Monday, March 01, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao, Oriental Daily & The Sun]

Charmaine Sheh, Nnadia Chan, Sunny Chan, Joe Ma and Annie Man were among the cast members at the costume fitting for new series "One Beautiful Spear". Charmaine has just returned from America on Saturday evening after doing some stage appearances and visiting her family. She indicates that her contract with TVB will be ending in July and was asked whether she will be trying her luck elsewhere. She says: "I would like to try, but I will be dependent on myself out there and I am worried I will not be able to look after myself. (So will you be renewing your contract?) To be honest, I have come from TVB and we have had a good relationship in the last seven years so the chances are high, I just hope that the company will raise my salary a little when the time comes." When asked what else she will ask of the company, Charmaine added that she would also like to make more modern series so that she can have an even spread of ancient and modern shows.

In the series, Charmaine will be paired up with Joe Ma and they have a lot of fighting scenes. Charmaine laughs: "I have categorised the fight scenes into four stages: Joe is stage one and I am stage four. However I still have a lot of wire scenes and it will be hard work."

Also, Nnadia Chan who has not filmed drama for two years now says that she will have a breakthrough performance because she will be playing an 'undercover prostitute' who is both good and bad and will fall in love with her stepfather, played by Shek Sau as well as having love scenes with Joe Ma. When asked how she has been researching such a complicated role, she laughs: "The director gave me a copy of seventies film 'Slave to Love' and asked me to learn from it. When I saw the actresses in the show all appearing in their underwear, I felt that they were very bold. (So does this mean a rather raunchy appearance from you in this show?) I have already filmed bathing and bed scenes in the past, so I can accept this."

There is another item of happy news as Sunny Chan revealed that he has finally tied the knot with fiance Ada To on 25th February. When he mentioned this big occasion, Sunny seemed very calm as he said: "Living life nice and simply is a good thing, we had our marriage registration on the 25th in Hong Kong. Originally we had thought about having it abroad, but because the restaurant has been too busy, I couldn't get away."

Always loving the simple life, Sunny's simplistic ways also spread to his wedding ceremony as they wore casual clothes to the event and they also asked whether they had to exchange rings: "We didn't have any wedding rings because we feel it is the vows that are most important. We didn't cry, but it was very emotional." They did not have a banquet, opting for a family dinner instead and they are yet to go on a honeymoon. Sunny says: "Maybe later we will go to Huangshan for a trip. (Have you had wedding photos taken?) To me, we have had too many wedding photos taken so there is no need for any more. These traditions are set by other people, we can still have memories from other photos. I am not very comfortable being in a frame. (Have you asked your wife about it?) If she wants them, she will say so." As for having children, Sunny will leave this down to destiny as he does not want to put too much pressure on his wife.


[Ta Kung Pao]

Jessica Hsuan and Joe Ma appeared as models for a jewellery chain and they tried on a set of diamonds worth over $2 million. Jessica admits that she is becoming more and more interested in diamond jewellery, but says that she does not have much of a collection because she doesn't want to spend the money on the expensive items. Also her mother doesn't want it as a present because she is worried Jessica is working too hard to make money. When asked if she is waiting for someone to buy them for her, she laughs: "I am waiting hard and will continue waiting... (Will you ask for your boyfriend to buy you a diamond when he proposes?) No, we talk love not money and certainly not diamonds. Anyway, diamonds are a luxury, if you have it you have it, if you don't, then you don't. I don't care for these things."

Also, Jessica's show "Lady Fan" passed the 30 points mark last week and she laughs that she is very pleased. As for the finale this week, how much is she hoping for? She says that she has no pressure on her from ratings as long as she has done her best.


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