Tuesday, March 09, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao & Oriental Daily]

TVB's thirty episode police drama "Fight for Every Moment" held its costume fitting yesterday and the stars will include Alex Fong, Patrick Tam, Moses Chan, Kevin Cheng, Yoyo Mung, Fiona Yuen and Miki Yeung from Cookies. The show is a collaboration with Thailand's Channel 3 and there will be some Thai cast members who will be arriving shortly in Hong Kong for their character screenings.

To mark the occasion, TVB production chief Catherine Tsang was on the scene to watch over the proceedings and in response to suggestions that the show was copying the American hit drama "24" that is currently showing on TVB Pearl, Catherine says: "It depends how you look at it. '24' is about an incident that happens over a day, but 'Fight' is about a story that covers a day an episode totalling a month, so there will be some differences." The male and female Thai cast members will be speaking Thai during filming and then their voices will be dubbed into Cantonese. The Hong Kong crew will be heading out to Thailand in June for a month on location. As for suggestions that TVB was cutting back on production costs, Catherine says: "The company is just using what it needs to use and not being wasteful. Some things need to be streamlined, but this show will be using a lot of cast members and there have been no cuts to the budget. (Will the location costs come to 3-4 million dollars?) More than that, but I don't have the exact figures."

The reporters noticed that Patrick Tam was wearing hearing aids in both ears and he reveals he is suffering from a hereditary disorder that his doctor is yet to be able to treat. Is it inconvenient for him? He says: "I can't go diving! Also I can't hear very low pitched sounds, so it is sometimes difficult to communicate, especially when there are a lot of people talking and joking. If you speak too quickly then I won't hear you, so I miss a lot of things." When asked when he found out about his condition, he says that he found that the sound of his girlfriend's voice was becoming quieter and quieter and sometimes he could barely hear her, so he realised he had a problem. As Patrick was rather reserved as a child and didn't play with other children so he didn't realise he had problems with his hearing. However, despite his condition, he says there is no problems at all. Patrick indicates he will be playing an undercover cop in the show who is both good and evil: "I have watched the American show '24' and it is very good. At the same time, the company approached me to do this show and it is like a wish come true."

In the show, Alex Fong plays a detective sergeant and has a daughter who is played by Miki from Cookies. Although Alex has played father figures in the past, this is the first time he has had a teenage daughter and he jokes that there may be rumours spread between him and his 'daughter'. Alex says: "I am only 35 years old and in my last show, my girlfriend was only around 18 or 19 years old. Now I have an 18, 19 year old daughter I am a little hurt, she seems more like my little sister. (Have you opposed this arrangement?) It doesn't matter, it's just acting. If I had married early, then I could have had a daughter this old."

The story tells of Alex divorcing from his wife and having a one night stand with Yoyo Mung. He jokes: "I have worked with Yoyo many times and each time she is either my wife or my girlfriend. She is talented and beautiful, her figure is another matter though, after all which big-breasted women possess great talent?" When Yoyo heard this dig at her figure, she immediately retorted: "He likes little girls now, he thinks I am too big (old)." To this Alex replied with a double-edged response: "How would I think you are big? You are not big at all!" Yoyo was left speechless and could only laugh and hit him.

As for Miki, she says that she is quite nervous about filming for the first time, especially as her co-stars are all so experiences, but she will be asking Stephy and Theresa as well as her 'dad' Alex for advice."


[Oriental Daily & The Sun]

Frankie Lam and Kenix Kwok will be tying the knot today after dating for nine years. The ceremony will take place at 2:45 pm at the Tsimashatsui Cultural Centre and a banquet will be held in the evening at the Intercontinental Hotel. Although the couple are Christians, they still followed the old traditions and will not see each other for the day before the wedding.

The couple have parted company from each other as of noon yesterday and Frankie continued his preparations for the wedding whilst Kenix was busy making herself look beautiful in the hope of being the prettiest bride. In the evening she returned to her parents' home to spend her last day before her marriage with them.

Although the couple have had many wedding scenes in their acting careers and felt that their own wedding would lose its appeal, this is far from reality as their real wedding day approaches the excitement mounts up for them and Kenix predicts that she will cry during the ceremony. She says: "My Christian friends keep reminding me that I am very fortunate to have such a husband and I should treasure him, so I really have to change my bad temper and not torture him any more." Kenix joined the Christian faith three months ago in the hope of reforming herself with the help of God. She says: "My temper is very hard to bear and I have hurt Frankie in the past, but he has never given up on me and still supports me totally. I am very touched and I know I have to change all along, but I couldn't, so I am seeking help from God in the hope of becoming a good wife."

During an earlier interview with the radio station, the couple revealed that the 'brothers and sisters' will include Christine Ng, Anne Heung, Annie Man, Timmy Hung, Louis Yuen, Michael Tse and Johnny Tang. Frankie says he has already prepared the door-opening money and jokes: "There will be two envelopes, one with Japanese currency and the other with Korean." He also reveals he has pre-marital fears: "I am worried about so many things and feel uncomfortable. Then I am worried about what the press will write and that it will be negative."

The couple have received many sponsorship offers, including cakes, cars and gowns. Among these, Kee Wah cakes have given them unique Chinese wedding cakes that have their names imprinted into them. Also some fans have placed an ad wishing them to hurry up and have a football team, but Kenix says that it will be at least one or two years before they have children because their work schedules are so tightly packed.

Em says: Congratulations to Kenix and Frankie on your wedding day and may you spend many happy and fruitful years together!


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