of advertisements will be used in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan and the sponsors had considered Deep Ng, Sammul Chan and Bosco Wong for their representative, but finally chose Ron because of his popularity and his image matching that of the new product.

In response to beating so many other candidates to be chosen for the job, Ron says modestly: "Don't say it like that, the market is so big and I can't do all the advertisements." As for the ad he would most like to do, it is electrical items because it is practical. Talking of how he will be using the money he is earning from these jobs, he says candidly that his greatest target is to buy an apartment and has nearly saved enough for the deposit.

He also says that he did not sleep at all on Thursday and he does not know why, so he is very tired. His manager asked him what he wanted to eat and he could only think of three dishes: pillow, mattress and blanket. He continues that he will soon be taking his manager and stylist on holiday in Asia. Although he is currently busy filming, it will not be difficult to take eight or ten days out for the trip.


[Ta Kung Pao & Oriental Daily]

Joe Ma and Stephanie Cheng were guests at the opening of a skincare centre yesterday and former Miss Hong Kong Shallin Tse Ling was also present with her two daughters.

Joe says that he does have a skincare regime and feels it is even more important for men to look after their skin because men usually have greasy skin and like outdoor activities so their skin gets dirty and blocked up more easily. When asked if his wife helps him to do facial masks, he says: "At first she did, but gradually I learned to do it myself, so now I do it for her instead."

Joe is currently working on TVB series "One Beautiful Spear" together with Charmaine Sheh and Sunny Chan. Talking of Charmaine's many rumours in the past, is he afraid of becoming linked with her? He laughs: "I am not afraid. (Is it because Charmaine is already taken?) She is happy with her life at the moment. (Has Mr Chan been to visit the set?) There are plenty of colleagues such as Sunny, Stephen and me to look after her, so there is no need. Maybe he should come when it gets a little harder later on."


[The Sun & Oriental Daily]

Adam Cheng and Maggie Cheung were filming yesterday for "Proud Heroes of Chu and Han" at TVB City and Adam was very concerned about the ratings for new series "Blade Heart" that is currently airing. He will be doing more promotion together with Liza Wang and in response to her comments about being 'next to go', both Adam and Maggie think this will not happen.

Adam says: "TVB have given her the title of 'big sister' and this is no joke. Her position is unique and as a politician in China, I think she was just trying to joke, but she is not very good and is too serious when she says it and people think she means it." However, not matter if Liza is joking or not, Adam says he will take steps to make her happy as he laughs: "Liza really likes my jokes and although I will pull her leg, she will think about it and smile again. It is very strange but she can't bear to be mad with me."

Although Adam's salary at TVB is among the highest, his work has been non-stop and he is not worried about TVB losing him. however he says: "What do you mean the most expensive? If that is the case, then TVB would not keep giving me work to do."

As for Maggie, she feels that Liza does not need to worry and she says that she believes TVB is not concerned with salaries, but with the artiste's performance. She says: "If an artiste performs well, then it will be worth any amount of money, but I am cheap labour, so I don't need to worry."


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