Wednesday, March 03, 2004

[The Sun & Ta Kung Pao]

Anne Heung and Christine Au-Yeung were guests at the Hong Kong Jewellery Expo yesterday and as payment they each received a designer watch and a lucky packet. When Anne was asked whether she will expect a designer watch when her boyfriend proposed to her, she says: "Of course I would prefer a diamond ring! However it will be a while yet. I have thirty watches at home and often use them to accessorise an outfit. I also have an antique watch and my mother will be buying me another one. She buys me a lot of jewellery but it is not signifying a dowry and nor is she suggesting I should get married soon." When asked how big the diamond will be on the ring she expects, Anne says that the bigger the stone, the more sincerity he will be showing, so it looks like her boyfriend will have to work hard to afford his sincerity!

As for Christine, she says: "Watches are more of a practicality for me, if I had the money I would rather go travelling! I have just been to Spain with my boyfriend and he says I have put on some weight. Luckily he likes me a little plump, so there were no complaints."


[Ta Kung Pao]

Benny Chan hosted a show introducing crocodiles and urging everyone to protect the wild animals. He will be heading back to Taiwan today to film another series "Love in the Clouds" where he plays a youth from a rural village who becomes a pilot. He will soon be heading out to Zhuhai to film some flying scenes as well as filming on location in Hawaii, with total filming lasting around three months. Afterwards, he will be heading into the mainland for another series and so he will not be in Hong Kong for a while and not returning to TVB until next year at the earliest.

He says: "TVB had hoped that I could return this year to film another series, but I think it will be next year before I can accommodate it. (Are you not afraid you will become forgotten in Hong Kong?) That is why I must return to TVB next year." Talking of always being away, he is not afraid this will affect his romance? Benny laughs: "Not at all, I have checked and I still have strong ties with all my friends. The saying goes that 'Men should reach far and wide', those men who always talk about emotions are not very masculine. Anyway I am at a mature age now and I should be utilising all the experiences I have gathered over the years."

Has he called girlfriend Charmaine Sheh over Valentines Day? Benny shakes his head and laughs as he says: "No, I just called my sister, my mother and some old friends. I have not known Charmaine for very long. (Is it that your relationship is stable so you don't need to call each other?) I am stable with all my friends, there are no waves." However, he does admit that he has met with Charmaine on this trip back to Hong Kong and they have been for a meal together.


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