Tuesday, March 16, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao]

Shirley Yeung and Tavia Yeung appeared as guests at a haircare promotion yesterday and although they do not know if they will become sponsors, they still received a handsome fee. The girls did a catwalk show with some other models and were also given samples of all the products.

Since entering the industry, Shirley has had long hair all along but she says she had short hair when she was at school, but she cried when she had it cut. When she was filming for "Loving You" (The Threat of Love), she wore a short wig for filming and she felt it looked strange. Shirley says that she would like to make a shampoo advertisement because the female stars all have long hair like a waterfall and she is very envious.

The ratings for her new show "Blade Heart" have not met expectations and when asked if she was worried about this, Shirley says there are thirty-six episodes in total and maybe the audience are just too busy and not getting home in time to watch. However, her friends and family all say it is very good and she believes there are other supportive viewers. Will Shirley think that it is not worth her injury if the show does not do well? She laughs: "Not at all." Is it because she has already earned herself a boyfriend? She smiles sweetly and says that everyone was very happy during filming.

At the end of the month, Shirley will be going to South Africa to film a travel special and then she will be going to Sri Lanka for more filming. When it was suggested she has the luck to go travelling, Shirley says that she loves travelling and when she was studying she would often visit many places with her friends. After entering showbiz, she has not been able to fit the time in and so has not been able to join them. She would most like to visit Australia and Tibet. When asked if she will go with her boyfriend, she says that they are both busy, but maybe they can go away together filming in the future and make a holiday out of it. Being away from her boyfriend whilst filming, the reporters have suggested that she should get a 3G phone so that they can see each other. Shirley smiles sweetly again and says to hear his voice is already enough.

Tavia says she likes keeping long hair because there are many advantages. She hopes that she will have the chance to make shampoo adverts because they are beautifully filmed and afterwards she can refuse to cut her hair if the company asks her to do so for dramas.

When Tavia was asked if she would cut her hair if her boyfriend didn't like it, she says that this is up to her and she will not compromise for anyone, including a boyfriend. When asked if she likes long haired men, she admits that some men with long hair are very stylish, but thinking of the summertime when the men are dripping with sweat, she feels that the short military look is better.


[Ta Kung Pao]

TVB were promoting their latest charity event yesterday and record company chief from BMA Wong Chi Keung was also present. TVB's Variety and Sport Dept Managr Wong Ka Leung indicated that the issue surrounding Jade Kwan has been resolved with BMA.

BMA's Mr Wong indicated that Jade will not be appearing on TVB for the time being and as for how long this will continue for, they will discuss this further later. Talking of the news about the planned kidnapping of Jade, Mr Wong says that the company has never received any threatening calls or letters, so they will treat this as a hoax. Jade will be heading out to America for some further study and she will be accompanied by a colleague from the record company.

TVB's Mr Wong denied banning Jade and explained that because Maggie Fu had already signed up in advance to appear on the show and Jade only asked later on and after the 'cable incident' then Maggie was chosen to apepar on the show. However he does admit that the executives have reached an agreement with BMA and they will not be allowing Jade to appear on any shows. As for when this will continue until, Mr Wong says this will be down to BMA, who will be clearer on the issue. He also emphasises that TVB are not freezing Jade's contract, but the record company are simply acknowledging the incident and halting Jade's promotional activities.


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